Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Welcome to my little corner of cyber space! After TONS of encouragement from ladies from the yahoo groups I belong to I finally started my own blog. Grab a comfy chair, a cup of tea and let's get to know one another! Since everything is new to me, I'm not sure exactly what I will put on this blog, but some of my interests are spending time with my family, cross stitching, stamp collecting, sudoku puzzles, reading and movies. I'm currently a stay at home Mom and from the looks of things that's not going to change for a while, though I would love to have a job that I wake up every morning excited to sink my teeth into.
For the ladies in my yahoo group, here's a taste of what I'm working on!

Above you'll find my spot sampler from Wiehenburg spot sampler mystery SAL (I am REALLY behind in this one!). The link to this one is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spot-sampler-mystery-2008/ It is stitched on 36 ct Clay over one using Egyptian Nights from The Thread Gatherer Silk-n-colors

To the right you'll see Grand ABC from Gazette 94. The link to this one is http://gazette94.blogspot.com/ It is stitched on 36 ct Natural linen over one using DMC 815 and DMC 3865

Below you'll find my Christmas Quaker from Wiehenburg Christmas Quaker SAL. The link to this one is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wiehenburg_christmas_quaker_2008/ It is stitched on 32 Clay linen over one using DMC 816, 3362, 898, 680 and Madiera Mouline 2401 (White)

I'm also working on Alla Turca SAL from Pelin Tezer available through Stitchers Heaven Yahoo Group. The link to this one is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StitchersHeaven/ It is stitched on 32 ct Black linen over one using Weeks Dye Works Tobacco Road.

The Carnation Quaker Mystery Sampler SAL from Wiehenburg is working up nicely as well! The link to this one is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wiehenburg-samplers/?v=1&t=search&ch=web&pub=groups&sec=group&slk=3 It is stitched on 32 ct Lambswool linen over one using DMC 815 and 520.

I have more that I'm working on, but this will give you a taste of what I'm doing. I hope I didn't overwhelm you! Please enjoy your stay and check back soon for more news!


Paula C. said...

Woohoo! Let me be the first to comment and say that I love all your WIP's!!! I would love to see links to the SAL's so also posted so if others want to join in they can. I think I will start the Grand ABC one as I found the link to it yesterday and I am not too far behind to catch up on it. I REALLY need to update my blog! Yours has a great start =) Congratulations!

Milly~ said...

Your blog is off to a great start DJ. You'll be a pro in no time..LOL.

Twana said...

Great job on the blog! You have some beautiful pieces of stitching in progress.

nutmegg said...

Well done DJ...welcome to the world of Blogging I love all your work so far, I plan on coming back on a regular basis just to see how your progressing....xo

Edy/Grandma said...

Lovely ....welcome to the world of Blogdom