Saturday, February 21, 2009

Go Hawks!!!!

Good Evening! It was an exciting day here today. No, I didn't accomplish any stitching but I did get to watch the second to final game of the season of my favorite basketball team, The Hawks! Are they a Maryland team? Hm... you could say that... Are they a member of the NBA? No, but one day one or two of them might be! They are in the Upwards Basketball league and my son is a member. He's the tallest one on the team and between his height and his long arms, it's hard to get anything past him. We call him The Octopus. haha They played a team that had one tie, one loss and won six games. They were very well matched and were psyched to play each other. It was a GREAT game, very exciting and full of bumps and jolts. The teams bounced back and forth as to who was ahead and who was behind, and in the final second of the game.........they tied! The second half was the most exciting, because they came back from their half-time pep talk ready to play! I must say though, that the opposing team got a little rambunctious 4 minutes from the end of the game, two of the Hawks players were injured, one even blacked out for a bit. If they weren't going to win, I was glad they at least tied after that. Anyway, there was great rejoicing! Even the refs congratulated both sides on it being the most exciting basketball game all season. This will be DSs fifth and final season (he'll be in High School next year and that is the cut off for Upwards.) There is one more game to the season next week. Keep watching this space and I'll reveal the whole story of the season next week. Till next time...

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