Friday, March 13, 2009


TGFO! (Thank God Friday's Over!)

I won't go into detail but I'm thankful that today is over! When I wrote earlier today, I thought it couldn't get worse...but it did! Let's just say that I'm going to bed early and putting this day behind me. I know how this little kitty feels! ROTFL. But tomorrow is another day and though it's going to be a busy one (I have to be at our church at 8 in the morning!) I'll have had a good night's rest to help forget today and let's hope there isn't another Friday the 13th for a LONG LONG while!
Good night everybody!

1 comment:

Gaga said...

I am sorry Friday the 13th was bad for you.
It turned out quite a good day for me.
Hope you can finish that particular spot in the Spot Sampler.
All your past projects are so beautiful.
I think I am doing all the SALS you are