Sunday, August 29, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Good morning!

I was lying in bed last night thinking (dangerous, I know!!) about my week, and my life and how God has been there through all the trials and I was thinking how richly He blesses us each day. I'll admit I've been staying away from my blog on the bad days on purpose. I think in my head that no one wants to hear the discouraging stuff, or the ugly stuff that accompanies this disease. And I certainly don't want to remember it either! LOL What I do want to focus on, is how tenderly the Lord takes care of us, though we sometimes have to reflect on the little things to see it.

As I was lying there last night I started thinking about the week. How each day presented it's own challenges, but a few times during each day, I would receive phone calls. Phone calls from people I hadn't heard from in a while. They would each tell me, and I thought this was funny, how they had been a "bad friend" to me lately. They felt sorry they hadn't called me in a while. To be honest, who has had time? I haven't been here very often myself!! Anyway, the people who have been calling have been relaying stories of their summer, or remembering stories from our past and "tickling me pink" with laughter. I can't tell you how good I feel after a good "belly laugh"! So after this week full of "YUCK", I've also had phone calls of hysterical laughter. What better way to heal the sick? We all know laughter is the best medicine! As I was reflecting on my week last night, it dawned on me that those phone calls were strategically placed and timed in such a way that I had time to talk to them, we remembered happy times together, no phone calls overlapped, I got at least one phone call a day, sometimes more, and each one was the perfect length! Has God got timing or what??? Even though I was feeling like "yuck", I never felt abandoned, that people had forgotten me, so there was no time for a pity party. Isn't that amazing? God is sooooooooo good!!!

On that note, I have to tell a story that I was reminded of last night. A dear friend from college days called last night and we started talking about an incident that happened in chemistry lab. DS is taking chemistry this year and talked about the "chemical shower" they have in their lab room. It sparked a memory and when Ellie called last night I asked her if she remembered the time we tried to "blow up Hudson Hall". We were in bio-chemistry class just before and had been passing notes back and forth, and the last note was sent was "Well, it's time to "blow up" Hudson Hall" meaning that we were heading to lab class next. Our experiment that day was on distilling alcohol. We had an elaborate mess of glass tubes and rubber hoses all set up just as our book had told us to do. But!! And who would think this was important? When we went to get some of the "accessories" to set up this elaborate mess, we had to substitute a few things because not all of the "parts" were there. For example, we had to substitute a cork stopper instead of a rubber stopper. What difference would that make? *shrugging shoulders* Well, we had a thermometer stuck through the cork that was hovering over the bottom of a beaker full of acetone that was strategically placed over a flaming Bunsen Burner. As the acetone started to boil, it caused the cork to expand and that heavy thermometer suddenly slipped through the cork, breaking the bottom of the beaker, pouring acetone (did I mention how HIGHLY FLAMMABLE acetone is?) over the flaming Bunsen Burner. Hm...well now we had a flame thrower being fed by gas and accelerated by acetone. Of course the first thing I thought of was to turn the gas off to the Bunsen Burner, but guess what? It was on the opposite side of the flames from where I was. I turned to my lab partner and said "I was only kidding about blowing up Hudson Hall!!!" Fortunately our lab instructor was a volunteer fireman and he came to the rescue. I have to tell you I was minutes from rushing to that "chemical shower" in the corner and dousing the whole room in water! LOL Did I mention that the volunteer fireman was REALLY CUTE? My lab partner accused me of setting the fire on purpose so we could see his ripped muscles in action. LOL And you thought I had only become a Cheeky Girl recently. I've always had an appreciation for a well muscled man! *blush* We became known as the gruesome twosome after that. LOL Amazingly enough, the only "damage" we were responsible for was a broken beaker. WHEW!! I can only imagine what the cost would have been for the other equipment in that lab, not to mention a lecture hall in ashes. Ah....the good old college days. I miss them!!

