Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope you  have had a blessed Easter!  I know I did!!  I have a new blog called Grace Notes and you can read about my Easter there if you wish!

I just wanted to run a little update by you to let you see what I've been up to.

A new piece of the Au Point de Croix was published last week and as I hope to keep updated on this SAL I printed it off and worked it up in a couple of days.  I really love this SAL!!

On Wednesday I didn't have much time, but I managed to finish up a small motif on this sampler.  Quaker Diamonds is challenging for me...I'm stitching it over one an a not too even weave fabric and it's 32 count to boot!  I will love it when I'm done!!  

I was working on Sheep in the Meadow today when I realized the picture I'm trying to "copy" changed the pattern up a bit.  So...unless I frog...a lot...that was stitched over one...I will have to change my strategy.  I've decided to put this up for just a bit until I figure out what I want to do.  Here is what I've accomplished so far...

And the men in white coats...I've decided to start another SAL.  This is called Marquoir de Francoise.  I love the colors in this one, the little motifs are so sweet.  I love how she only puts out a small piece, so you can stitch it in a short time.  So far I've stitched the first two portions.  You can find the patterns here.

That's all the news for now!  Have a great evening!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Catching up...

It just seems that I've been running like crazy since I got back from New York in February...trying to catch up.  I'm behind in my stitch a longs, behind  in house cleaning, behind in Bible studies, and behind in my New Years promises to myself.  We have a partial season ticket plan to the Orioles and though we've had two games from our plan already, I haven't attended any games yet.  I'm afraid to make any plans because things seem to keep getting in the way...LOL!!

However...I did catch up on two SAL's this week.  That doesn't mean I'll stay caught up...but for right now, it feels pretty good!  AND...I even had a finish this past week as well!  Yay me!!  

I was able to finish Spread the Love by Lizzie Kate.  She has some wonderful sayings!  I think this is one of my favorites though...don't you just love the little buttons!?!?

Gillie very kindly signed me up for this SAL by Maryse.  I was behind in getting the patterns and by the time I got them, they were on part four.  I've been stitching like crazy to catch up in this one...and here they are....all four parts!  I'm LOVING this stitch!!  I'm using the recommended DMC floss and stitching it on vintage light examplar 40 count fabric over two.  Thanks again Gillie!!

I'm also stitching on this SAL from Au pointe de croix.  She is also up to part four...and I was able to catch up on this one this weekend.  I'm stitching this on white lugana 28 count over one, and I LOVE the way this is coming out!!  I'm using fabric I had laying around and excess floss from a SAL I did a long time ago.  I'm feeling pretty good about using up some of my stash!

I had to grab something quick last night and picked up Sheep in the Meadow by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I'm stitching this on 32 count over one.  I'm hoping to surround this with the sheep virtues by Little House Needlworks.  Yes, I'm copying something I saw online!!  LOL  I didn't get far, but love this pattern so much!!

I started the mystery SAL from Passione Ricamo, then re-read the directions before the second part came out and realized I was supposed to be stitching using one strand of floss.  Ooops!!  So I hemmed and hawed trying to decide what to do.  I asked around...then decided I wouldn't have enough floss if I kept using two strands so I'm going to frog and restart.  I haven't had time to do that yet, but will get to it soon (I hope).  The second part has been sent, and's going to be pretty neat I I need to get moving!!

I came across another SAL.  I checked, and I have know...glutton for punishment...I went out over the weekend and bought the floss for this one.  It's so pretty I just couldn't pass it up.  If all goes well I may get this one started today.  There are only two pieces out so far so I don't think it will be too hard to catch up.  Here is Marquoir de Francoise offered here on Tresors de boites a couture.

I was partaking in a local round robin.  I can't show much of it yet, but will be able to show pictures in a few weeks after I've given it away.  It is a thank you gift for someone from a group of ladies, and after stitching they sent it to me to finish up.  Wish me luck!!  It's going to be interesting for me to finish, I have a few ideas, lets see how they work out...

