Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Gifted Gorgeousness

I am waaaaay behind in getting this gift done...and I still have one more to finish. is July's gifted gorgeousness entry.  My husband's niece had a baby a couple of months ago and I'm finally finishing up this afghan.  I struggled (it was a new pattern) and had to frog, re-crochet, frog and re-crochet a few times.'s finally done.  They probably won't need this until cooler weather anyway, but I should have had it done sooner.  My husband's nephew's wife also had a baby a couple of weeks later, and I'm finally getting started on that one.  Anyway...long story short, here's the first one, done just in time for this SAL.

I also stitched July's Delphiniums from Cottage Garden Samplings.  This chart belongs to a friend of mine who has been letting me borrow the patterns.  I changed a lot of the colors, just for the fun of it. 

 If you would like to see the rules or join in the fun, please follow the link here or you can click on the icon on the left side of my blog.  Thank you  Jo who can't think of a clever nickname.  I'm really enjoying finding things to stitch/make for this challenge!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ornament craziness...

Whew!  Just where does the time go?  I swear the older I get the faster time goes.  Maybe I'm just moving slower and it takes me longer to get things done.  Who knows, all I am certain of is that I can't seem to get much done these days.

Well...I haven't had time to stitch on anything big lately, I'm in run, run, run mode.  I just got back from a week long vacation while my son was on his mission trip to Wyoming.  We went to the fine state of Virginia with the intent to relax and see some scenery.  But...if you leave things to my husband, it's usually a steady stream of crazy running around.  I'll get to that later.

First let me show you what I have been able to accomplish!  I made a few "resolutions" at the beginning of the year, and since we are halfway through the year, let's see how well I'm doing!  

I wanted to make two Christmas ornaments a month...and I fell behind a little bit, but I believe I'm all caught up now!  I can't show the last one yet, as it is for the Christmas exchange for Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group, but here are the others I've finished since the 15 of June.

Be Merry Mini by Waxing Moon Designs

Snow Love by Country Cottage Needleworks

I finished two motifs from My Favorite Things by Sue Hillis Designs so here is the Hat and Mittens

And the Reindeer

Christmas Eve Deer by The Prairie Schooler

Cardinal Snowflake by The Victoria Sampler

A Victorian Christmas Tree by Designs by Linda Driskell

I can't show you the last one, as I made one for an exchange piece....that will come later!

Now...on to vacation!  We stayed a couple of days in Luray, Virginia, visiting the caverns, museum, maze and car museum.  The first picture of is a reflection of the cave roof in a pool of water below.  It was so still the reflection was amazing!

We spent one evening listening to the singing tower.  The carillon was erected in 1937 in memory of Belle Brown Northcott who was the wife of T. C. Northcott the former president of Luray Cavern Corporation. The singing tower stands 117-feet tall and contains a carillon of 47-bells. The largest bell is six feet wide and weighs a total of 7,640 pound, while the smallest bell weighs in at 12 and a half pound.  It was pretty amazing!  

We stayed the last three days in Lexington, Virginia, visiting Natural Bridge and the caverns there, hiking to the Lace falls there.

Stonewall Jackson's House and Robert E. Lee Chapel.  We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and learning all the history.  I have a new appreciation for the commanders of the South, especially Lee and Jackson.  They were devout men of prayer and were true to their state governments.  The Civil war was a lot more involved that just freedom for the slaves.   I think our country needs more history lessons like the one we received!! 

See anything wrong in the above picture?    The sword goes under Lee's hand above the blanker, but is under the blanket when it comes out from under his hand.  Weird, huh?  LOL
 Even Lee's horse was buried near his chapel...I won't elaborate on the circumstances, but I found it a bit weird.  

We visited Natural Bridge, learning the history of he place, the returned later to see the light show and hear the recitation of the Creation Story.  It was truly beautiful and inspiring and gave me goose bumps.  

We did a lot of walking near the Natural Bridge, hiking to Lace falls, isn't it beautiful?

It's hard to believe this creek is what carved out this beautiful natural bridge (It's hard to imagine it's size but a four lane highway runs above!).  

Along the way I think I drove my husband up the wall...

We hiked to some falls just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We drove along the Skyline Drive (part of the Shenandoah National Park) and then along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The pictures just don't do it justice, as it is such a beautiful drive. 

Even Marsha enjoyed the scenery even if she was caught between a rock and a hard place!

I leave you with a picture of my favorite food from the trip...Blackberry Ice Cream pie....and if you look closer there are TWO spoons, my husband and I shared this and still couldn't eat it all...that was some piece!!!

And here is my trophy husband .... yes, he's a ham....but I wouldn't have him any other way!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Starting my Monday off right...and Gifted Gorgeousness of course!

Happy Monday everyone!  My Mom always said, so goes Monday, so goes the week!  So far today is looking pretty good, so I'm anticipating a wonderful week!