Lastly, I wanted to share a little about DS the teenager. Do any of you have teenagers out there? Have they been reduced to one word answers to your questions? I know it's a phase but I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he fires these one word answers at me. It's pretty inventive. I wonder if he sits in school thinking up one word answers to dozens of questions I might pose to him when he gets home. Like....What would you like for dinner, hun? FOOD How was your day? GOOD What did you learn today? STUFF I'm serious when I tell you these are real answers to real questions. *sigh* But I was horrified to learn that DS is now taking American Sign Language as a course this year. I'm afraid those one word answers are going to be substituted with single motion gestures. It's going to be a quiet year. I was reduced to giggles though, when he told me he was multi-lingual now since he can speak English, Spanish, and American Sign.

And on that note, I'll bid you adieu. I'm off to fix some FOOD for lunch. Heaven knows what that will be. Hope he likes it...whatever that might be. Maybe I'll fix broccoli (he HATES broccoli) and that will be incentive to learn some gestures for his favorite food. LOL *Hugs*

Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally...some stitching!

Hold on to your seats! Yes, I've finally picked up my needle and thread and actually have some stitching to show you. *Fanning your face* Come on now, fainting....REALLY??? Has it REALLY been that long? LOL

So, are you asking yourself how I finally had time? Hm...well it's a combination of things. Let's see. I had to cancel two appointments this week to do it. Yes, it's been a very rough week. I'm not sure why, it's probably a combination of things, but each treatment seems to be a little tougher than the one before. This one seemed to knock me for a loop. I'm feeling a little bit better today than yesterday, so lets hope we're on an upswing now! In the meanwhile, when I've felt like it, I've pulled out my needle and have done a little stitching. It helps that DS is back in school and I have hours and hours of quiet peaceful time that I can devote to stitching. Don't you LOVE Back-to-school days? I have to admit though, I miss the big guy!!

I'm in LOVE with the Violet sampler!! Let's just say, I love working with silks. They were a little more expensive than I would have liked, but I believe they are worth every penny! The silk just seems to glide through the fabric, and seems to fill in the x's so nicely. It's been a trying piece with all the letters, but I've been working on them exclusively and hopefully when they are done, the rest will just be a piece of cake. I'm still missing two colors, but hope to get them ordered soon. Thanks again, Pat, this is a dream piece!!!

I've also avoided the "wet noodle" from the Friendly Stitchers by working on my UFO. I really adore this piece! I've worked on it one day each week for a few weeks to have gotten this far, I just haven't taken a picture in a long while, but here it is! I can't wait to finish this as I just love the colors. I took these pictures at night, so you might not be able to really see the true colors. However, I have to make hay while the sun here it is!

Ok, I'm heading back to bed. Whew, I can't believe how tired I am these days. Just taking a shower makes me weak as a kitten some days. On days like today though, when I'm feeling pretty yucky, I pull out my prayer list and pray extra long for others who are sharing some trying days themselves. It seems to put things in perspective and takes my mind off how I feel. Then one day, hopefully, mine and everyone's woes will be behind us all.

Hope the end of your summer is going well and that you are enjoying the last few days with the kiddies before they head off to school. *Hugs*

Friday, August 20, 2010

4 down, 4 to go!

Hi Folks!

My goodness this has been a busy week!! Where has the time gone? I swear the older I get the faster time goes, although sometimes it depends on the day/week/month/year we are talking about LOL Where do I begin? Uh oh, chemo brain has taken over.

Let's go back to last Tuesday. I had a great day!! As some of you know I belong to a breast cancer support group. I've met some amazing ladies and continue to meet more and more as time progresses (sadly because more are being diagnosed). Anyway, one of our ladies is moving out west to have the support of her family while she battles this disease. She organized a day for us to meet and have dinner to say goodbye. Here is a picture of us after our dinner.

We shared our stories, talked about our treatments (as we are all in different stages of our treatments), talked about our triumphs and our setbacks. It was joyful and tearful all at the same time. I made up cards for us calling ourselves the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Ta Ta's" LOL I hope the others didn't mind, I couldn't resist.

I know that Karen, who found her cancer in the most unusual way, would love to share her story, and as soon as I get her permission I'll share it here. Cancer has a way of hiding itself, and when I heard her story it sent shivers down my spine. God had a hand in getting her diagnosed just as He did in mine! I'm praying everyone will continue to get their annual mammogram!! Ok, stepping off my soapbox.

