Monday, February 28, 2011

The calm before the storm...

It's Monday...need I say more? LOL

I started out stitching this morning, before I even got fully out of bed. I think I need my head examined, as I've started TWO new SALs...and I was trying desperately to finish the one part today before another was issued. *Grin* I saw this online and just fell in love with it and just HAD to stitch me crazy. Here's the first part completed.

This SAL called the Star Sampler can be found on this website I have done other SAL's from this designer, I just love her designs! I am stitching this on 40 ct Flax linen over two threads (did I hear a collective sigh of relief?) I'm using Anchor floss 45 and 1084. These are the same colors the designer is using, they happen to be two of my favorite colors, that's why I couldn't resist.

The other SAL I started over the weekend is a spring SAL and each part must be completed before you get the next part of the design. I like these patterns because I think they could stand alone. This can be found here, and I think there might be time to sign up if you are as crazy as I am...LOL...

I am stitching this design on 40 ct antique white linen over two using the DMC colors she suggested.

The 4th part of the Tree of Stitches SAL from The Stitch Specialists yahoo group came out last week, and I was able to catch up on the Eyelet stitches over the weekend. I had a little trouble with them as the linen threads are uneven, so the stitches came out a bit skewed. Still I love the color of this silk and though I want it to look nice, a few imperfections aren't going to hurt anyone. Here's my progress...

It's Monday, and I usually stitch on Heart of America, along with Babs. Babs, if you are reading this, I just want you to know I love Mondays!! I love thinking about you and praying for you and your husband as I work on this pattern. I hope you were able to get a few stitches in yours today too! Here's a picture of my progress on this one...

I took a picture of this bud a few days ago, but I wanted to show you the outcome of that bud. My hybiscus has been budding lately, and I just love the color of these flowers. I can't express what joy I feel when I see these blooms.

I have to tell you a little story...Our church year ends in February and begins a new year in March. It's just the way they run their finances and things don't ask me why! LOL They had their annual meeting of the church on Sunday, and they had asked DH, DS and I to give a video testimony of what has been going on with us this year. They played the testimony on Sunday. I got so many hugs and kind words about our family, especially my son. It's always nice to hear that your child is special, but I'm touched at how many people enjoy my son. All teenagers have their "issues" at home, but it's touching to hear that he's kind to others and responsible when he's out on his own among his peers. I'm also glad to hear that the way we've handled our situation this year has inspired others and given them hope. I'm a firm believer that we go through trials in our lives so that we can encourage others, or help us grow as people and as Christians, and when I learn that I've helped someone else, it makes the tough times worthwhile. I read something a long time ago about the refining process of gold. It is put through high temperatures so that all the impurities will burn off, leaving the purest possible metal, and you know what it's fully refined when you can see the reflection of the goldsmith in the gold. We are refined until our Master sees His reflection in us...what an awesome thought! What a day that will be when you can see His reflection in me so I welcome the refining process.

Hope you have a great week! I've got about three appointments each day for the next three days, so I doubt you'll see much of me, let alone any stitching updates. I was able to get appointments for almost all those referrals I had this week, so it'll be another week of poking and prodding...oh joy! LOL I'll see you at the weekend if I'm lucky...*Hugs*

Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, it's Friday...finally! And what a week it's been. I'm treading lightly here, as Friday is only half over with and lots more can happen, so I'll quietly say, I'm sooooo glad it's Friday!!

I've had a crazy week, some of it fantastic! Some of it not so fun...LOL It's been so jam packed, I can't even tell you what happened on what day, but I'll give you a little highlight of what's been going on.

I was supposed to meet up with Sonya on Tuesday for Bible study and stitching. That didn't happen. Instead we got a freak snowstorm (it WAS President's Day after all and we do tend to get a snowstorm around that time each it fate...LOL) that dumped a couple of inches and kept the kids out of school in our county, and kept my dear husband home from work. We all slept in, then decided since the roads were merely sloppy that we would venture out to see a movie. We went to see Sanctum. What a rush! Had I known what all I would witness I probably would have passed on seeing it. It was in 3D, there were some absolutely gorgeous shots in the movie, but I was on the edge of my seat, hands clenched (I'm claustrophobic...which didn't help), and had to avert my eyes a few times. You COULD call it torture...LOL DS was happy though, as he told us he had to SIT through Unknown, so we could SIT through Sanctum.

