Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  This is one of my favorite holidays.  It's not about the food, or that most of our country has the day off.  It's partially about gathering with family and friends, but the best part of this day, for me, is the reminder that we should be thankful in everything.  I've had a wonderful life, honestly.  I've made some incredible friends along the way, I have a wonderful family that enjoys spending time together.  I have everything I need and practically everything I want...what more could I ask for?  While I've had some troubles in my life (who hasn't) they have always brought more good than bad, meaning that out of the trials of life, some blessings have come from them.  I think I have my Heavenly Father to thank for all of these things.  And so today (and everyday) I should count my blessings and be truly thankful.  Even if you don't have "Faith" in a higher being, I think every one of us can find things to be truly thankful for in our lives.  So today, I hope you can dig deep and dwell upon the things you are thankful for, and that you can remember that throughout the year.  May your day be full of blessings, love and laughter.  Happy Thanksgiving! 



Vintage Keepsakes said...

Such a meaningful post you have written today. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy Thanksgiving, DJ! What you write is spot on! We should be thankful in everything and in every way. What beautiful pieces you shared! Wishing you and your family a day filled with an abundance of blessings.

Katie said...

I make sure to always be thankful but I agree with you. It's a little frustrating because people go from Halloween to Christmas. I want to enjoy my fall thankfulness a little bit before jumping into the Christmas season. I agree with you about even though we have ups and downs I appreciate every little thing I do have. So many people have a ton less.