Wednesday the guys went with me to my oncologist appointment. Have I mentioned that I adore my doctor? When I first met him he immediately put me at ease, but he seemed a bit stiff. When I asked for a prescription for a hair prosthesis, I told him I was thinking about getting a pink wig. His face turned shades of red and he couldn't look me in the face after that for a while. I didn't think he had a sense of humor until this week. I guess one of the ladies in the lab offered him a pen. He asked her if it was a trick pen and she said no...but when he tried to use it he got shocked. He was explaining the story, chuckling as he told the story, then proceeded to knock his pen off the desk, then the kleenex, and said his thumb was still numb. I was the last patient of the day so he said he was going to keep me just a little while longer because he wanted to keep the lady late in the lab to get her back for shocking him earlier. I said..."So you're the type that doesn't get mad, you get even? I'll have to remember that!" LOL I have to say, a few other things happened too and I was in stitches after I left the office. He talked about bringing a whoopie cushion into the office but thought it might be too unprofessional. I asked if he was going to use it on patients, he said NO, that he heard enough whoopie from some of his patients without that device. LOL!!! Chemo does have that effect on you. I have to admit. *blush* Thankfully it hasn't happened in public yet, and I'm sure the public would be thankful to know that too! ROTFL!! I learned that I'll be seeing this particular doctor for many years to come, but now that I know he's a character, I just might have to act on this. *wink* We all need to keep our humor!

We went out to dinner after that, then saw a movie... "The Other Guys". My son loved it, DH and I had other thoughts. It did have SOME funny spots, but I was expecting more. That was a very long day for me, and I was really tired. But I slept the whole night through!! That was a treat for me!! Still I was tired for chemo the next day.

I love going for chemo with Miss M. She and I always manage to laugh our way through the day. It sure makes the time pass quickly! DS came with us too, and we kept him busy making him run back and forth to the snack machine getting us one thing or another. I was a zombie by the time I left though. Thankfully this is the last dose of these particular medicines. The next medicine I've been told I won't even need nausea medicine. Inside I'm jumping for joy!!! The next doses will be three weeks apart so in theory I'll have one yucky week, then two good weeks. If that's the case I might actually get some working days in. I'm excited to maybe be getting back to work. YAY!

I have made some progress on my violet sampler, and when I feel up to it I'll get some pictures and post them for you guys!

DS starts back to school next week. I think we'll both be happy to have him back in school. He's missed his friends and I've missed my peace and quiet! I've been thankful to have him around for most of my yucky chemo, he really has been great about helping out, but I think sometimes there's a little too much togetherness. We both need our space. So next week will be a bit of a breather for both of us.

Guess that's all the news that's fit to print. Have a great day!! *hugs*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random Acts...

Since my last post I've been overwhelmed with random acts of kindness. Where do I begin? I have to say, I cannot believe how kind people have been since this whole thing began. I've been showered with flowers and gifts and I feel so undeserved. It's humbling, but so uplifting at the same time, to think that people would go so far out of their way to show their love and concern, so hopefully when I say "Thank You!!" you'll hear that it comes from the bottom of my heart with great sincerity. You will have no idea how comforting and encouraging you all have been and you keep me going. Thank you!!

I mentioned in my last post that I couldn't wait to get to my LNS (The Stitching Post) to pick out threads and fabric to get started on the violet sampler. I traveled up there on Wednesday. I was able to get most of the Au Ver A Soie silk thread that it called for. I have to say, I've never worked with Soie d'Alger before and it's so NICE! I love silk threads, they just seem to glide through the fabric. I'm getting spoiled here! I love the pattern, but it does call for a lot of counting, so I think I'll only be able to work on this in fits and starts depending on when chemo falls. I'll have to have a clear head or my counting will be off. So here is the fabric (natural linen 40 ct over two) and the threads and my progress so far, not to mention a little stash enhancement!! Thanks again Pat!!

While I was there, one of my former co-workers was at the check-out counter and she said "Oh, I nearly forgot, I made something for you!" She turned to where some models were hanging on the wall, and took down this pair of scissors and the attached fob. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I cannot believe the attention to detail this gift called for and how nicely it is finished. Can you see the pink ribbon in the bird's mouth? I nearly cried. I laughed when I tried to hug her and she said she didn't want to hurt me. I've long since healed from surgery so you can't hurt me to hug me, Wendy, and I didn't know how else to thank you. You really did surprise me and words escaped me how much it meant that you would make this for me. Thank you!!!

