Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after Christmas...

It's the day after Christmas, and all the hoopla is over.  The dust has settled, and things are getting back to normal.  It's a federal holiday here in the states, so DH and DS were both home, and though the store was open today, I asked for the day off and was graciously given it.  What do you do on the day after Christmas when you live close to Washington, DC?  You pack up the boys and head to the National Mall and the Eclipse and visit the National Christmas tree!

We rode in on the Metro...

But first, you must wait for it to get dark, so we visited our pals at  Madame Tussauds.


I had a little chat with George Clooney..*ladylike drool*...

The boys had a game of hockey with Alexander Ovechkin....guess who won?  LOL


I had Hoover give DS a little interrogation...LOL
 We looked through some windows and saw this Gingerbread house...later when we walked by after dark there were lights in the house...cute eh?

Then we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe....what fun!  And the food wasn't bad either!  Then it was time to head over to the National Mall.

I was impressed this year to see a Nativity.  It's hard to tell from the picture but it was life size.  I'm glad to see we can still observe all religions freely.

Each year there are 50 + trees decked out for Christmas.  One for each state and for the US territories.  School children from the different states are chosen to make ornaments to decorate their tree.  
Then there is one tree larger than all the others that is designated as the "National Tree".  
It was a beautiful night, and there were tons of people there...but despite the crowds, it was fun visiting all the trees and seeing their decorations.  I'm thankful to live in such a wonderful place!!

So we saw the trees, the Menorah, and the White House with it's outdoor decorations.  What a beautiful sight!  I love the decorations along the streets in DC as well. 

It was a great night out with my boys!  Tomorrow will be back to the old grind, but today was the perfect ending to our little holiday.  I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas!

The last thing, but certainly not the least, is a picture of the gift Mouse sent me for Christmas.  What a thoughtful thing to send, Mouse, I love them both!  I feel very spoiled!  I can't wait to take a soak in the tub with the lavender tea bags for the tub.  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little pin cushion!  Thank you so much!  I hope your package arrives soon!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Hi cross stitch fans!!  I hate to disappoint you, but there won't be any pictures today either.  I have great news though!!  For those of you who have been praying for my son's friend T, your prayers have been answered.  Looks like T will be going home in a day or two, just in time to spend Christmas at home.  The Lord is sooooo good!  Thank you all for praying for him!!

I have a couple of other fun things to tell you.  Did I happen to mention how much I love my job?  Well...I find the things we frame so interesting, and it's kinda neat living in this area because we do tend to get some interesting pieces to frame.  The other day we had a rush order (which had a less than 24 hour turn around) from "The Washington Post".  They had the newspaper proof (it's a metal tin type that is what they use to print off the newspaper) with an article about George Bush.  AND...I later found out that it was a gift for George H W Bush himself!!  Something I framed might be hanging in the former president's house!!  How cool is that?  There was an Air Force Doctor who used to come frequently to the store, he was the private doctor for George W.  He had a few stories to tell!!  LOL  He brought in the licens plates of the presidential limo from inauguration day along with the flags that fly on the front of the car.  That was a cool project too!  I've met some secret service fellas, and all kinds of interesting folks.  Yep, my job may seem dull most of the time, but now and's kinda fun the things we see pass through our doors.  Right now it's crunch time at the store I'm working some long hours, and then I'm too tired to sleep.  I need to find some time to wrap presents too.  I need a few extra hours in the day.  LOL  Anyone want to be my elf and come clean my house and wrap my gifts?  Nah, didn't think so...LOL  I'm off to hit the hay, tomorrow promises to be another exhausting day.  *Hugs*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What a find!

I clicked on the "home" of one of the people who commented on my blog and found a lovely surprise! Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore is a lovely blog to visit, with lots of beautiful photos, interesting information, lovely stitching and she is hosting a giveaway!  If you want a treat, stop by and take a look at this lovely blog, you won't be disappointed!  Just click on the name and you'll be directed there.  Enjoy!! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just need to write....

