Thursday, March 12, 2020

Is it just me?

UGH!!!  What is going on in my head???  I have had so much trouble stitching on Creation!  I think at this point I've frogged more than I've stitched.


Ok.....I am feeling stupid because I can't figure out the directions to this chart.  That causes me to stitch and frog and stitch and frog.  Maybe it's the language barrier (Tempting Tangles is a British design).  Maybe the directions need to be clear for this tiny brain of mine.  I don't know but I do  know I want to cry this is so frustrating!!!!!  I finally gave up on the specialty stitches and just cross stitched...then I made a little headway.  And here is where I stopped last night on Creation.

I wish I could just rant and tell you all the craziness that is happening in my life right now, but you would think I need to check into the nearest psychiatric ward.  Suffice it to say, it's been a bad week, month, year and chock it up to that.  I'm off to bury  my head in the sand until it's time to run errands tonight.  Maybe after that I'll get some stitching done!  Happy Stitching Y'all!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I hear you over your rant!
I think you need to take a few lessons in self-care and cut back on some of the commitments you have.
Schedule "down time" and alone time too.
Also, if you need any help translating the instructions, I speak fluent English :-)

Julie said...

Wishing you a quieter time to come with lots of stress free quality stitching time (hopefully).

Robin in Virginia said...

I think you should put this piece in time-out as it doesn't sound like you are enjoying it. Sending you a hug and good thoughts!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Sometimes it is best to put down the needle and pick up a book, or listen to a piece of music .... life can overload us all and we presume our loved pastimes will help but they can often give more pressure. Look after yourself x x

Katie said...

Sometimes pieces just aren't meant to be. Pick up another piece that makes you happy. I know you've posted quite a few. Breath. Life is crazy right now. We are here for you.