Before we left for the movie, though, we had a little mishap in the upstairs bathroom. I'm not sure how it all transpired, but the toilet became a fountain and we rushed around like crazy people trying to stem the flow of water, and clean up the mess. Fortunately it was clean water, and it's since been fixed (at least I hope so!!) but at one point I could hear water running in the walls...I just hope nothing is damaged beyond repair. *sigh*

I met up with a yahoo groupie on Thursday at our LNS and had lunch. We seem to be pretty compatible, and we are going to try to meet up at a bookstore half-way between where each of us lives to stitch soon. There's something about stitchers, we have a unique "sisterhood".

I do have a few pictures to show you of progress I'm making on the Crazy January Challenge...I did have to put my stitching aside a bit to work on an exchange I signed up for. The stitching is done, I just need to find time to assemble my piece. Since I've never done this before, wish me luck! I've gotten some excellent directions from Mouse, and Sonya had some input too, so we'll see what I come up with. Pictures will follow after it's been sent and received.

Yesterday was UFO day, and I was crazy busy all day, so today I stitched on the Rose Quaker to try and redeem myself. LOL Here are before...

And after pictures...

I've been working on my Lighthouse Sampler from By the Bay Needleart...

And I've been working on Cirque des Carreaux...

But as I've said, I haven't had much chance to stitch, life just keeps getting in the way.

I missed the Therapeutic Art class last Tuesday, but when I went on Wednesday night for my massage at Wellness House, I was presented with this picture that the ladies had made and signed.

I was touched!! I wish there were more days in the week, or that my schedule was laid out a bit differently, but I don't know if I'll be able to attend the class anymore. It's a shame because the ladies are sweethearts!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that these pictures were taken with my new camera, it works great!! I love the closeup pictures I've been able to get, here's one of my hybiscus getting ready to bloom!! I was finally able to work out the kinks and load them on my computer. Life is good!!

Ok, I'm hoping off here soon, as the lights keep blinking. We are under severe thunderstorm warning for a little while here so I hope we don't lose power. Later!! *Hugs*

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello Dear Blogging Friends...

It's been a wild and wacky weekend...and a long weekend at that! I'm beat...more than beat, but I wanted to add a little note to my blog to let you know I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth just yet! LOL

Today was Monday and Stitch Along with Babs of course I have to show a picture of my progress on Heart of America by Little House Needleworks... I didn't get much done today as I ran a lot so didn't get much time to stitch. Here's a close up of what I accomplished...

and a full picture of what it looks like so far...

I told you in my last post that I got a new camera...and that the battery was charging while I typed...well, guess what?!?!? The camera didn't work!!!! So Saturday morning, while I was off having breakfast with my former college roommate, DH took DS to his basketball game and exchanged the camera for one that actually works.

Since the battery was charged we were able to pop it into a different camera and this time it worked like a charm. So...I've been happily taking pictures...and when I tried to load them on the computer, guess what!?!?!?! They won't load. So...I'm not sure what the next step is, but I'll figure out something, and in the meanwhile, my son very nicely let me borrow my old camera to take more pictures. *sigh* That new camera is turning into a thorn in my side!!! LOL

I had a great day with my friend. She was visiting the area because her brother was getting married yesterday! She was here with her husband and their three boys.

What a great family...and we had a great time at breakfast, and while the guys went shopping, my friend and I went off for coffee and a good long gab fest to catch up on all the news.

DH went grocery shopping while I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Yes, I told you many times...I am spoiled rotten!! LOL Not only did he do a wonderful job shopping (and by his own admission spent more than he ever has before while grocery shopping) he brought me some beautiful flowers.