I was so looking forward to Christmas this year, I had planned to keep my mind focused on the true meaning of Christmas.  I was hoping to attend some Christmas events, to spend time with people I care about and do special things for them, but it never fails that someone switches the treadmill I'm on up to full speed and before you know it, I'm running full tilt in the wrong direction.  I know I must sound like a wimp, but I worked the past three days and I'm completely wiped brain is on overload.  I am beginning to realize the toll the chemo took on my brain.  If I'm distracted for a moment, I completely forget what I was about to do and I feel I'm useless at work.  There are so many distractions at work at the moment and I end up spending the time there running in circles, trying to remember what I should be doing.  I was so tired last night I tried to watch TV but absolutely nothing soaked in.  And then the phone rang...

My husband's Grandmother passed away yesterday.  It totally came out of the blue.  She was 93.  I feel so badly for my husband.  His family is slowly slipping away and each parting gets more difficult for him.  Please pray for him and his family during this time.  The funeral is next week...and the timing is such that he and my son can travel up there, but I'm torn between feeling needed by my family, and feeling needed at my job.  The problem is the drive over the mountains in PA and we worry about the weather this time of year.  We've been stranded in bad weather before.  We don't want to appear calloused and really when this happens you WANT to be with your family, but....  It's such a dilemma and caused a rather sleepless night last night.  I'm waiting on my husband, ultimately I'll do whatever he feels he would like to do.

I haven't had much time (or desire...sadly) to cross stitch lately, but with the crazy January challenge nearly upon us I am beginning to feel the pangs of "startitis".  I thought I had my list whittled down, but found some SAL's I'd like to partake hopefully I'll find a moment or two to firm up a list and get the needed supplies soon.  Wish me luck...

On a lighter note, I've been enjoying a plant that we bought a while back.  They were selling one Amaryllis bulb with some of the proceeds going to Susan G. of course I couldn't resist.  We chose the pink flower and then in the hustle and bustle we lost track of it.  Two weeks ago, DH finally planted it.  I wish I had taken a picture of it each day.  I swear it has grown an inch a day and today there are two blossoms opened.  If you ever want to have a fun project for a child, plant one of these beauties, you won't be disappointed.  These are the pictures  I took this morning.  I love the color!!  Each blossom is bigger than my hand!

I have today off, and later tonight DS has a date with his youth group for laser tag.  That leaves a free evening for DH and I to have a little date night.  I will probably head back to bed soon for a little more sleep so I can stay awake for whatever he has planned tonight.  I feel better for having written things down, somehow that always seems to clear my mind and help me organize my thoughts.  Thanks for reading, if you made it this far, and for praying for our family.  *Hugs*

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a good day!!

Hi Cross Stitch Fans, wherever you may be!  Hope the sun is shining and the Christmas Carols are playing wherever you are today!  It's a pretty day here in Maryland, a good day to meet up with a friend and spend a little time stitching...and so I've done!

Astrid and I met up today for a little relaxing time of stitching and sharing our experiences lately.  Who knew, when we met in bbinteractive yahoo group a little over a year ago, that we would become such good friends?  I hope you enjoy my company as much as I enjoy yours, Astrid!

If you've ever been to Astrid's blog, you would see she's a multi-talented person.  She makes cards, stitches, and makes jewelry.  She's already made a few bracelets for me, and just last week, she made me these earrings.  I wish I had a portion of her talent!!  And, Astrid, I would love to make jewelry, so maybe after Christmas maybe we can plan a day for a lesson?  Aren't these the cutest earrings?  I LOVE them!!  Thanks so much.

AND..if you've ever been to Astrid's blog, you would see that she likes dragons.  For the PIF that she won earlier this year I stitched a dragon for her, and then the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue came out guessed it...there was a dragon ornament.  It had her name all over it!!  I stitched it a few weeks ago, before I lost my mojo....and ran out of time...and began to feel the pressure of Christmas drawing near at the speed of light.  So, just in case I didn't see her again before Christmas, I stayed up till the wee hours and assembled this into an ornament this morning...and gave it to her when we met up.  I THINK she liked it.  I thought it came out quite nice!

