Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hello Fall!

It's my favorite time of year!  I love it when the leaves turn those brilliant fall colors, the air gets a bit nippy, and the world seems to slow down a bit.  Well not necessarily in my case...haha.  

I just got back from vacation and my world didn't slow down one bit..haha.  Before we left we celebrated Little Miss A's birthday.  A few days later we were on the road.  I signed up for a needlework class with Ellen Chester from With My Needle at Hobby House Needleworks in Pittsford, NY.  

What a lovely person Ellen is!  She made class fun, explained everything in great detail, and even showed some really neat ways to make bands turn out fabulous!  I learned so much and had such a great time.  And I'm beginning to like going to these classes on my own.  It's great meeting new people, I even sat next to a lady from Baltimore (completely by chance!).  

The learning project we were stitching from was called Kindred Spirits.  There was a needle roll, pin cube, shaker basket, ruler cover, scissor weight, scissor holder and a 3 sided thimble holder.  We also received the scrimshaw ruler and floss winders.  We learned several specialty stitches...and so much more!  I've been working here and there but have only managed to finish the 6 sides of the pin cube.  I can't wait to get started on the rest.  

I will say, the fabric is fabulous, 36 count and though some of it is worked over one fabric thread, with the silk it's like working with butter.  I love stitching on this!  

Our vacation didn't stop there, we left NY on Sunday night, drove to Allentown, PA, then on to Ocean City the next day to celebrate the kid's 3rd anniversary.  Whew!  We watched Little Miss A so they could enjoy an evening out.  We just love spending time with our little family!

We shopped for clothes and for needlework supplies, I think I have enough fabric to last the rest of my life now...haha...and patterns to work and share.  Call me a happy camper!  From there we came home to help the kids move into their new (to them) home.  I rested Saturday but Sunday we helped paint walls and trim, sat with the house on Monday while they laid carpeting in the halls, bedrooms and up the stairs, and will be helping them move in the rest of the week.  They have to be out of their apartment by the end of September.  Whew!

While waiting for the carpet guys, I stitched a bit on Christmas in a Drawer by Mani di Donna.  There are three patterns, I was able to finish the first, Merry & Bright.  This was stitched on 30 count Cocoa by Weeks Dye Works.  I would wash cupboards, then stitch a bit to rest my arm, then clean out another cupboard.  LOL  Tearing out old adhesive shelf paper was tough work!  My arm will feel that for a few days! 


Well I guess that's all the news.  I'll be back to stitching soon, (I hope) the old body can't take the hard work anymore, it's exhausting!   I hope everyone is safe (especially those in the path of the storms headed our way) and healthy!  Happy Stitching!


Katie said...

Oh I agree with you. Fall is beautiful. I love the finally cool temps haha. Lovely stitching at the class. Great photos of the kiddo. Beautiful stitching. Have a wonderful week.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Autumn brings such lovely colours. Your pin box will be super by the looks of your stitching. Cute photos

diamondc said...

DJ: Its always fun to go to retreats, I did the Ellen Chester Retreat for this design back in 2015, it is a beauty of a set.
The photos of Little Miss A are adorable.
Merry & Bright is lovely.


Sandy said...

Whew........you make me tired. You've been busy with travel, stitiching and moving chores. Glad you enjoyed the class and learned so much. Your grand is adorable, that had to be fun spending one on one time. I'm not a fan of fall, as it means the end of summer which is my favorite and preceeds winter...which as I agew I've begun to hate. I used to like winter, and skied, and didn't mind the cold. Not now. I don't want to fall when walking on ice and snow. I don't like getting all bundled up to be out in the elements to walk. Mostly I think it's the gray and lack of color that get's to me in the colder months. Super windy here today, but the sun is trying to shine. Try harder I say, lol...not sure it hears me.
Sandy's Space

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How wonderful to do a class with Ellen Chester! I’m quite happy to do things like that on my own, it saves me from worrying if my companion is enjoying themselves or would rather go eat or something!
The project looks beautiful too.
Lovely to spend time with the family as well.

Sandy said...

Me popping back in to wave hi as I make my blog rounds. Hope you're doing well.
Sandy's Space