Yesterday DH went to get the mail, and there was a package there from Australia. Nutmegg, my cohort in the cheeky girls club, had sent me a package. Nutmegg and I share the same passion for "fit men"....and we have expressed our admiration in one of the yahoo groups we belong to. Nothing wrong with a little "eye candy", right Nutmegg? LOL Especially if we can have them wait on us while we lounge on the beach in our imaginations. Anyway, Nutmegg and I have enjoyed our little escapades as the "cheeky girls" and she has been sending funny and supportive e-mails, visited my blog and left uplifting messages (and some cheeky ones as well) and has quietly gone about surprising me here and there with encouragement in one way or another. I haven't said this before, Nutmegg, but you ALWAYS put a smile on my face, just been such a source of encouragement on days when I needed it, and given me countless giggles. We've never met (I really hope to one day!!) but I feel very close to you in many ways. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for your gifts! She sent me a package full of really thoughtful gifts. She sent me some Camomile tea, a guardian angel pin, some Avon lotion, a bookmark, and a stitched card. I am overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness of this gift, all are things to bring me comfort, so very like Nutmegg!! Thank you doesn't seem "big" enough for how your gift made me feel. You are a blessing!!

I wrote in my last blog entry about things going on that weren't so pleasant. Thanks for the comments you leave. I'm glad we can laugh at some of the crazy things that have presented themselves during this process. If it weren't for laughter I think I would never survive. My friends have truly carried me along, when my family, who live far away, couldn't. I don't know where I would be without any of you. So thank you!! You have taught me to encourage others. You have taught me, through your example, how we should be blessings to others. I just hope the lessons I learn through this cause me to encourage and be a blessing to others. Another reason to Thank God for cancer. It's not always easy to look for the "silver lining" but when we do, we appreciate His greatness and goodness all the more.

And I'll leave you with this little picture of my crazy cat. It seems no box is too small where he is concerned. I don't know how he squeezed his body into this little box, but the look of triumph on his face says it all!! I wonder if that's how I look when I squeeze into my "skinny" jeans? LOL!! Nah, I think the discomfort I feel would show on my face. If I believed in reincarnation, I think I want to be a cat in my next life. LOL *Hugs*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Hot Momma!

Whew!! Yesterday was a scorcher!! Now I know that the heat has risen much higher in the mid-west, but mix it with the humidity here in the Mid-Atlantic states and you are asking for trouble. It may have only reached 98 degrees but with the heat index it felt more like 105...and with my internal heat index (adding chemo and an anti-biotic) I'm sure I reached at least 120!! Can I just say, I'm ONE HOT MOMMA!!

That being said, yesterday led to one interesting day. I have to say, my guys have been a constant source of entertainment. They are like the Key-stone Kops and if it weren't for their antics I think I would have gone round the bend long before now. Well, let me back up a bit.

I think I mentioned last week that I hit a bump in the road. When I went for my usual "fill up" at the plastic surgeons, I was presented with a temperature, pinkness and tenderness. They decided not to fill my expanders and gave me an anti-biotic instead. I was able to still have chemo, and all the lovely pills that accompany that (along with a HORRIBLE smelling and tasting anti-biotic). If you shake me, I swear I rattle!! Just getting that horse pill past my nose was a major accomplishment considering the nausea that follows a chemo treatment! I did my duty, stood my ground, gagged those monstrous pills down twice a day like a good little trooper. I had ONE MORE DAY TO GO!!! And I had an appointment yesterday with the plastic surgeon (who had been on vacation the week before). In the searing heat, hauling my buns out of bed before the break of dawn, battling rush hour traffic so I could wait for over an hour past my appointment time to hear the lovely words, "Let's extend the anti-biotic for another week". I won't go into the ghastly details of what anti-biotics do to me. Just know that I've suffered *hand over fevered brow in a dramatic pose*. LOL The thought of another week almost left me in tears. I could tell the poor doctor was trying to think of something else, however, chemo leaves you in a weakened state. He wants to make sure any chance of infection is gone. I agree, but I wish HE had to take those nasty pills instead of me!!! Well, at 10AM on a beastly hot day just wanting to drag my sorry behind somewhere and lick my wounds, that was only the beginning of my day. I still had another appointment with the physical therapist.