We attended our Church's annual Christmas performance last night.  It was a play/musical called "The Christmas Post".  They did a wonderful job!!  It also reminded me what Christmas is all about, a life changing experience when we get to know our Lord and Savior on a personal level.  Now if I can just keep that thought in my frontal lobe during the holidays...Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men...I'll have a bright and Merry Christmas.  I wanted to leave you with the words from my favorite Christmas song.  Evie had this on her Christmas Memories album back in the 80's.  I played the cassette tape so many times, it finally broke in the tape player and after many years of searching for the CD, I finally mentioned it to a coworker one year.  He found it on ebay and gave it to me for Christmas that year, it reduced me to tears, and I still play this song over and over again at Christmas time.  I just love the words...

Twas the night before Christmas,
And my only desire
Was peace among kids, and to rest by the fire.
I had just settled down in my favorite chair;
When I heard a small voice, and a cry of despair.
As I stared at the hearth I saw a strange sight!
Our nativity scene, in the flickering light
Seemed almost alive!
And how could this be!
One lonely shepherd was calling to me.

Move me closer, move me closer
Move me closer to the Child.
Let me see Him, let me hold His hand.
Move me closer to the Child.

As you can well imagine, I was a bit surprised.
So with a shake of the head and a rub of the eyes
I took another look, and what did I see,
Without a doubt he was looking at me.

It seems in the hustle and bustle of things
In the wrapping of gifts, and the building of swings,
In assembling his scene, I'd been a bit hurried,
And understandably so, He was a little bit worried.

Move me closer, move me closer
Move me closer to the Child.
Let me see Him, let me hold His hand.
Move me closer to the Child.

You see, candy canes and holly trim
Didn't mean a thing to him.
If it kept him from his post
Beside the child he loved the most.

So as strange as it must seem,
Whether it was, or wasn't, a dream.
I placed him back where he belonged
As he sang again his simple song.
And now when we at Christmas share,
We sing his song:
A Shepherd's Prayer.

Move me closer, move me closer
Move me closer to the Child.
Let me see Him, let me hold His hand.
Move me closer to the Child.
Move me closer to the Child.

I hope in the hustle and bustle of the season you find time to move closer to the Child.  *Hugs* 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Joy and Great Sadness...

Where to begin?  First, I want to wish my best buddy, Sonya, a very Happy Birthday!  I drove to my LNS where she works today to bring her her present.  I have been planning and plotting this present for almost a year, and I couldn't wait another day to give it to her.  Here is a picture.


Just a little background for you, Sonya loves tea, so at the beginning of the year I started looking for a tea cup.  I had seen tea cup pincushions all over the place on the internet, so decided this would be the perfect gift for her.  I finally found one on my trip to Virginia during the summer.  If you know me, you know how hard it is for me to keep a secret.  I have been dying to tell Sonya of this gift for ages.  The  next part was to search for the perfect pattern for the that incorporated the colors of the tea cup along with her favorite things.  I finally decided on the swan from the Castles in the air pattern offered on Papillon Creations, as the swan is another of her favorite things.  


Now, her gift had all her favorite things wrapped into one, a swan, tea and her love of needlework.  Lastly, I mixed some lavender with the stuffing of her pincushion, so it also includes her favorite scent.  I hope you have a very Happy Birthday my dear friend, you deserve the best!  Sonya helped me in so many ways as I struggled through my cancer treatment.  You truly are a gift from God!  Where would we be without our girlfriends, right ladies?

