Monday, September 18, 2023

IHSW September 2023

Hi Folks!  Last weekend was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.  I was a little disappointed as I knew it would be a busy weekend.  Not to mention, I was extremely tired.  Mr. Sandman hasn't visited in ages so I haven't been sleeping too well, which makes it really difficult to stitch.  I babysat on Friday until late in the evening.  I love our Granddaughter and never miss a chance to spend time with her.  But she does keep me hopping!  LOL!!  Top that off with potty training, and I was running up and down stairs with her until I put her to bed.  Still I did get some time to stitch on Beatrix Potter by StitchyBox.  I love how this is turning out, though at first I wasn't sure if I would like the color my husband chose.  He used the recommended thread, and looking at it at first I wasn't sure.  I thought about substituting some silk floss, but in the end decided to go ahead with the floss he chose.  I LOVE it now!  I'm stitching on 28 count Vellum over one.  I love this fabric too!  Here is my progress.  

On a non-stitch related topic, our Baltimore Orioles have clinched a spot in the playoffs!  I can't express how excited our family is.  We love the Orioles and have stuck by them through thick and thin, but this team has us so excited and inspired.  They just never give up!  The last two games were so exciting until the very last walk off win!  We will be watching them well into October now and hoping for them to participate in the World Series.  Fingers, toes and even eyes crossed!  

Ok, I'm off to see what I'll be stitching on today.  While I love Beatrix Potter Quaker, it's a large project and my hands are tired from holding the frame.  I think I'll work on something a little smaller to give them a break.  Happy Stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh DJ, Beatrix is looking so pretty. What a beautiful thread and fabric combination! I did get a good bit of stitching in over the weekend; although I didn't hermit on Saturday (I was stitching at Notforgotten Farm from 10 to 4). Have a good Tuesday!

Shelly said...

Vellum is such a pretty colored fabric, the Quaker looks so nice on it. I hope your Orioles go all the way!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely to see more of Beatrix Potter, I like the thread colour too.

Katie said...

Beautiful progress. Those memories are priceless.