Friday, January 27, 2012

Even more craziness...

Hello crazy fans!  Hope you are all safe and sound tonight...lots of weird weather going on all over the place.  It was a very mild day today, just a bit on the windy side.  I have a friend in Oklahoma, and we were joking on facebook today that if she threw a letter in the air, it would arrive here in Maryland in about 10 minutes via airmail!  LOL  All kidding aside, the wind really does stir up something in me, I really don't like the wind.  I'll be glad for a calmer day.  So, I hope wherever you are tonight, you are warm, dry and out of the wind.

I've had a busy past couple of days, but I've managed to keep on starting up new projects.  I must admit, it's been getting a bit harder to keep up with this challenge, and I fear I really won't finish all my starts within the year, but it's been kind of fun digging around and finding projects I bought a long time ago, dusting them off, and getting them started at least.  Hopefully this will put me on a stash diet for a while and make me think twice before I dash off and buy something new.  Ha...I can hear you laughing from here! Ok, so THAT'S wishful thinking, but a girl can hope, can't she?

Ok, with that in mind, here are my most recent crazies...

Number 24 is the Traditional Band Sampler being offered on the Friendly Stitcher's yahoo group.  I've decided to stitch mine on 32 count Ivory Jobelan over one (yes I know I'm a glutton for punishment, but I just can't seem to stop myself...LOL)  I'm using some leftover Carrie's Creation silk called Epiphany.  I love this stuff and I'm so glad I found something else to use the leftover on.  This has been a joy to stitch!

Number 25 is called Winter Forest from Little House Needleworks.  It is one of the ornaments from last year.  This is being stitched on 30 ct Cocoa Weeks Dye Works fabric using the recommended DMC floss.  I seriously thought I would have finished this that day, but as I was sitting, stitching, waiting for DS who was at Youth Group at the time, I was invited into a Bible study on Humility...and just how was I supposed to turn that down without sounding like a snob?  Truth is, I really enjoyed sitting in on the study and will probably go back next week.  But I digress...on with the stitching...LOL

Number 26 is called The Three Wise Men from Blackberry Lane Designs.  This is being stitched on 36 ct Summer Khaki Edinburgh over one using the recommended DMC floss.  I wish I had had more time to stitch on this last night.  As it was, I had an extremely busy day and didn't get started until late last night, and then I was too tired to get much stitching done (and most of the time I spent counting!!)  This is going to be a challenge, please wish me luck on this one!!  I do love the design though!!

Number 27 was started today and is called The North Wind by Little House Needleworks and is being stitched on 32 Vintage Tundra over two using the recommended Crescent Color threads and one DMC.  I had a hard time putting this down to come and write this post...but I figured I should do that as the next couple of days may be a bit busy!  

Tomorrow a former coworker of mine is coming by for me to give her a basic course in cross stitching.  Her brother is getting married and she would like to make a wedding sampler for them.  We always have a good time together, and I look forward to spending a little time with her.  Before that though, I have to run some errands, and afterward is church, so it's going to be a very busy day.

Sunday is going to be a blast I think.  Astrid and I are meeting up with some ladies we met in other yahoo groups and Miss D will be hosting a stitching day at her house.  I am looking forward to spending time with these talented ladies.  I'm debating on whether to take my camera along...some people really hate having their pictures taken.  Maybe I'll sneak it in there...we'll see.  So, watch this space, I still have a few more days to stitch up some crazies.  

Oh, one last thing, the meeting with the Plastic Surgeon went well, and as soon as I have insurance approval I'll be having surgery.  Next week will have a few more appointments while I get the ok to have surgery and fine tune what I plan to have done.  I'm trying to find a positive thing out of all this, and the only thing I can find is that I'll have a wee bit of time off.  I really feel like I've been through the wringer, especially during Christmas.  I rarely give myself a day off and I finally realized I'm going to have to schedule a day to myself during the week.  Chemo really took a toll on my body and if I'm going to keep up and keep my sanity, I'm going to have to make myself rest more.  So...if you don't see as many posts and things, I'm still around, just giving myself a break.  And on that note, I'm taking myself to bed.  Have a great night...and we'll see you soon with more updates!


Linda said...

Hi DJ. Love all your new starts. They are awesome. Glad to hear you had good news from the doctor.


Nicola said...

I love all your starts. I have stitched North Wind and visitors always comment when they see it on the wall.

I am so pleased all went well with the surgeon.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Mouse said...

oooooo just drooling at all the new starts and I'm doing the north wind one too ... and you've got further than I pfft
make sure you do schedule some time off for your self by order of the mouse house and enjoy your stitching day ... wish I could have joined you ... will be there in spirit ;) love mouse xxxxx

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I just love all of your starts, DJ! I'm aching to start something new after seeing all these crazy challenge starts this month. Plus I fell in love with a Drawn Thread pattern that I saw yesterday (A Year of Flowers) but I know I shouldn't buy anything right now. It distracted me so much I didn't even stitch yesterday! : ) LOL! BTW, I loved your comment on the humility Bible Study. That would have been a hard one to say 'no' to!! : ) Get some rest!!