Monday, August 2, 2010

Crazy Cat

I am still chuckling even though this happened last night. We have a crazy cat. That's all I can say!! He is constantly giving us the giggles, unless he is chasing DH, and even then he gives us the giggles (DH doesn't think he's funny though LOL) Doesn't he look like a one legged cat? LOL

DS, as you know, spent the week in Washington, DC at the National Student Leadership Conference. He is still telling us stories of his week, which sounds like it was a lot of fun. They visited several government agencies (to which DS refers them to as "undisclosed locations" Sounds very Roswellian doesn't it?), a few different Smithsonian Museums, amongst other things. They did some role playing of a national crisis scenario in which they designated different roles to different students (DS was the Vice President). When I asked what he did for his role, he said "All I did was write and deliver press releases." LOL (I wondered if most of them said "No comment" as I know how much DS HATES to write papers!!) I guess that's about right what the Vice President does...deliver press releases! And at the end of their scenario they ended the crisis peacefully. Whew! Ok, I think if DS ever runs for office, I'll vote for him. I want every crisis to end peacefully!!

Wow, sorry, chemo brain took over for a minute. I WAS writing about Thomas. Ok, back on track! I said what I did in the above paragraph because DS packed a huge back pack (reminiscent of DH's ruck sack that he used to take to the field with all his gear) to take on his trip. He was unpacking it last night and then threw the empty back pack on the couch. It was only there a brief second when we heard a strange noise and when I turned my head it looked like it had come alive. It wiggled and jiggled and finally came to a rest. Cautiously we crept toward the seemingly alive "luggage" and peered inside, and this is was we saw.

Yes, our crazy cat had crawled inside and made himself comfortable. I think he was wondering what all the hype was about when the flashes kept going off in his face. We finally left him in peace once the paparazzi session was over. Oddly enough he didn't stay in there long afterward. It may have been because when DS packed to come home, it was all dirty laundry. I'm surprised he crawled in there in the first place...but then cats don't seem to mind smelly places as much as we humans do. LOL .

All's well that ends well. We let the cat out of the bag. LOL *Hugs*


Edy said...

So glad that DS had such a great time in DC.

Terry said...

That's so funny and cute! Glad your DS had such a great time on his trip. Love the kitty!