Sunday, August 24, 2014

Muddling along...

Oh yes, I'm ticked at myself!!  I wish I had thought to bring my camera yesterday!!  It was Market Day at our LNS, so Astrid and I managed to meet up at The Stitching Post to have a look see, and a little ladylike drool over all the lovely new things that just came out in Needlework Land.  We ran into two fellow stitchers and decided to have lunch at Peace a Pizza afterward.  Did I think to take a picture of all of us yesterday????  NO!!!  What was I thinking??  Did I think to take a picture of the newly opened dessert shop attached to our favorite pizza joint?  NO????  And I call myself a blogger...pshaw...shame on me!!  Anyway it was a fun afternoon chatting away with Danielle and Jill and Astrid.  Good times!!

Did I buy anything?  Silly question!!  But I only bought one thing though a few things tried to jump in my basket.  I was the model of restraint.  Was it because my husband was with me...NO!!  I was good all on my own.  And a few well chosen words from Astrid...LOL  She likes to keep me on the straight and narrow!!  Here is my purchase...

It's been weird here at DJ's digs...strange things brewing...and too much going on to get much stitching done.  I did manage to finish this LHN piece for on of the team members who just returned from Africa.  I hope she likes it!!  I'm unsure how to finish, but maybe a pillow would be nice...if only I knew how to make them.  But...a flat fold would work too I suppose...I'll have to give it some thought.

I've also started an ambitious project for me.  I've decided to make an afghan.  Here are some of the blocks I've finished so far.  These blocks are 3 inches square.  They will make a flower design surrounded by off white squares then solid squares of green and light purple.  I know it doesn't sound like much at the moment, but I'll try to show progress on it as I go along.  For now I've finished up all the half squares, so now the solid squares should go much faster.  Crocheting is nice because I can take it along on road trips where it's hard for me to cross stitch in a moving vehicle.  We have a big one coming up soon, so I look forward to making some huge progress then!!

Last, but not least, here's progress on the SAL from Au Point de Croix.

I have been keeping up with this one, thankfully, but am falling behind in Marquoir Francois.  Hopefully I'll get back in the grove with that one soon, as it really won't take long to catch up.

And that is all the news that's fit to print!  Wish me luck as I'm off to sign up for a Fantasy Football League today.  I'm calling my team Tickled Pink Power....somehow pink and football don't really seem to go together.  I'll let you know how that goes...haha  Till then...happy stitching!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Missing in Action

Hi folks!

Sorry I've been away for so long, I don't know what is happening, life is on full speed ahead and I'm jogging to keep up.  Not an easy task for someone like me!  

Not a lot of stitching going on around here, but here's a shot of a few things I've been working on...

This little owl was fun to work on, but seemed to take ages to finish.

 This is a Christmas ornament, from the back, blurred so the recipient can't really tell what it is.  LOL  Yep...just had to show that I actually stitched something!!  It's also so you can see that I finished two "Christmas" pieces this month, the other was "In the Meadow".

I've also been working on another SAL, but don't have any pictures to show just yet.

Lots going on here, and I've been away from home a lot, unexpectedly.  Not all of it fact I was invited to a cousin's wedding in Pennsylvania a couple of weekends ago.  What a lovely time we had, reconnecting with family we haven't seen in a while.  

Preparing for the wedding, I found a little album they could later fill with pictures, but I found wedding quotes and filled it with some unexpected "bonuses".  It took me days to complete this little "gem", but I hope they find it useful...and truly it was fun putting it together.

We met up with my Mom and Sister a couple of days before...

 This little duck awaited us on the bath tub of the place we stayed....all the comforts of home!!  LOL

Then met up with a few of my cousins on the day of the wedding.  The Bride ...

And her family...

The view from the chapel, the ceremony was held at Hickory Run State Park.  Lovely scenery!!

It was a fun day...I have a quirky family who likes to ham it up...

Oh sorry...I didn't mean lunch...

Here are are before...

and here we are behind...

My cousin Judy and I get together more frequently than the rest of my family.  She sent me Marsha, so of course, Purple Dottie and Marsha had to have pictures taken together.

Just hanging with  my peeps...LOL...

What I loved about their reception, is a friend of their's had an ice cream truck.  They drove it to the property, parked it, and offered all kinds of lovely concoctions for dessert.  Marsha had a Sundae, with hot fudge and peanuts.  YUM!!

Their back yard is pure heaven...serenity at it's finest.  I leave you with a parting show of the pond ... where kids were swimming and catching fish during the reception.  It was a perfect day! 

Have I mentioned that the Orioles are on a hot winning streak?  My son decided to celebrate the latest win by doing this...a w for a win...

It stayed on long enough to get a picture...then he shaved the rest off.  LOL!!

I nearly forgot we celebrated our Anniversary two days later...we got a flat tire on a very busy highway on Sunday and after calling AAA to change the flat, then driving to Walmart to get a new tire, the whole day was eaten up...not to mention all that waiting put us hours behind schedule, so we decided to stay the night near Lancaster.  What a way to mark our 30 years (yes...I said THIRTY years!!  You know he has to be a saint to put up with me THAT long!!  LOL) of marriage.  So I say, here's to thirty more, honey!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Better late than ever...TUSAL

Seems lately I'm on a dead run to catch up!  LOL  But I guess it's better to be late than not to post at all...

So here is my picture of my ort collection this month.  Yep...I did get a lot of stitching done!  Yay me!!  LOL

I got a little more done on Royal Garden...just a tad...but it takes so long to do so little, that my brain needs a break in between!

I decided I wanted to work on something with big holes, something fun and easy to do, so pulled out this buttons and beads kit and started working on this owl.  Isn't it fun??

I finally finished this Little House Needleworks In the Meadow pattern.  I just love this, and I think I'll count it toward my "Christmas stitching" for next month!

The latest pattern from Maryse just popped into my inbox, so I've been stitching on that today.  I love keeping ahead of my SAL's!!  Hopefully I'll finish either tonight or tomorrow.

Over the weekend the Orioles had a blood drive at Oriole park.  We showed up a bit early and had lunch at Dempsey's.  I love this restaurant, not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is so much fun!  We ate near the beer taps, so I just had to take a picture.  I think it's hilarious that the taps have Dempsey's head on the beer that is brewed for his restaurant.  I haven't had any, so can't tell you if they are good or not, but I will say this is a popular spot, so something must be done right!

Ben signed me up for this blood drive.  I gave a double red.  I guess you could call it fortunate that I'm the right blood type to give a double red.  They separate twice as many red blood cells out, then pump the serum back into you.  So...yes, you are a bit anemic when you are finished, but you aren't as dehydrated, so in a way you feel better.  You just have to take it easy for a few days afterward.    I do feel privileged to give, as DH cannot, he was in Europe during the mad cow outbreak and they won't allow him to donate.  But after signing me up, then Ben couldn't donate as he was sick last week.  Somehow this just doesn't seem right!!  Oh well, I have two Orioles tickets and a t-shirt to show for my troubles.  Anyone want to join me for a game??

And on that note, I'm off to get some stitching done.  Happy Stitching!!