Sunday, February 22, 2009


After thinking about this a bit, I remembered that I did have my rebellion stage when I did stupid stuff as a teenager. Speaking of jumping off a bridge, when I was 17 I went rapelling. I call it my "dope on a rope" period. That's when I learned the value of my Mother's tirades about not doing things just because my friends did. I scared myself silly and am afraid of heights ever since...even a step stool gives me the shivers. Just to clarify things though, I was on a Girl Scout weekend, and there were trained Green Berets there teaching us the technique. It had snowed the night before, there was ice on the cliff, and I was wearing boots with no traction. Many factors leading to a disatrous first rappel. After stepping over the side and settling into what the soldiers called a "good position", my foot slipped and I was suddenly a** over tincups hanging in the air. I'll never be able to thank the person on valet enough when he stopped me mid air. Hanging there, away from the cliff, with slippery boots I was unable to flip myself over and had to wait for someone to come over the side of the cliff, draw near beside me, and flip me over. Feet back in proper position, he guided me the rest of the way down the cliff, where I kissed the ground and have left my feet remain there ever since. Later when I went to a organization day with DH's military unit, they were going to teach family members to rappel and were trying to get me to give it a go again. In my most authoritative voice, I respectfully declined stating "My Mother didn't raise no fool!" I only do a crazy thing once in my life, just to prove I CAN and then suffer the consequences for the rest of my life. Guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree after all. Ok, DS, I'm going to let up on you and give you one proverbial trip off the bridge just for education sake! (But don't expect me to watch!)

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