Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally, some progress!!

Well, it's been a while, but I'm finally back!!  Just a few more days before I choose for the giveaway...any other takers?  It's not too late to sign up!

I've been pretty busy lately.  We've been working on getting a used car for our son.  The transmission went in the old Honda Civic and it wasn't worth we found a little Nissan Sentra, but we are having some issues getting it registered.  I hope they work out the kinks soon, I'm tired of being stranded!!  LOL

I have been able to put a few stitches in here and there.  Today I spent catching up on two SALs I'm working on.  First is Mary's Sampler II that is being offered on Plum Street Samplers blog.  I love that it comes in small installments that you can work up in an hour or so!  I'm working this on 32 count over one but have some black fabric that I hope to make it again on 36 over two.  The next installment should be out next Sunday.

The second is The Way to Happiness being offered on this blog.  I don't know when the next installment is being posted, but this last one was posted on the first of the month.  I love the saying!!

The third is going to be a Christmas gift for one of three daughters in a family.  The love the Disney princesses so I decided to give them the Snow White piece I had made in '95, this Sleeping Beauty that I am working on now, and a Cinderella piece I hope to start soon.  Hopefully I'll get them done and framed by Christmas.  Wish me luck!!

We had a little visitor to our back door.  I've never seen frogs climb windows before, and just had to take a picture.  I tried to get him to say "cheese" but he would only say "rippit, rippit" !!  LOL

The last visitor to DJ's Digs brought along her own treats!!  Pumpkin donuts...and my were they good!!  Freshly baked, they made my whole house smell delicious!!  I'm not a very good guest as I rarely take such goodies to her house...I'm surprised she keeps inviting me back!  LOL  Can't you just smell the pumpkin?

Since it's still October, I just have to remind you to get your breast exams!  It was never my favorite thing to do, but so glad I did when I found my breast cancer early.  Those who love you will thank you!!   

See you next posting!  *Hugs*


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's that time of year again!  It's October, so you know what I'm talking about, Breast Cancer Awareness.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness I want to nag...ahem...I mean remind you all to get your annual check up! I found my cancer early because of an annual mammogram. According to doctors and statistics I was "too young" to have my type of cancer. I know of others who found theirs by their monthly self exam. There was no breast cancer in my family until I found I'm living proof that it can happen to anyone. For the sake of your family and loved ones, PLEASE get yourself checked...and this means you guys too! Men CAN get breast cancer!! If you do not have the funds to pay for a mammogram, there are programs to offer them free. Those who love you and care about you will thank you!

I've been working hard trying to get a few things ready for this giveaway.  I've got three scissor fobs that I will be giving away, though only two are complete.  By the time I have the giveaway near the 18th of this month, I will have all three done.  All you need to do is leave a comment, consider getting your mammogram or follow the link to see how to do a self exam, and chose ONE design that is your favorite.  Here are your choices...

I used a pattern for these that was also a giveaway of sorts.  If you donate at least $15.00 to the Susan G Komen 3-day under Belinda's name from Blue Ribbon Designs, she will give you a pattern called Red Rosies and Pink Posies.  I stitched these three scissor fobs from that pattern.  It's a worthy cause and the pattern is worth so much more than the $15.00 donation!  Here is the link where you can find the information to donate and how you can receive your pattern.

I mentioned last time that I only need a few more people to follow me and I will be having another giveaway.  I received a bag full of stuff from a friend who collected them for me.  There were 7 complete kits, two iron on transfers, and two sewing patterns for stuffed animals.  I'm going to post the pictures, and will eventually decide on one of these as the giveaway.  If you click on any of these pictures, it will enlarge it so you can see clearly what I am offering.  I only need four more people!!

I've been busy since I came back from New York.  My family and I attended the last game of the season for the Orioles in Baltimore.  They played the Red Sox and WON!  It was a VERY exciting game!

I also took a road trip to Ocean City with my buddy, Marie.  We went to visit a fellow breast cancer survivor who is the one who gifted me with all the wonderful kits and things.  It was a great day, we made a side trip to The Salty Yarns.  What a fun place to explore.

Last but not least, I've been getting some stitching and crocheting done!  I finished another baby afghan!!

I started Mary's Sampler a SAL from Plum Street Samplers.  I'm using DMC on 32ct over one linen.  You can find the pattern here.

I also started another SAL, one that I LOVE the saying.  I've been so busy I haven't gotten far but hope to catch up soon.  You can find the pattern on this blog.

I also restarted Sleeping Beauty.  The count was too high and the floss coverage wasn't what I looks much better now.  

I'm still on the hunt for a Cinderella pattern, so if you know of one, please let me know!!  

The last thing I would like to comment on is the Government shut down here in the US.  Unfortunately this is affecting my family since both my guys are federal employees.  This has a trickle down effect as those people who provide services for federal employees are also affected as well as the local economy.  I just want to let those know who are affected, that you are in my prayers and I sincerely do feel your pain.  We do not know if we will get paid if/when the government starts up again, but there are those out there who do know, there will be no pay, nor any hope of pay, until the government opens for business again.  I know that tempers are HOT right now, so please be kind to one another.  Insensitive comments cut deep when lives are in turmoil.  Remember to comment if you would like one of the scissor fobs pictured above!  *hugs*