I have to mention here the sadness I feel today too.  Remember I've asked for prayers for DS's friend, T.  T is going through his third round of chemotherapy.  His last round was very difficult, he lost a lot of weight and had terrible issues with things too graphic to post here.  He even stayed a few nights in the ICU.  The last report from his Mom that was posted on Caring Bridge today was not good.  T has developed an infection.  His temperature is bouncing up and down, and so is his blood pressure.  He hasn't been able to keep any food down and any medical procedures they have tried recently to give him nourishment have failed.  They are praying he doesn't have to go back into the ICU.  Because it is cold and flu season, no one under the age of 16 can visit T and that means the majority of his friends.  He is missing his greatest supporters.  Along with the bad news, there is good news.  They have found a bone marrow donor for him, in fact they found two, who were willing to donate to him.  They are in Europe, so they will extract the bone marrow in Europe and fly it to the US where he will receive the transplant.  He has one more round of chemo to prepare his body for this after the first of the year.  If he can overcome the current issues and his numbers go back up he will be able to spend Christmas at home with his family.  He was able to spend his birthday (the same day as mine!) and Thanksgiving at home and it is our prayer that he will be able to spend Christmas at home as well.  Please pray for this strong, courageous young man.  It is breaking my heart to see this humorous, talented, big-hearted young man go through such trials.  And his family could use the prayers too.  Thank you.
This week has been a very difficult and stressful week.  Murphy's Law reigns supreme (did I mention that was my maiden name?  I SWEAR they wrote it about my family!!)  With trials coming from all corners of my life, work, family, church and even my internet family I have lost my stitching mojo.  I am struggling with a number of issues I think are from a medication I must take for another 4 years, forgetfulness, severe headaches and swelling in my arm, legs and feet.  It's just not fun to be me right now...I don't know what I will do, but if you don't hear from me for a while, sit tight, I'll be back soon.  You can't keep an addicted stitcher down for long.  In the meanwhile, try to remember the Reason for the Season and be kind to one another.  A little kindness goes a long way!  *Hugs*

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hanging of the greens...

I have heard this expression many times, and never realized what it meant until recently.  It's usually a church service that includes everyone of all ages, and you decorate the church the first Sunday of Advent,  using evergreens that symbolize everlasting life, holly that symbolizes the death of Jesus on the Cross and Ivy that symbolizes his resurrection.  What a lovely way to begin the Christmas season with a reinforcement of our belief along with the anticipation of celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I LOVE Christmas for this reason, to celebrate the gift we were given and the hope of salvation and the promise of eternal life for those who believe.

So, with that in mind, we decorated our house.  Just a few pictures here, as people have been hinting they wanted to see our decorations.  I don't have any updated stitching pictures, with the craziness at work, the bustle of shopping and parties and church services I have lost my mojo, but hope to have it back soon as I still have Christmas gifts to stitch!  Enjoy the greenery!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Check this out!!

Just learned about this blog, "To Stitch or Not to Stitch", and thought you might like to check out her amazing stitching! She's also having a giveaway, so hurry on over and check it out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A little of this....a little of that...

Hi!  Just thought I would drop a note here to let you know what I've been up to...

I was expecting a nice quiet day today and was hoping to get some stitching done.  I woke up before the guys, got my cinnamon bagel with cream cheese and my Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee and started reading e-mails.  I saw a notice on facebook that someone else was stitching and wanted folks to join her, so off I went to pick up part 6 of The Great Escape offered on The Stitch Specialists  yahoo group and began stitching.  I actually got both of the stitches done before the guys woke up and then suddenly my day was interrupted...

DH decided he wanted to set up the Christmas tree today, BUT FIRST (see, I'm not the only one to suffer from but first runs rampant in our family...LOL) he decided we would do a thorough cleaning.  Suddenly furniture was being moved, out came the mops, brooms, vacuum cleaner, the drapes were taken down (only to find they are dry clean only...) every figurine (and I've decided I have WAY Too many!!) was dusted, shined and rearranged and out came some of the Christmas decorations.  Hours later the living room was HALF finished and the Christmas tree was assembled.  Then it was time to head for church so everything is in a pile in the middle of the room waiting for stage two tomorrow when we decorate the tree.  Thomas decided to place himself in the center and supervise the operation.  Poor DH was getting directions from all sides.  LOL