My appointment with the doctor was not what I was expecting...I was told to see her in January, but I wasn't ready to be poked and prodded so soon...LOL so made my appointment in February. I developed a rapid heart beat while on chemo, and my oncologist told me it would go away after I was finished with chemo. It didn't go I checked in with my general practitioner today. We discussed a few things that I was experiencing (that she asked me about) and I ended up walking away with FIVE referrals! YIKES!! Just when you think you're done, you're not, and I really DID NOT want to see more doctors so soon. *sigh* So...tomorrow I will be making appointments with a Cardiologist, a Gastroenterologist, a Physical Therapist, an OB-GYN, and I'll be having a sonogram of my leg (possible DVT). All that doesn't include the two appointments I have next month with the Oncologist and the Plastic Surgeon. It's like going to the car repair place and saying...I have a problem with my steering, and they give you a little looky-loo and the next thing you are replacing half the innards of your car! I am SO NOT ready for all this!! (whine complete, you can go about your regular business now)...LOL

So....we decided since it was a cold gray day today that we would take in a movie. We went to see Unknown (hence the title of today's blog entry). WOW...what a movie! DS said he had been bored through the whole thing, and I was on the edge of my seat. Of course I was cheering one of my favorite actors on as he went about his business on the big screen. *heavenly sigh* Lian Neeson...I love his voice, his mannerisms, and his gentleness. I could watch him all day, which is maybe why DS was so bored. LOL DS wanted to see Sanctum 3D, so we had to listen to him spout how he wouldn't have been bored during THAT movie. LOL I guess we'll be seeing that sometime this week... And we have made reservations to see the Grace Card on Friday night. My buddy Sonya will be coming with us! Can't wait!! Our church pre-ordered tickets for us and we'll be seeing it together. I think after that I'll be movied out for a while!! LOL

I was supposed to meet up with Sonya tomorrow for a Bible study and stitching, but the weather is supposed to turn nasty tonight. We've had near 70 degree weather this past week, and now it's cold enough to snow again. EEEK!! It's no wonder half the people I know are sick, and I just hope I can stay away from the germs so I don't catch it myself. DS was feeling quite ill tonight too, so hopefully it is nothing and he'll make it to school tomorrow. He's had perfect attendance in school for all but one of his ten years as a student.

Ok, time for me to head to bed. Thanks for stopping by, and if you wonder why I've gone so quiet in the groups lately, it's because I'm swamped with life at the moment. I'll try to get my act together by the end of the week (the next couple of days promise to be busy ones still). *Hugs*

Friday, February 18, 2011

Week End Wrap Up...

Hi Folks!

It's been a crazy week, and promises to be a crazy weekend too...but I'm up for it at least I HOPE I'm up for it! LOL

First though I want to pop a few pictures up here to show you what I've been up to. I did stitch on my UFO last night and a little bit today so I'll show you the progress...

Here's what it looked like last week...

And here's what it looks like today...

I also had to work on Sampler Romantique. I had a little trouble with it, thought about frogging it, did frog a little bit and found the dye from the floss had stained the fabric a bit, so decided not to frog the other BIG mistake I had made. I'm going to put the picture up here and see if you can see my mistake. If you can't, I'm going to leave let's see if you Eagle Eyed people out there can see what I've done. LOL DH thought I should make a contest out of it, I still haven't quite decided if I should or not, I don't have anything to offer at the moment for a prize. If you click on the picture it will enlarge it for you.