But first, DS decided he was hungry. So we headed over to the little cafe outside the physical therapy wing. Walking down the hall I could smell burnt toast. Oddly enough, it smelled good to me (chemo has seriously altered my taste buds and my sense of smell) and I was thinking some toast or an English muffin might taste good. When I got there the only thing that looked good was a Jimmy Dean ham, egg and cheese sandwich on a muffin. I forget they microwave these things, and it tasted like rubber. YUCK! So, on top of feeling queasy from the anti-biotic I had this hockey puck sitting in my stomach, just before I entered, *ominous sounding voice* THE PT ZONE.... *echo*

Ah...physical therapy. Should be called psychological torture. I'm telling you, I have seen three different therapists since my "therapy/torture" began and none of them have the same philosophy. One of them is into sadism I'm sure. She gives these deep tissue massages that make me ache for days. She stretches my aching arms past normal stretching limits (believe me my range of motion is nearly perfect!!!) just for the pure pleasure of watching my eyes tear up!! She fitted me for a compression sleeve which I wear as she asked. It's comfortable most of the time and I believe it is helping. Even my measurements have come down so it seems to be working for lymph edema.

The second therapist wants to wrap my arm. I've seen these wraps. They make your arm appear twice it's normal size. It's much hotter than the sleeve and seems cumbersome. Not to mention, draws quite a bit of attention to your "condition". She does lymphatic massage which really feels good!! And has a calm soothing voice, which almost puts me to sleep...not necessarily a good thing, but I don't leave in excruciating pain. The last time I saw her she misinterpreted what the third therapist had written and was excited about the prospect of wrapping my arm. I ran in terror from that appointment!!!

The third is by far my most favorite therapist. I made up my mind when I saw her yesterday that I'm only going to schedule appointments with her. She is willing to work with me with the sleeve, she mentioned that she wants to start exercises to help with increasing the amount of weight I can lift so I can go back to work. The previous two therapists have told me they didn't think I should go back to work in the frame shop because of the danger of possible lymph edema issues if I damage the tissue in my left arm because of all the sharp objects. However, that is my job, that is what I like to do, and if I want to and take the necessary precautions, why shouldn't I return to the job I love? I'm tired of them all contradicting one another and telling me I can't do what I want to do. Maybe I'm deluding myself, but this is what I want, so I'm going to do as this one says and get back to my life before cancer the best way I know how. HOWEVER, I think I scared her yesterday. LOL Remember the chemo/anti-biotic/heat issue? Well I think I didn't drink enough water yesterday either. And after my little round on the hand bike, I felt a little dizzy. She decided she wanted me to do some wall finger walks (using your fingers you walk your arm up a wall, and hold it for 30 seconds). I staggered over to the wall and started doing them, and suddenly these lights started clouding my vision. I headed for the nearest chair and sat, asking for a glass of water. And that is where my PT ended for the day. Let's just say, the heat got me I think. Or maybe it was the anti-biotics...or the Jimmy Dean rubber hockey puck...who knows. I couldn't wait to get home and get into bed. But that wasn't the end of my day!!

I leave the exercise room and return to the waiting room to find DH and DS trying to untangle DH's legs. I don't know what possessed these two to try this....but DH has always been limber and thin. He tried to sit in the lotus position (legs crossed, each ankle on top of the opposite knee). Well, not only did he succeed in getting into the lotus position, but, he got stuck there. And THEN his legs started to cramp. I walked into the waiting room, full of people with physical ailments that left many of them in pain and barely able to walk, seeing DS trying to pry DH's ankle off one of his knees so he could remove himself from the "pretzel" position. I swear, you can dress them up but you CAN'T take them out!!! If I had had any presence of mind I would have walked back out ignoring the fact that I knew either one of them!! Oh well, the comic relief was needed at that particular point in time. Hopefully they'll have both learned a valuable lesson. But I fear not!!

