Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Good morning!

It's a snow day here in Maryland! The school called last night to tell us that there would be no school today. Only in Maryland, with barely a dusting of snow on the ground, would they call the night before a school day to tell us there would be no school the next day! We call them weather wimps, but do not complain much when they give us a free day! We actually did get some accumulation overnight and the kids in the neighborhood are having a field day with sledding, snowball fights and snow people dotting the neighbor's yards. This is a shot out my front window before the kiddies have "hit the slopes"!

Well I did my good deed yesterday! I hauled myself out of bed before the crack of dawn to take DH to the airport. He left before the big snowstorm hit, thank heavens! We had gotten a little snow that night, enough to make the streets and sidewalks a little treacherous, but I still made it to the airport in time for his flight. He's going on a business trip to....*drum roll please* .... Hawaii. No, DH is not a big executive for a failing bank, nor the head of an American automaker. Worse! He's a government employee going to a conference. Don't get me started with wasting taxpayers hard earned money! (It would be another story if I were able to go with him! Paying my own way, of course!)

He has gone without us, of course! I did beg to go with him, but DS has too many things going on this week to leave him with an "attendant". I won't call them a babysitter, since DS is no longer a baby, well most of the time he's not *wink*, but he is "high maintanance! Ha ha. DH will be missing the biggest snowstorm of the winter, the spring band concert, the school field trip to the theater in the round, market day pickup, DS's doctor's appointment and the parent/student basketball game *dusting off my gym shoes and roller skates*, but I feel sufficiently able to handle all these superhuman tasks. *striking my wonder woman pose* I do wonder, however, how much stitching I'll be getting in. With yesterday being the first of the month and all those "new charts" coming out for all 7 SAL's I'm working on my fingers are itching to stitch. Ah well, Mother's work comes first *darn it*.

Uh oh, DS is awake and is asking, "What are WE going to do today, Mom?" I did rent a few movies to keep us occupied (smart Mom that I am *grin*) anticipating the snow storm. Hopefully that will keep him busy for a little while so I can get a few stitches in. I do know that I will have to eventually be playmate for a little while, not that I mind. I enjoy spending time with my son, he's great company! In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of my weekend stitching. I'd also like to leave you with a little Chinese pearl of wisdom. Confuscius say, "He who fly upside down have crack up".

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