And now I'm going to tell you what a horrible wife I am. My camera has an automatic cover over the lens that has begun to stick. I guess DH was tired of hearing me complain (not that I did that all THAT loud...LOL) and decided to get me a camera for Valentine's Day. Well, the store didn't have the camera he liked in stock, so he had to order it and it arrived yesterday. It was the perfect size (smaller than my already compact camera), perfect color (it was pink!!), and would take movies, as well as panoramic shots etc. BUT...the zoom was not as great as the zoom on my camera now, and that was a BIG issue with me. we went back to the store to return it (aren't I AWFUL??) and get a new one. This one has a 10x optical zoom!! Imagine the bird pictures I'll get now! It's a little bit bigger than my other camera, but I hope it takes great pictures, we'll have to see. It's charging as I type! I'll let you know how that works out. LOL The funny thing is, the store didn't have this camera in stock they sold me the display, for less money than the original one that DH picked out. So...not only did I get a better camera (in my opinion)...I got it at a better price! (guilt trip over) LOL The manager was wonderful...after he had heard all the rigamarole we had gone through...but when he came to check my items out, and looked at my ID, he looked puzzled, then said my hair style had changed. ROTFL if he only knew the truth!

I have a funny story to tell you, but shhhh, don't tell DH I told you. The birds were having a fit in the back yard the other day. DH and I couldn't understand why...we kept looking out at the bird feeders and they looked full. Later that day DH decided to check out the feeders to see if there was a problem with them...and discovered...are you ready for this?...He had filled the bird feeder with CAT FOOD!! It was late at night the last time he had fed them, and it was a dark least that's HIS excuse and he's sticking to it. I thought I was the only one who did crazy things like that....and he didn't even have chemo! ROTFL

I don't know when I'll get a chance to write again, it's going to be a busy weekend. My former college roommate is coming to visit tomorrow, I am soooooooo excited! It's been a while since I've seen her, even though we keep in touch by facebook and phone calls, it's still going to be great to give her a hug!

Sunday, my family and I have been asked to give a video testimony of our experiences this past year for an annual celebration service. God has surely blessed us this year in ways I never imagined possible. I just hope I can put it into words without bawling...LOL

Monday is a holiday, and my guys will both be home. Looking at what is going on this weekend, I don't see much stitching in my future...*sigh*...oh well, there's always next week! Have a great weekend! *Hugs*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart of America

Hello there!

I'm making a drive by post here, as I wanted to put these pictures up to show Babs that I did stitch on the Heart of America piece this week. I had set everything aside yesterday so I could spend time with my two Valentines...LOL Today was "stitch day and Bible study" with my buddy Sonya, so I got to stitch on it today. Hope that's ok, Babs...and I visited your blog too, and you are coming right along also! I hope you're having as much fun as I am, it's a great piece to stitch on!!

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I also wanted to show you what I've done with Cirque des Carreaux. I had originally started out with a different thread. I didn't like how it frogged it all and sent for Carrie's Creation silk thread and started over. The color of the thread is Epiphany, and it's absolutely wonderful to stitch with!! I love the colors, though they still aren't what I was hoping for. I think it will look wonderful in my living room when I'm through though, and I promise I won't be frogging this over one piece again (WHAT A PAIN!!!) I haven't stitched much yet, but hope to get back to it sometime this week. As you can see in the regular shot that it's very dainty.

Ok, off to bed, it's been a busy day. I had my eyes tested today...yep I needed a stronger prescription...but I have to say, the optometrist is my new best friend!! I told him I didn't know if it was the chemo, the tamoxifen or my age that was causing my eyes to suddenly change...when he asked my age, he look dumbfounded (of course it COULD have been an act, but I prefer to think he really was...LOL) and told me he never would have guessed I was that age. I wished my husband could have heard him, and I have to say I was tempted to give him a peck on the cheek for making my day! I will definitely be going back to him in the future for more eye tests! Speaking of which, I wonder when was the last time he had HIS eyes tested? ROTFL

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

No stitching today, just pictures of the loves of my life! The picture above is my son when he was about 6 or 7. He's always been photogenic, but I love that picture of him, and it was perfect for today!

This is DH and I on our honeymoon...

This is DS when he was three and we visited Gettysburg.

These were taken when we lived in Germany, and DS was about 6, isn't he adorable with the missing teeth? LOL

And this last one was taken in Tombstone, Arizona when DS turned 11, he's now 5'11", my how he's grown since then!!