So...what did I stitch for Gifted Gorgeousness this month? all started about a month ago when I was in St. Michaels.  We have a box each year of patterns we are willing to part with.  We each go through the box and pick things we'd like to stitch and take the pattern home.  One of the ladies put a patten in the box she would have liked to have, but didn't want to stitch, as it was stitched on 36 count Weeks Dye Works fabric over one thread.  It was so HER...if you know what I I told her I would stitch it for her, (because let's face it, I LOVE stitching over one...and well...I could tell she REALLY wanted it) but she would have to finish it.  Hopefully, she'll send a picture once she has stitched it...Anyway...I stitched it for her, then gave her back all the materials.  As far as I know she hasn't finished it yet, but here is the stitched part...

And what it will look like when she's finished...

She mentioned she might use tiny buttons for the eyes, we'll see how she finishes it.

So...I don't know if the next couple of things will qualify as well, but I finished up this Gitta Design my husband bought for me last September while we were in Alaska on our "Anniversary Cruise" to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  I thought this was just so cute!!  I started out stitching with DMC (converted from Anchor the pattern called for) but didn't like the frogged quite a bit.  I went up to my LNS and was helped to pick colors that matched the picture of the pattern a little better.  It was my first attempt at looking for colors along the same color scheme and I am thrilled with the results.  The more I stitch, I find the more I'm enjoying experimenting with colors and things.  I am pretty excited to show you this finish...It is stitched on 40ct over two with one strand of floss.

Last, but not least, is the June pattern from the Garden Journal Series by Garden Samplings.  For some reason, the fabric was a challenge to stitch on for me, not sure why...stitching over one is hard without a hoop but even more challenging with really pliant fabric!  But...I like how it turned I guess that's the main thing.

And they that!  I'm heading off the computer as we are about to get a storm I think.  It's very still outside, and quite dark even though it's almost noon.  Batten down the hatches, I say.  Stay safe out there, I hear there are quite a few storms on the way in different areas of the planet!  Till next time...happy stitching!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

A peek in my china cabinet...

During my last post, as I took pictures of the lovely biscornu that Roz sent and carefully put it on display in my china cabinet, I thought...wouldn't it be fun to post some pictures of the lovely gifts and exchanges my friends and exchange partners have sent over the years?  I keep them all near where I spend a lot of time, and it reminds me of those I've met online over the years.  Those I know who are going through trials, I pray for them as I am reminded of them.  I'm one of those crazy people who collects friends along the way, and very rarely do I let them forget me...hahaha. they are...

My friend, Sonya, stitched this peacemaker piece for a birthday one year.  And of course, Roz's biscornu...

The teacup pincushion was also stitched by Sonya, I wish the picture showed how small and delicate this cup is, and she knew my favorite "thing" is violets.

The DJ pillow was a gift from the lovely Miss Mouse, again people seem to know my favorite color is purple...haha  I love the way she finishes things...

This too shall pass was from a fellow Sister in the Lord from Alabama.  She and I shared a cancer journey at the same time.  Mine through breast cancer, hers through her husbands cancer.  She always seemed to know when to send an email, card, or gift at the exact moment I needed encouragement.  Her friendship is a blessing to me, a true gift from God, and one day I hope to meet her face to face.

This beauty was from Frances from Friendly Stitchers.  It has to be my favorite biscornu of all time!!

These two pillows are from Gillie.  I love the way she personalized them, you can't see from the spring pillow, but it's personalized on the back...and the alphabet has my initials in a different color...she is so creative!

Meari finished the stitcher's heart.  I was so lucky to be her partner in that exchange.  It is beautifully stitched and finished....the humbug was a gift from a St. Michaels weekend and included two counting pins.  I keep it handy, you never know when you need counting pins!!  And the bag of marbles was from Mouse...she heard I had lost mine, and was kind enough to return them....thoughtful, right?  I keep my eye on them there, I hope I never lose my marbles again!!

This humbug was another gift from Mouse.  She is always sending something fun!

This was stitched by my friend Sonya.  I wish you could see in person how beautifully this is stitched and finished.  She and I also share a faith in our Lord, and I'm lucky to have her in my life.

You may be wondering why I have so many violets.  My Grandmother's name was Violet.  She taught me to stitch, crochet and many other things.  I didn't see her often, but she had a profound impact on my life and considering I was almost named after her, we had a special bond.  I have a picture of her when she was 16, and my son always thought it was a picture of me....I looked so much like her when she was younger.  She loved violets...and when I joined a sorority in my college days, their flower was the violet.  For some reason, they  just keep popping up in my life.  One of my prized items in my cabinet is a cup with violets on it that was hers.  For the longest time it was the only thing I had that had been hers.

So there you have it!  There are other stitched items floating around here, but that's all that's in my china cabinet.  I hope I didn't bore you with my tour.  See you in a couple of days for the gifted gorgeousness post!