I have a confession...I was supposed to be working on Quaker Diamonds with Gillie as a SAL.  We were supposed to stitch on it on Wednesdays, and try to finish one motif a week.  I didn't work on it last week.  Fifty lashes with a wet noodle!!  Sorry Gillie, but hopefully this week I'll put my nose to the grindstone and get another one stitched!

I have another game this week...hoping the weather stays nice, I stay healthy, and everything else works out ok, and I will get to go!!  Wish me luck!  Even better....wish the Orioles luck..they did great in spring training, but haven't done so well since.  Let's GO O's!!

Off to get some stitching done!  Maybe a finish of the RR...Till next time...happy stitching!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Merrily I go around

It's been a week of ups and downs.  
UP- I've been getting a LOT of stitching done!
DOWN- I found out I have arthritis in my knee.
UP- I was able to stay home most days this week!
DOWN- Vertigo forced me to cancel a lot of plans.  That included missing opening day for the Orioles...a game I already had tickets too.  :(
UP- I had medication at home to help combat the dizziness!
DOWN- The medication makes me a little dopey so I've made some mistakes.  Can you spell F-R-O-G?

But...sitting quietly rested my knee too, so it has begun to feel ALOT better, and the Dr. said the swelling has gone down quite a bit.  Until today (when I foolishly moved around a bit more) things were improving.  So I plan to stay quiet the rest of today and tomorrow and hopefully by Monday I'll be back to my normal crazy schedule.

So....what have I been stitching?  Well let me show you!!

First off I finally got things worked out and received the patterns for the SAL Maryse is having on her blog.  I am really enjoying this stitch!!  I am using the recommended DMC floss she listed on her blog and am stitching this on 40 ct over two Light Exampler fabric.  I got the first four parts, but was only able to stitch two parts.  I'm hoping to catch up before the next part comes out...but we'll see.

Next up is Quaker Diamonds.  Gillie and I decided to have our own SAL with this pattern.  We agreed to stitch one day a week and try to finish one motif each week.  I had a wee bit head start on her and though it looks like I'm going gang busters on this one I know after this week I'll be going a wee bit slower.  I'm stitching this with Valdani thread on 32 ct over one.  Yep...glutton for punishment...LOL!

I started another SAL this week...I have stitched this designers SALs before.  They are usually a mystery, but I have never been disappointed.  I was thrilled to realize I had all the floss and fabric already in my possession, and got started one night when I just needed a change of view from the other things I'm stitching.  I am stitching this on antique white 28 count over one linen thread using Anchor floss.  You can find the patterns for this SAL on this site.  Click hereJust click on SAL 2014 on the left side and it will take you to the information page with the patterns.  She won't have them up there for long so if you plan to do it, get the patterns before they are gone. 

I also started another Mystery SAL last week.  For some reason I have always had trouble printing off her patterns, and today I realized to my horror that I had made a HUGE mistake.  Part of the directions didn't print out, the part that says the banner of this piece should be stitched with one strand of floss.  The fabric count is 32 count and I am stitching it over two linen threads.  Who would think it would be stitched with one strand of floss???  So...I really need your opinion.  This isn't a very good picture but hopefully you can give me your opinion.  I have only stitched two colors, but I've spent probably at least 10 hours on this...should I tear it out and restitch what I've done?  Should I finish the castle in two threads and stitch the other motifs with one thread?   Or should I just finish the rest in two threads?  You can click here to see the picture as it should look and tell me.  I could really use your opinion.  For now I'm putting it on the back burner until I decide...*sigh*.

I've worked a short time on Spread the Love of God by Lizzie Kate and I'm loving this pattern.  If I didn't have all those SALs to catch up on I'm sure I'd have this finished by now!  