I have a good excuse for not getting too much in the middle of cleaning things.  The last day I worked I had to leave early as I lost a fight with a plastic doohickey I was trying to trim with a utility knife.  The knife slipped and made a bee line for my index finger.  Why do extremities bleed like fury?  Before I could grab a paper towel, run around the work table and turn on the tap I had left quite a trail...and now I'm wondering if I'm anemic again?  LOL  The bad thing is that I cut the finger on my left hand, the side that I am struggling with lymph edema.  *sigh* to the clinic I went to get some steri-strips to "tape" up my finger (they decided they wouldn't use stitches since I'm not supposed to have needles in that arm) and some antibiotics and hopefully I won't have too much of an issue with swelling.  I have had some aching, and I'm wearing my sleeve so hopefully it won't get too bad, I really don't have time for physical therapy right now!!  So that means, I can't do dishes, or get my finger wet...DARN...LOL!!

Well, here I am struggling to stay awake, I have to stay up to take my antibiotic but maybe I can get a few stitches in before I lose all my get-up-and-go!  Have a good night.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!


What a beautiful day!  Finally after several days of rain we awoke to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  It promises to be a lovely day with mild temperatures.  The guys will be able to get outdoors and "blow the stink off" as my Mother would say.  It's early and the guys are still asleep after their late night out at the hockey game.  The Caps won again in overtime...GO CAPS!!  So I have a few minutes to reflect on the day and what it means to me.
To quote my cousin, I'm thankful I'm not a turkey today!  Although a couple of turkeys were pardoned at the White House yesterday.  And to think they almost made the turkey our national bird.  Thankfully Benjamin Franklin didn't get his way!  Ours will soon be in the oven and the smells will fill the house.  I'm hungry just thinking about that!  There are so many things to be thankful for this year.  For a God who provides in the most intimate ways.  For a husband and son who are loving and kind.  For  a year full of blessings of good friends and family.  For health and for comfort and peace.  Those are what I'm truly thankful for!

I spent the early part of this week with some friends.  With the lovely  Miss M who's birthday was yesterday, and this is the gift I gave her.


I reconnected with a former co-worker that I haven't seen in a while, but who used to come and crawl in my bed and watch movies with me when I was going through chemo.  Thanks for going to the movies with me, Miss C, I love spending time with you, and your wonderful sense of humor keeps me in stitches!  

I had to throw in this picture of the little yellow cat that comes to visit Thomas.  They used to sit and hiss at one another and try to bat one another through the sliding glass door.  Now they curl up on either side of the glass and keep each other company.  We aren't sure if he/she belongs to anyone, but what a lovey dovey kitty!  We aren't sure what to do, whether to give Thomas a playmate, or what?  I started calling him/her Garfield...Gar for short.  Whatever will we do with Gar?


The turkey picture you see above is the turkey from my wooden nativity we got while we lived in Germany.  There are many interesting pieces in this nativity, but as I was searching for turkey pictures for my blog, that little guy came into mind.  And then I got the brilliant idea of putting the blessed family behind him, because what comes after Thanksgiving?  A picture is worth a thousand words!  To you and yours, may you have a truly Blessed Thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unexpected blessings...

Good morning friends!

This has been an interesting week, so much has gone on I can't believe only a week has gone by!!  Tis the season I guess.  I always feel like I've been shot out of a cannon during the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas (traveling at the speed of light without the ability to slow down or alter my course), and this year the economy is crying in pain and the businesses have decided to start the Christmas rush even sooner...the day after Halloween.   People are starting to shop, and I guess that's a good thing, but it's not the "strolling through the aisle, contemplating the perfect gift" kind of shopping, it's the "gotta have gotta get the biggest the best at the best price at midnight Black Friday" kind of shopping where you need protective clothing just to step into the concourse at the local mall.  I actually saw a young lady standing in a parking spot close to the doors of the mall arguing with an elderly lady in a car trying to park in that spot.  I quickly walked away because they looked at me with daggers in their eyes.  Where have our manners gone?  What happened to "Good will toward men"?  I usually try to have my shopping done by this time of year (unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet).  Mainly because I don't have time because we become very busy at the store and I have no free time, but also because I don't have the body armor needed to jump into the fray at the mall.  This year I'm going to try focusing on the reason for the season and try to keep my "good will toward men" flowing through the holiday.  

