Monday, March 30, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Have you noticed the older you get the faster time seems to fly? Sometimes I think the world is spinning faster and the clocks are somehow keeping up. I know I can't keep up, I think there should be more stitching hours in the day!

Life seems to be moving at the speed of light towards this weekend. Now if I was anticipating something fun this weekend, the hours would drag on, but since I'm dreading this weekend, I'm almost getting wind burn from the speed of time passing. Why am I dreading this weekend you ask? LOL This is the "Passing of the Torch" weekend. Hockey season is ending and Baseball season is beginning. I'm cursed...I mean live near two cities that have venues for watching these two great sports. *rolling eyes towards heaven searching for help* Being the only female in my household, if I want to spend "quality" time with my guys, I have to learn to appreciate their favorite sports. The final home game of the regular series for the Washington Capitals hockey team is Sunday. The opening day game of the Baltimore Orioles is on Monday. Saturday is the "Fan Fest" for the Baltimore Orioles, and Santa has blessed us with tickets for all three. yay (I think) LOL Ok, lets be honest here...I really do like those sports, I'd rather watch them then racing, or golf, they are much more exciting, and let's face it, they take a great deal of cerebral planning and agility in execution. Hockey CAN be a really graceful sport, if you can overlook the fights and other intense contacts that can be gruesome sometimes. Baseball is another sport that I at least understand. I'm hopeless with football, all I see are grown men jumping on an already out of shape ball. So at least they picked sports I'm willing to watch. It's just going to these games can be an excercise in patience and an education in curse words...LOL All I can say, is this weekend helps excuse my guilt for going on a stitching retreat in a few weeks. I sat through their games, being the dutiful wife and mother that I am, so my reward is a piece of heaven on earth when I go on the retreat! I'm suddenly not dreading this weekend after all, it's just one weekend closer to my sanity break! So.... Rock the Red! And Let's Go O's!

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