Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ultimately Challenged...

Good evening!  Hope you have had a good day!  I hesitate to tell you about mine...seems my days are full of craziness and if I tell you what happened today you may begin to think that I make this stuff up.  I assure you I don't, and believe me I would rather this kind of stuff happen to someone else!  LOL

I'll begin with the crazy for today.  I've decided to soldier on and try to accomplish the UCJC (ultimate crazy January challenge).  I've had this pattern sitting in my To Do pile for a while now.  I love this little pattern.  I had a giveaway back in October and had given this pattern away to Babs *waving to Babs*.  I decided I would like to stitch it and went back and found another one and got all the supplies.  It's been crying softly since and I finally got it started today.  It's a hardanger piece, so wish me luck because I've only ever done one other one!  LOL  I am stitching it on 32 count white linen over two and using the recommended materials.

Now for the interesting bits.  I was calmly minding my own business at work today when my cell phone rang.  It was DS and he sounded a bit flustered.  He asked if I could come home....right away...some stranger had rung the doorbell, and before he could get to the door, he heard him trying to open the door.  Silly me had hung a bow on the door and the peep hole was covered, so he opened the door to see if it was one of his friends...it wasn't.  The guy said he knew we had lived in the house since 2005 (not true) and we had switched from Comcast (also not true) and wanted to offer us a deal if we switched back.  DS told him we didn't want to switch, and the guy asked if there were someone else he could talk to.  When DS told him no, he realized that was a mistake...so he called me right away.  I was only 10 minutes away and came as quick as I could.  I saw the guy (he was wearing an orange coat) and as soon as he saw me, he began to run out of the neighborhood.  If he had been legitimate I'm sure he would have cornered me and tried to get me to switch cable companies...so I'm pretty sure he was up to no good.  DS also told me that right before the guy rang the bell the phone had rung and our caller ID said  "out of area".  DS doesn't answer those calls, and there was no message left on the machine.  I'm pretty sure he was after something, and I'm thankful I work close enough to home that I could come right then.  Of course I was the only one working in the store, and had to text my boss...all I said was "family emergency, going home".  I then locked the door and left.  I'm lucky to have such an understanding boss when it comes to family emergencies and illness.

We left shortly after that for a mad dash to my LNS for supplies for tomorrows crazy...dinner at Peace a Pizza, and basketball practice.  I'm beat!!  I'm headed to bed because I have a date with Astrid tomorrow, if I can get a halfway decent night's sleep tonight!  See you tomorrow!



Astrid's dragon said...

OMGoodness, way too scary! I just sent you an email but hadn't read your post. So glad you were able to get home when you did! Did you call the police?

Sleep in tomorrow and I'll see you when I see you!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of growing up down in Miami. Craziness indeed. So, No...you aren't making this junk up...I know exactly what you went through. I'm glad DS is ok, you're ok and all is well. (Take the bow down now =\ ) Also glad you have an understand boss, if not...their loss, cause nothing would stop me from running to my kids. And the pattern you are starting to work on is very lovely. XD

Mouse said...

oooo great pattern you will be fine ;)
and wow some folks have a blooming cheek .... take that bow down.... well done to DS for calling you and you could get there fast too .... love mouse xxxxx
ps have a great day with Astrid tooo :)

Nancy said...

Lovely stitching start!

Glad you were able to get home so quick! That guy was up to no good! We have had 2 break-ins in my neighborhood in recent months and the police have told us that the burglars will ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home and then make up a reason if someone answers the door. You should report what happened to the police and give them whatever discription you can of the guy you saw. It may help them to catch him, as yours probably isn't the first house he has tried to break in.

Nicola said...

That is scary, have you reported it to the police?

Sewsamplers said...

Oh, Deb, that is scary. So glad you could go right home. Ben was wise to call you. You certainly can't open the door to any stranger these days. Police should be aware of this happening. Thankful everyone is okay.

Veronica said...

Aiks! I'm glad that nothing untoward happened. That was scary! Lovely design, by the way.