Well I had some good news this morning, and it always amazes me when this happens.  I HAVE been shopping, and had SOME unexpected expenses, and yesterday my bank statement came in the mail.  I DREAD balancing my checkbook, and as I dragged it out of my purse I realized it had been TWO months since I last balanced it.  I started to fret, sweat and issue myself a threat...where had last month's statement gone and why don't I keep the balance tabulated?  After a frantic search, a few kicks to my behind, nearly an hour of checking off withdrawls, checks and deposits, I finally had it balanced...and I have more money than I thought I did!  *wiping sweat from brow*  It even balanced to the penny on the first inspection!! WHEW!!  Christmas shopping can now resume, with a little less pressure, though I will be more careful of how much is in there!

Because of all the busy-ness I haven't had much chance to stitch, and I have to tell you, I never realized how much of a stress-reliever my hobby has become!  I think I'll try to schedule some time to stitch in my calendar so I can lower the anxiety I sometimes feel this time of year.  Sorry, boss, but I learned to appreciate life while I was convalescing!  LOL  I care about your business, but I care more deeply about my family!  But I digress...would you like to see pictures of what I've been up to?  Well...I can't show you everything, some of the things I've been stitching are gifts, so I'll post them in a couple of weeks.  It's tough having friends Birthdays so close to Christmas, but onwards and upwards, I always say!

I finally finished the SAL that was offered on The Threadbasket site.  I thought this was so cute, and if I get a chance, I may try to get it framed for the winter season after Christmas.


I was also able to finish off part 5 of The Great Escape being offered on The Stitch Specialists yahoo group, designer Abi Gurden.  This has been an enjoyable stitch!


One thing I would like to mention, Astrid, Denise and I are planning a SAL of a pattern called "Our Nation" from Bygone Stitches.  This is laid out in the shape of an American flag and lists the 50 states in the order they became members of the union.  We will be starting in the new year.  We found the pattern at the Needleart show and I found a sale at Bush Mountain to get some of the materials I couldn't find at my LNS.  I had a little trouble with the website, so I called her on the phone and had a very pleasant experience with her.  I've ordered from her before and she is very prompt with her shipments, even with things that are out of stock! this space for our progress after the New Year.

So...there you have it!  I will post more stitching in a few weeks, after I find out the gifts I'll be sending out soon have been received.  If I don't have a chance to post before Thanksgiving, please have an enjoyable one, filled with good food, good memories, a heart full of thankfulness and an attitude of gratitude.  As my Bible Study leader says...Peace Out... (anyone know what that means?  LOL) 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a day!


I've been informed by my guys that I have an hour to write this post, so I'll get right to it.  After all, Cheeburger, Cheeburger is not just a burger joint and we want time to savor the ambiance before heading to church tonight.  *rolling eyes*  (See, human thesaurus...I can use big words and I know how to spell them too!...see previous post)

Where do I begin?  I guess with the most exciting!  I finally met Denise, a very lovely person I've been e-mailing for the past week or so.  We met up and traveled to Montpelier Mansion to visit the Needleart show.  While we were there, we ran into Danielle and VegasJilly.  They had been to the stitching retreat (which sounds like a blast, I may have to do that next year...we'll see) and knew Denise, so we chit chatted for a bit.  It was really nice meeting all of you today!

I've gotten a few minutes to stitch and have caught up on the Threadbasket SAL, only one more part to go! 

I also finished up on the November owl from the Oakhaven SAL.  Only one more part to go (hm...I sound a little like a broken record there...LOL)


I received the nicest letter from Babs, which my son brought in from the mailbox and didn't tell me.  I happened to stumble across it today.  I'm so sorry I didn't acknowledge it before today, Babs, I hope that doesn't happen again, I LOVE getting mail...don't you?  Such a sweet letter, and as soon as I get a chance, I'll write back.