Hope you and yours have a very Happy Valentine's Day! *Hugs*

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stitch update...

Hi folks!

It seems like forever since I've updated my blog. I haven't been stitching much, so I guess that's why. Life is getting in the way of what I truly want to be doing!! It does have a way of doing that, doesn't it?

Typically Thursday is UFO day. It seems that my Thursdays are being eaten alive lately!! So Wednesday has become my UFO day. I didn't have as much time as I would have liked that day either, but here is my progress so far...with before...

and after pictures...

We got our step three pattern for the Tree of Stitches yesterday, and I just couldn't wait. I tremble when I see French knots, because they seem to have a mind of their own when I'm doing them. I did follow Abi's instructions to the letter, and was amazed at how consistant they seemed to come out! See what a little direction will do? So here's my tree so far...

and a close up of my French knots...

I've been madly working on my part three and four of the Romantique Sampler, and ran into a snag. I'm going to finish this section, then post a picture and see if you ladies out there think I should frog or not. Check back in a few days and see if I've posted it...My husband thinks I should offer a contest, and that's bouncing around in my head right now. Like I said, check back in a few days and see what I've decided to do, it might be worth your while!! LOL

Ok, off to get some stitching done, and enjoy the lovely weather we're having. Hope it's warming up outside your door today too! *Hugs*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blooming Wednesday!

Hello dear blogging buddies! I hope the wind didn't blow you away yesterday, whew what a day! I'm going to have to start using super glue to attach my wig!! LOL No, there were no flying wig mishaps yesterday, but I did keep my hand firmly on top while out running errands yesterday!!

What do you think of my attempt at artwork? Yesterday was Therapeutic Art day. I have made a few good friends through the breast cancer support group and a couple of them attend the art classes that are offered free at the Annapolis Wellness House. I cannot tell you how intimidating this is for me. I have no art history, cannot draw a straight line, and am not creative at all. My only "art form" is stitching, but even then I'm following a pattern and have near panic attacks if I have to change the floss color. I follow the rules, I DON'T color outside the lines...I'm boring!! LOL I don't know why, but the instructor was so gracious and gave us coloring sheets to do yesterday. I don't know if she was testing us to see our abilities, or what, but I have to say, it relieved my stress as I could just stay inside the lines! The only real choices I had were which picture to color and what medium to use. I chose colored pencils (I've had many people frame lovely colored pencil drawings and thought how much I would LOVE to be able to do that). Well, we had TWO hours...and I didn't finish. Can you believe that? My friend Gail finished two, my other friend, Beth finished one and I couldn't even finish the one I'd chosen. See...I told you I'm a failure at art! I'll be heading out later to find colored pencils, I really DO like to finish what I start! As far as the therapy part, I'm still trying to wrap my head around that. I guess the ladies there were all dealing with some sort of loss in their lives and the creativity is a way of channeling their feelings. We all handle stress differently, I guess, mine is to blab mindlessly on a blog, and stitch...LOL And look how well adjusted and sane I am!?!?!?! Ok, maybe I do need therapeutic art! ROTFL

I did manage to get a wee bit of stitching in last night and was able to finish Winter Band Sampler from Little House Needleworks. I placed a dime by this picture so you could see how tiny this is! I have no idea what I'm going to do with this, I have a ton of fabric around it. I must have been having a brain cramp that day as I really didn't plan well for the size of the fabric or the most economical way to begin stitching. *shaking head* Oh well, I'll try to do better next time. If you click on the picture it will make it bigger so you can see the detail. It's adorable this small ideas?

In the dead of winter, my houseplants all decided to begin to bloom. Just as I'm emerging from the chemo brain fog, and just as the after holiday blahs are descending, God decided to add a little color and beauty to my world. Isn't it amazing how He cares for us even in the smallest of ways. I'm so blessed...

Ok, off to get a bit of stitching done, today is Rose Quaker (UFO) day as tomorrow I'll be gone for the day. I'm hoping you have a beautiful and relaxing day! *Hugs*