Finally headed home I thought my day was over, only to get to the pharmacy and learn that they were out of the particular anti-biotic that my doctor had ordered. Now, instead of taking one gigantic horse pill twice a day for 10 days, I was going to have to take three stinking smelly pills twice a day for 10 days. The dose was for 750 mg twice a day, but they only had 250 mg pills left. *Sigh* I tried to beg with the pharmacist, but she very kindly asked how I was feeling (they must teach this in pharmacy school when a patient appears to be having a melt down) and told me she hoped I would feel better soon.

Thinking I would be funny, I came home and wrote on my Facebook wall.... "I'm melting" *whined in my most convincing Wicked Witch of the West impersonation* to which my sister replied "Yep, that sounds about right". You would think that with all I have to endure that my family would have a sympathetic ear. What is it they say about family? You can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives. Yep, that sounds about right!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What a lovely surprise!

The day after chemo is usually the toughest day for me in my chemo treatment. Somehow my friend Pat must have known that because she sent me the sweetest surprise and it arrived yesterday...on my usually toughest day! I can't begin to tell you what that did for me, Pat! It changed the whole outlook on my day. Thank you so much!!!

I had seen this pattern while surfing the net one day. Violets happen to be my favorite flower and again Pat must have known this. She sent this lovely pattern (I can't wait to dig my fingers into this one!!) Knowing how I like to pick out my own fabric and floss she sent along a gift certificate to my LNS so I could get the materials to stitch this. Wasn't that a lovely gift? And arriving on the perfect day!! Thanks so much Pat, I'm stunned by your generosity and thoughtfulness!! My only wish is that our friend Sonya was working today because if I felt well enough I'd have my nose pressed up against the door at the Stitching Post at opening time with my tongue hanging out waiting to run my fingers through floss and fabric alike! It's been so long since I've been up there I wonder if they remember who I am. With my new doo they just might not recognize me. LOL

It's early here and my pictures seem a little dark because the sun isn't out all the way, but I wanted my friend to know how much I appreciate her generosity so here are some pictures for you to have a ladylike drool over. Thanks again Pat!! Can't wait till you travel to this side of the Bay so I can give you a huge hug! Take care....I'm going back upstairs to take a snooze and dream of stitching violets!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three down, five to go!

Whew...what a day!

Each chemo treatment is a new adventure! I'll be so glad when this is over!!! I wasn't sure I would have chemo today as I had a temperature yesterday. I saw the oncologist today and he said my blood work looked good and that he didn't see a off I went to have chemo. While I was sitting there (watching tv) a tornado warning flashed across the screen! EEEK!! For some reason it took 4 1/2 hours for this chemo session (it usually takes between 2 1/2 to 3 hours) but we were in a safe place when the storm hit so maybe there was a reason we were delayed. I've learned over the past couple of years that things happen for a reason and so try not to question when things don't go as planned. I'm just thankful that I was able to have my chemo on schedule and this session left me feeling a bit tired, but feeling good. By the time I left my blood pressure was down and my temperature had fallen to normal. The power of prayer is amazing!!!

Thanks for stopping by! You probably won't hear from me for a few days now, but don't worry....I'll be back soon!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

26th Anniversary!

Hi Everybody!

Today was our 26th Anniversary. DH spoiled me rotten, with cards and gifts, and a lovely dinner at Macaroni Grill. We had a lot of laughs with the waiter, sometimes I think people don't know how to deal with our sense of humor, but it's always fun to see their expression when we say or do something silly. DH asked for "a little" freshly ground Parmesan cheese. The waiter rotated his grinder a couple of turns and dropped about a teaspoon on DH's plate. DH looked at the plate then at the waiter and was patiently waiting for more, but the waiter was looking at DH to tell him what he wanted. I finally had to interpret the looks and say "When he says a little he really means a lot!", so the waiter dumped a TON of cheese on DH's plate, and then DH asked for a little more. LOL We all laughed. When the waiter left I said "Have a little spaghetti with your cheese?" I wonder if he actually tasted the spaghetti. LOL Later on the waiter came back and asked if we wanted a doggie bag. DH said he didn't want his spaghetti but could he have "a little" cheese to take home! The waiter said "sure!" and turned to head for the door, I had to tell him DH was kidding. Then we all laughed again. Living with DH is SUCH an adventure! LOL But I have to say this...he has taken such good care of me since all this began, shown such compassion and love, that I've fallen head over heals in love with him all over again. He's my rock! And that was the highlight of my day, I wouldn't change that for the world.
If the rest of the day had been a dress, however, I would have returned it!

