Monday, December 5, 2022

Getting in the Spirit

The last few weekends have been so busy!  I still don't have my tree you?  Things sure make the holidays look different with a little one in the picture.  I seem to be seeing things through a child's eyes!  I'm not sure what Little Miss A thought about visiting ICE! this year, I think her hat covered her eyes most of the walk through the exhibit, but she didn't cry or complain much.  It was a chilly 9 degrees in there...brrrrr.  Still it was a fun day with the kids.  Little Miss A picked out her own souvenir and has been mesmerized ever since! We have made this a holiday tradition, even though it was cancelled a few  years in a row because of Covid.

We attended a Christmas reception given at our DIL workplace.  I'm not sure what I was expecting but it far exceeded my thoughts!  There was a lovely Santa with a nice backdrop for pictures, face painting, balloon animals, Buzz Lightyear and Encanto, and a meal that was sooooo good with salmon, crab cakes, chicken dishes, beef dishes, fruit and veggies and deserts to die for.  Not sure what one of them was, but it seemed to be cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate.  I need to know where they got those delicacies.  These pictures of little Miss A with the wonder (and sometimes fear) in her eyes just make those memories unforgettable.  (Why are some kids so afraid of Santa?  She loved Buzz who was several times her size...but sweet Santa was the boogie man!  LOL)  Her whole body language screamed... SAVE ME!  

Our adventures sure make the days leading up to Christmas so exciting!  I hope you are experiencing the joy of the season as well....and you are Happily Stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like you have had some wonderful outings. Thank you for sharing the pictures, DJ. Tree isn't up here and probably won't go up until the 14th or 15th. It is how I roll!

Clare-Aimetu said...

So so cute, Christmas is all about the little ones and making memories

diamondc said...

DJ: Merry Christmas, what a sweet blog, its so much fun introducing little ones to the traditions of Christmas, some love Santa other not so much, nice photos.


Katie said...

Fun. Thanks for sharing.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those events look like so much fun! Lovely to start some new traditions too.
I would say that most young children would not like being handled by a stranger, especially one dressed so oddly! Whereas Buzz is just touching hands. Here, the children sit next to Santa rather than being handed over to him.
It’s a good thing she was suspicious though, she already knows who are “her people”.