In fact I would have been farther along if I had remembered to bring my floss with me one day when I was out running an errand and I knew I would have time to stitch.  I grabbed everything but the floss for this pattern...WHAT WAS I THINKING???  LOL  I happened to have everything to start another

I started In the Meadow even though I didn't get too far, I feel like I accomplished a lot considering I had a lot of counting to do to get to this point.  I love this one...I'm stitching it on Scuppernog 40 ct fabric over two (No...NOT one..believe it or not I'm not THAT crazy!!) using the recommended hand dyed threads.  I guess this will be my "travel pattern" now...LOL

And I guess that's all the news for now.  I'm sure my stitching will slow down beginning soon I'll be getting physical therapy on my knee.  I'm looking forward to getting it a little stronger and getting out and going on walks.  I truly need to lose weight so if I can get moving soon that will be all the better!!  And I promise if the world doesn't stop spinning I'll get that checked out too.  I truly am tired of all the doctors appointments, I have some LIVING I want to catch up on!!  Okay...I'm off to get more stitching done.  Please don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what I should do with the PR SAL.  UGH...the thought of frogging all that makes me want to chuck it in a corner!!  Thanks!!  


Sunday, March 30, 2014

SAL galore!

It's been a pretty crazy week...but the good news is that I have finally had time to get some stitching done.  A feat I may not be able to repeat next week...

Let me start with my TUSAL or totally useless stitch a long.  If you are curious about this and want to know what we are up to check out Daffycat's blog and she will explain.  We are collecting orts...why?  I think it's a great way to show how much stitching you've been getting done.  I didn't think to separate out the threads for just this month, so I have all the orts (old ratty threads) since the beginning of the year.  I added some snowman salt and pepper shakers as decorations because even though it's supposed to be's still snowing.  Even today it snowed enough that it made the roads a slushy mess at the mall, and it's still snowing as I type.  How can this be?  Tomorrow is opening day for the Baltimore Orioles...the boys of summer can't play ball in the snow, can they?  Anyway, here's my TUSAL...

I have to was an unwritten rule that we were supposed to be on a stash diet, using up things we had sitting around the house for projects.  I've fallen off the band wagon HARD!!  Scrolling through my favorite sites a month or so ago I discovered a Mystery SAL through Passione Ricamo and I just HAD to sign up.  I don't know what possessed me...then I had to have fabric, floss, specialty threads and beads etc.  I know....and the awful truth is that I haven't let the folks at Friendly Stitchers know because I know the abuse harassment good-natured teasing will never end.  Let's see how many Friendly Stitchers read my blog...LOL!!  Let the tattling begin!!  Here's my progress so far...

Here's another confession...I'm really a glutton for punishment aren't I?  I collected all the "sheep virtues" from Little House Needleworks last year.  I decided I wanted to stitch them all on banding and make a banner of them.  Before I could find the banding I wanted, I saw them all stitched in a "box" shape with another piece stitched in the middle on Facebook.  I searched until I found the pattern they used in the middle (Sheep in the Meadow by Country Cottage Needleworks) bought the fabric and the floss and yes...I started it this week in a weak moment.  I told you I fall hard when I fall off the wagon!!!  Here's my progress.  I'm stitching this on 28 count over one...I know...glutton for punishment...LOL

Gillie and I decided to start our own SAL to keep each other on track and try to finish up this lovely pattern from Rosewood Manner called Quaker Diamonds.  I don't remember the name of the fabric (I'm pretty sure I used the fabric they suggested, but I'm stitching it over one linen thread instead of two).  I'll be working on this on Wednesdays (though this coming Wednesday is going to be insanely busy) and hoping to finish one motif a week.  Wish us luck!!  Here's my progress so far...

I'll leave you with a shot of Marsha this week.  Astrid and I have been traveling in different circles lately.  We strong-armed a visit in Friday just so we could say hi, and Astrid could show me the newest member of her family.  I'm not sure what she named him yet, but Marsha has a new companion.  He's slightly bigger, and squeaks LOL!!  But I think they are going to be best buds just like Astrid and me!  Here they are reclining on her Trick or Treat Fairy that she worked so hard on!  Isn't she lovely?  

Gillie has signed me up for another SAL and as soon as I get the pattern I'll be starting that up as well.  I know...glutton...LOL

Off to snuggle up and get warm, it's definitely chilly today.  Hopefully it will be a bit warmer's opening day for the Baltimore Orioles, so I guess you'll know where I'll be!!  Let's Go O's!!