I had two appointments today, one with the physical therapist, and one with the plastic surgeon. I had one of those conflicting days, when each person I talked to contradicted the last person I talked to. Normally I would let things slide, but having had a bad day yesterday (I felt like I had the flu! Chills, aches and hot flashes) I thought it was chemo related, but I took my temperature. Apparently our thermometer is NOT working!! Today I noticed some redness around one of my incisions. I mentioned it to the physical therapist. She didn't seem bothered by it. So after lunch, I mentioned it to the plastic surgeon. The nurse took my temperature, it was 100.2 Hmmmmm..... So they decided not to fill my expanders today (thank heavens because I was already achy) and gave me a prescription for antibiotics just in case and they want me to call the next two days and see the surgeon again on Tuesday. I stopped off at the pharmacy, and finally went home, used my NEW thermometer, and sure enough it was "stuck" on 97.6!! Ok, so I tried the old thermometer and it was now 101.7. HMMMMM!!! It had gone up 1.5 degrees in two hours. YIKES!! And I'm supposed to have chemo tomorrow! So I called the oncologist. I already had an appointment with him tomorrow morning but now I'm going in a wee bit earlier to have bloodwork drawn before I see him and hopefully they can find out what is going on. That explains why I had no energy yesterday, and why I felt like I've been hit by a bus. *sigh* In the immortal words of Roseanne Roseannadanna "If it's not one thing it's another" The nurse seemed to think it would be ok even if I did have a fever and we'd probably go on with chemo. There is something inside thinking this is NOT a good idea. But they know best...right? So...onward and upward! We'll see what tomorrow brings. So, if you don't hear from me in a while, don't panic! I'll be back when the yuck is over!

Take care! *Hugs*

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crazy Cat

I am still chuckling even though this happened last night. We have a crazy cat. That's all I can say!! He is constantly giving us the giggles, unless he is chasing DH, and even then he gives us the giggles (DH doesn't think he's funny though LOL) Doesn't he look like a one legged cat? LOL

DS, as you know, spent the week in Washington, DC at the National Student Leadership Conference. He is still telling us stories of his week, which sounds like it was a lot of fun. They visited several government agencies (to which DS refers them to as "undisclosed locations" Sounds very Roswellian doesn't it?), a few different Smithsonian Museums, amongst other things. They did some role playing of a national crisis scenario in which they designated different roles to different students (DS was the Vice President). When I asked what he did for his role, he said "All I did was write and deliver press releases." LOL (I wondered if most of them said "No comment" as I know how much DS HATES to write papers!!) I guess that's about right what the Vice President does...deliver press releases! And at the end of their scenario they ended the crisis peacefully. Whew! Ok, I think if DS ever runs for office, I'll vote for him. I want every crisis to end peacefully!!

Wow, sorry, chemo brain took over for a minute. I WAS writing about Thomas. Ok, back on track! I said what I did in the above paragraph because DS packed a huge back pack (reminiscent of DH's ruck sack that he used to take to the field with all his gear) to take on his trip. He was unpacking it last night and then threw the empty back pack on the couch. It was only there a brief second when we heard a strange noise and when I turned my head it looked like it had come alive. It wiggled and jiggled and finally came to a rest. Cautiously we crept toward the seemingly alive "luggage" and peered inside, and this is was we saw.

Yes, our crazy cat had crawled inside and made himself comfortable. I think he was wondering what all the hype was about when the flashes kept going off in his face. We finally left him in peace once the paparazzi session was over. Oddly enough he didn't stay in there long afterward. It may have been because when DS packed to come home, it was all dirty laundry. I'm surprised he crawled in there in the first place...but then cats don't seem to mind smelly places as much as we humans do. LOL .

All's well that ends well. We let the cat out of the bag. LOL *Hugs*