Monday, April 22, 2024

April IHSW progress

I'm excited for this post!  From the last post you know that I finished Anne Thomas 1854 except for the personalization, still working on that.  Here she is again!  

While away on vacation I picked up this cute little snowman pattern.  It's by Primrose Cottage and is called Snowman 2024.  I had the container under the snowman stitched before the weekend and was able to finish him off on Sunday.  I used the DMC substituted floss and stitched it on 36 count natural over one.  I'm hoping he fits in a small tart pan, but I have my  I'll show him when he's fully finished and let you know!  

I did have a few hiccups this weekend, otherwise I would have had something else stitched, I think.  BUT I try not to miss any time out with the family.  While I was out I found some fabric at JoAnn's so fingers crossed I'll have some more fully finished items to share soon!  I'm off to spend the day with Little Miss Sassy Pants today...can't wait!  I hope you all had a very productive weekend!  Happy Stitching! 

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Katie said...

What a great weekend. Family time is important. Takes away from stitching time but worth it. Love your little snowman. Adorable!!