Friday, July 30, 2010

For the Record...OUCH!

Hi Folks!

What a week! On top of missing my number one son (he'll be home tomorrow, I can't wait!!), I had another week full of appointments. I was feeling better from the last chemo, but should have taken into account that I would experience fatigue. Me...being me...decided to plod on because getting out in the evening felt so good at the time. I ended up missing an appointment on Wed (THEY canceled...not me) thank heavens, because I just ran out of steam! However, yesterday and today were physical therapy appointments where they poked, prodded, stretched, deep tissue massaged and worked over some scar tissue from surgery. Can I just say OUCH!?!? Then they took me to the "gym" and had me exercise on the hand bike and the weight lifting machine along with some band stretches. Two days in a row of that was a bit much because my muscles are complaining!! LOL I know in the long run this will help, I've been through physical therapy before, but not after surgery. That's a whole other animal. I've been good up to this point about whining...haven't I? Ok, I've had my whine, I feel better LOL Onwards and upwards...tomorrow will be a better day...right? RIGHT? Please say YES!!!

After PT today, DH decided he wanted to see a movie. We haven't been out in quite some time, so off we went to find something to watch. We ended up seeing Charlie St. Cloud. Ok, I secretly knew that Zac Efron would be in this movie, and I'd heard he had matured quite a bit as an actor. Not to mention HE TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT....*ladylike drool* I should be ashamed of myself right? I mean I'm old enough to be his Mother for crying out loud. Still, I'm not dead yet, and I couldn't help smiling at some of the shots of his fantastic physique. I held DH's hand at the appropriate time and cried in all the right spots so he wouldn't notice the dreamy smile on my face LOL. It was a sad movie, but I liked it...color me weird. I won't ruin it for anyone who is hoping to see it even though I'm dying to say something here. *biting tongue*

I did a bit of stitching on my UFO yesterday, the Rose Quaker. I worked mainly on some leaves on one of the roses. I wish I could correct this so you could see the colors in this pattern. I have to say, this is one of my favorites. So here are a few pictures so you can see how I got on.

I've had some wonderful surprise phone calls this week. It's great connecting with family and friends I haven't heard from in so long. It's kinda sad, though, that it takes an illness like this to get those phone calls to come in. Either way, they have brightened my day! Thank you Dianne, Wendy, Renee, Needleworker, Gillie, Sonya, Mom, Marc, Miss M, Miss D and the others who've been able to catch me at home. I hope I didn't miss anyone. You guys really brighten my day.

Ok, off to watch some TV and veggitate while I spend my last night childless. Even though I missed him, I mean REALLY missed him, it was nice to have DH all to myself for a little while. He's my rock!

And you guys rock! Thanks for reading. *Hugs*


Maureen said...

Glad you enjoyed the film - there is nothing wrong in appreciating a little eye candy! Might just have to check that one out myself lol..

Terry said...

Stitching looks beautiful! Sounds like you've enjoyed your kid free vacation but missed him so much too. I know how you feel and I never get a vacation from mine. lol I feel guilty when I get away for a few hours with my DH, but at the same time..... ;)

Can't wait to hear all about his trip and how much fun he had. Hint Hint! lol