Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Gremlins are at it again!

Good Afternooon!

It's a lazy day in our house today. I'm glad because yesterday was a bit too busy for my taste. But one of the good things yesterday was....*drum roll* the strawberries arrived! DS was having a fund raiser and this time they were selling fresh strawberries. They are picked fresh and send immediately (according to DS) to HIS school! LOL! Oh the gullibility of childhood! But I do have to admit, they are pretty good! So, we've been enjoying strawberry shortcake, strawberries on our cereal, and strawberry fruit smoothies. Yikes, I think I'm turning into a strawberry! Another sign of spring, even if they are fresh from Florida! LOL

The big adventure of the day yesterday, was the alarm system in our house was having technical difficulties. Remember the Verizon incident with the TV and the wireless connection to the computer? Well now the gremlins have attacked ADT. I did learn some interesting things though...for instance, each and every entry point of our townhouse has a sensor, and each sensor has a battery in it, and when the battery dies a message is sent to ADT telling them we are not "secure". Now a battery can die at 6:30 AM, at 2:00 PM, at 8:00 PM, at 9:30 PM and at 11:30 PM, just ask ADT or check our phone records to see when we got our phone calls yesterday until we finally got a savy person on the phone who can turn off one particular sensor at the main office so we can get a peaceful night sleep! LOL I'm not sure what is going on with this particular sensor (I did run out and get a battery to replace the one in the sensor), but we'll be having one of those friendly conversations with the tech department soon, and perhaps a visit from a friendly repairman who can check/replace the sensor. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder if our house isn't ... how shall I put this ... well perhaps we are not alone in this residence. It just seems the oddest things keep happening. At 1:30 in the morning I heard a noise on the back deck. Now I don't know about the rest of your spouses, but my spouse (I expect it's due to Army training) will fall into the deepest sleep on the planet at the drop of a hat. It's nearly impossible to wake him up. Knowing in my mind that one of the windows is "unsecure" and that there are now noises coming from the back deck is not a comforting feeling. It took me nearly 10 minutes to wake him up and get him to go downstairs and check this out (chicken that I am LOL) Only to find our garbage can had fallen over in the wind. I think it would have been better to have ADT call us at that time then to hear noises and be spooked! LOL Ok Gremlins, you have my attention, but please stop with the scarey stuff! Just tell me what you want so we can all live in peace!

I didn't mention that we had trouble with our sump pump? About two months ago or more, our sump pump started up. Now it usually runs for a few seconds then shuts off. It's LOUD! Well one day it started up and wouldn't shut off. At first I wasn't sure it was the sump pump, I couldn't exactly figure out where it was coming from, so it ran for a few hours until I found the plug and unplugged it. We called for assistance and they sent out a friendly repairman who told us it was merely stuck, rattled it around a bit, charged us $89.00 and left. About a month later, it did it again, but we knew what to do. Since then it has behaved itself but I'm wondering what all the electrical weirdness is that is happening around here? And it's usually something "easy" to fix. *shaking head*

Other news....I'm still working on my spot sampler...and even finished two spots since the last known picture! Today I'll have to concentrate on my Christmas Quaker though! It's slow going though, between all the phone calls yesterday.

One last parting thought. DS and his friend found silly cat videos yesterday while goofing off and I thought I would share (what I thought was) the funniest one of all. You can find it here... If you like cats, or even if you don't, you'll find these entertaining (if not a little disturbing at some points). Have fun!

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