Monday, March 24, 2014

It's about time...

Well, I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post.  YIKES!!  Where does the time go?

The past couple of weeks have been slightly controlled chaos around here.  I started a new Woman's Bible study, I started a new cross stitch chart (I call it my travel pattern, because it's small enough to keep handy when I'm going someplace to stitch), I'm about to start TWO SALs which are both rather large, I agreed to stitch along with Gillie on Quaker Diamonds once a week, I signed up to work with middle school girls one night a week with the youth group at church, and I talked my husband into doing a Beth Moore Bible study which includes homework five days a week along with the hour long video session once a week.  Thankfully I finished up an exchange with Friendly Stitcher's and got that sent out in time before I left for a 4 day weekend with my husband...a little R&R after our 5 week long separation while I was in New York taking care of my Mom.  I'm behind in making crosses for church, and I still have gifts to buy/make for my St. Michaels weekend coming up in May.  Have I bitten off more than I can chew?  Probably!!  Do I have time to search for a job, since we could really use a little extra income?  Definitely not!!  Is my life going to be rich and busy and chaotic and joyful and insane...Most Definitely!!  Am I beyond exhaustion?  Well...maybe not beyond, but getting close!  LOL

I haven't had much time for stitching the past week.  I did start the travel one I mentioned before.  It is  a Lizzie Kate pattern, called Spread the Love of God.  I had to laugh once I got started.  The verse says Spread the Love of God through your life.  Use words when necessary.  The only how the words are laid out, it looks like it says Use swords when necessary.  My husband and I got the biggest giggle out of it.  Here's what it should look like finished....

and my feeble attempt at a start...

I sent off my exchange last Monday and it was received by my partner while I was away.  Here is my first attempt at finishing a flat fold.  I thought it turned out nice, and loved it so much I was reluctant to send it off.  I can't tell if my partner liked it or are a few pictures of what it looked like...

I received a lovely ornament in exchange from Meari.  She admitted she liked the piece she stitched as well and would have liked to keep it for herself.  It's beautifully stitched and finished and I will find the perfect place to display it once the dust settles around here!  It is stitched in my favorite colors too.  I really do love it!!  Thank you so much Meari.  I hope you weren't too disappointed with what I stitched for you!

So...You met Marsha a few entries back.  She has been on a few adventures since I last posted her picture.  Last Wednesday she started out on an almost week long is what she's been up to this past week.

She started out going to a dinner theater with my husband, and another couple.  It was a good time there at Toby's...can you tell what we saw?

We spent a chilly day at Astrid's helping her frame a picture for a gift for a friend, so Marsha was toasting herself a bit by the fire...


Then we took a little trip down south.  Here she is relaxing at a few places...

sailing the 7 seas...

making history with George Washington...

and enjoying some very good restaurants!!

A good time was had by all...I can't wait to see what Masha's next adventure will be...stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marching right along...

It has been such an unusual March...with the month starting out with a significant, snow, rain, thunder...I can't get over the weather.  Now tomorrow it's supposed to have a high in the 70's, the  next day a high in the 30's.  Crazy, crazy weather.  AND...they are expecting 6-12 inches of snow in Norther New York where my Mom lives.  I'm sorry the weather will be bad there, but so thankful I'm home where at least we aren't expecting snow!!

I've been stitching here and there...working a wee bit on Renouveau...this is being stitched over one linen thread, and with all the large areas of concentrated stitching, it's been a little difficult...but I still like the way it's coming out.

So today I picked up Quaker Diamonds just for something different.  I am stitching this over one, against their advice of stitching the motifs and larger letters over two and the smaller letters over one.  Instead I am backstitching the smaller letters.  Any comments?  I'm not sure if I like the smaller letters, I'm thinking of just leaving them out.  Any suggestions?

I need to get my act together and put my exchange piece together.  I just haven't had time to get out and get the materials needed to put it together.  I really haven't had the heart to stitch much lately either.  I guess I'm losing my mojo...

Hopefully I'll have more to report soon...till then, happy stitching!