I've been putting in a few more hours here and there at the store.  I really enjoy working, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to work, and spend time with family, friends and stitching. The closer we get to Christmas the worse it is going to become.  It leaves me a bit distracted, so don't be surprised if you see a little less of me for a while.  (Now that I've said that I'll probably be posting all the time...LOL  *wink*)

Off to head to dinner.  I can't believe how much I've accomplished today!  Thanks for meeting up with me today Denise, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention this...DS's friend T has been in the ICU for a couple of days now.  It's a long story, but he's slowly improving and still needs your prayers.  They are hoping to get him back to his old room tomorrow, but it's a pretty touchy situation. Please pray for him if you think of it, he's a very sick young man!  Thanks.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paying it forward

Hi Folks!

A while ago I won a contest on Mouse's blog  with directions that she would stitch something for me, but I would have to have the same contest on my blog and stitch something for someone else.  I picked Astrid's name out of the hat and today I presented her with her stitched object.  Here is a picture of her holding her gift!

I've been posting things I'm thankful for on facebook each morning.  Today I found this quote posted by a friend of mine, so I took a picture I had taken a few days ago and superimposed the words using powerpoint.   I think the effect came out really nice.  

I am grateful for my son who had to help me type this because I am old and forgetful and need help expanding my colloquial language, he is my human thesaurus.

Just for clarification....all that is typed in red  is written by my son, and I just wanted to say, there is no conceit in my family because my son has it all!

This is what happens when you have a laptop and he has a wireless keyboard...he can type while I'm typing as well, sometimes there is no justice in this world, as I should have remote brake and accelerator pedals and a remote steering wheel, don't you think?

Just for clarification I had to help my mother use pedals instead of "petals".

To which I replied, That's why I send you to school, I was just checking to make sure they are teaching you correctly!

I need to go now, I'm beginning to feel schizo... I'm sorry I can't spell today. I have to ask my son who was not trained in nursing to help me spell schizophrenic.  I guess he is my human dictionary as well. I sincerely hope you are having a better day than I am!  *Hugs*

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We have a winner or two...

Hi there!

My buddy, Astrid, and I have been busy this weekend!  Friday Astrid, her MIL and I went to the Howard County Arts and Crafts fair.  It was there we met Woofi!!  You can learn more by clicking on Woofi, but essentially, if you buy one Woofi, another one is sent to a child somewhere in the world, it's a way of spreading God's love and the Good News around the world.  If you are interested in learning more please click on the link.  This is the softest, cuddliest little dog, and as soon as Suzanne placed him in my  hands, I knew I had to send him somewhere!  He comes in two sizes, and I bought two smaller ones to include in two Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes too.  He has a little tag that says "Precious are the feet who bring the Good News".  Their program really touched my heart!

Before I forget, please check out Astrid's blog, she is having a really cool give-away and challenge!  The next day we went to the Needleart Exhibit at Montpelier Mansion to see how my entries had done.  I was surprised and pleased to see that some of my pieces had won ribbons.  I wasn't surprised that not all of them had won, I have six pieces and only entered 4 here are pictures of the ones that received ribbons.  I must thank Astrid and her amazing photography skills for these pictures.  Thanks for going with me and sharing my surprise and joy, Astrid!

First place in the Counted Cross Stitch on Aida... Hidden Spirits, a Dimensions Cross Stitch Gold Collection kit...

First place in the Petite Point category... Rose Quaker by Stikideen von der Weihenburg

And finally, Honorable Mention for Little Lace Hardanger designed by Abi Gurden from The Stitch Specialists yahoo group.



I'm pretty sure the last was a very generous nod to the framing job we did....LOL  as it was a learning piece for me, my very first Hardanger, (The stitching wasn't THAT me!!) but the framing was unique and I'm sure that's what caught their eye. 

Astrid and I had a good time, but I just want anyone else who wants to go to know, I'm more than willing to go again.  It is always amazing to see what others are doing with their needles and threads.  There were more than a few pieces there I would love to stitch, I even bought a couple of patterns that are for sale there.

Last, but not least, is a picture of one of my current SAL's that I have completed the second part of.  Just in time as the third part comes out tomorrow!

Just a little reminder to pray for T.  I mentioned him a few posts back, he's a 15 year old friend of my son's who is battling leukemia and has been having severe difficulties with his second round of chemo.  He is in severe pain, unable to eat, and they are not able to keep an NG tube down.  There is good news, though, they have found a donor match for him, though he will have to get his numbers and weight back up before they can attempt the bone marrow transplant.  I pray for him multiple times daily, and hope you will join in prayer with me.

And THAT, as they say is THAT!  Hope you are having a great Sunday.  I have been posting daily on facebook, things that I am thankful for in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  It's been a grand way to prepare my heart for the day, and a wonderful way to count your blessings.  I encourage you to give it a try!  And I leave you with a quote from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  I watched it with my husband last night, bringing back fond memories of our childhoods.  "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much others love you."  The Wizard of Oz.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Merrily we SAL

Just a brief update, as I finished part four of the great escape being offered as a SAL on the Stitch Specialist yahoo group, designed by Abi Gurden.

I also started another SAL being offered through The Thread Basket 

I'm enjoying stitching on both of these.  Now if I could just get my act together about stitching Christmas ornaments!  And if any Friendly Stitchers are reading can let Mouse know that I goofed up this week and didn't stitch on my UFO.  I'll assume the position so she can give me lashes with the wet noodle *grin*  Happy Sunday everybody!  *Hugs*

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting ready...

Well I probably sound like a broken record, but it's been another busy week.  First I received a package in the mail with all sorts of goodies in it.  I had won second place in the Wet Noodle award from Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group.  What fun!!  I hope you can see all the goodies that were packed in that package!  Thanks so much ladies, I am itching to use each and every item!!

In the same package was a gift from Miss Mouse.  She stitched this piece for this box and finished the inside as well.  I'm such a boxoholic, she really knew what I would like and it's just beautiful.  Thanks so much, Miss Mouse, this means a lot to me!!

I received a postcard in the mail a week ago yesterday about a NeedleArt exhibit at Montpelier Mansion in November, and the entries have to be checked in tomorrow or Monday.  So....I thought it might showcase my place of employment (Frames Galore) if I submitted some entries...and I texted my boss to ask him if it was doable.  He agreed and so we ordered the supplies and I was out until 10 PM last night getting the final touches on the projects.  Whew!!  Now I just have to fill out  the paperwork and I'll be ready for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

Here are some pictures (not too spectacular but at least you can sort of see what we've done) of what will be my entries.

Rose Quaker by Wiehenburg


Alla Turca by Pelin Tezer acquired on Stitcher's Heaven yahoo group


Christmas Quaker by Wiehenburg


Little Lace Hardanger designed by Abi Gurden and acquired through The Stitch Specialists yahoo group


Tree of Stitches, designed by Abi Gurden and was acquired through The Stitch Specialist yahoo group.


Hidden Spirits Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch Kit


The exhibit runs from November 4th to November 27th if you are interested and they do charge a modest fee to enter, but it's worth it to see Montpelier Mansion, it's a lovely place!  

It's snowing here today, and I'm really feeling the chill.  DS got tickets to see a TV show being taped this morning called "It's Academic" where high schools in the area compete on a quiz show.  His school was one of the groups this morning, and though they gave a valiant effort, they came in second out of three.  It was a close game the whole way through, and all the students that participated should be commended.  It was a fun morning.  We found our way to "TV hill" which is one of the highest points in Baltimore, and it had begun sleeting there this morning, and as we walked through the parking lot, we heard a loud "thump".  A few feet in front of us was a huge clump of snow and ice that had fallen off the very high towers that are situated up there for the TV station.  I think if it would have hit one of us it would have been a bit painful!!  Honestly, it missed us by |----| that much!!  LOL

Off to take a much needed nap.  Wish me luck at the exhibit, it's exciting to say the least!  *Hugs*