Friday, July 2, 2010

Driving Miss DJ

I know, I know, two posts so close together. Can you handle it? I know you can!! LOL

Just had to BRAG that I got to drive today!! I took myself to the dentist, then came back and took my son an hour later! I think I should have stopped there. LOL It was nice to have that independence....I must say. I haven't driven since before the surgery on May 27th. It felt GREAT! Until...I think I tired myself out. *sigh* Ah well, this too shall pass. I had a few more errands to run after that, and now I'm tired, had to come back and take a nap. *Shaking head* Hopefully one day I'll have all my energy back...we'll see...LOL

The person in charge of referrals at my clinic called while I was at my dentist appointment to tell me she had given DH the wrong referral and asked what clinic I needed the two referrals for. She had gotten a note from my Doctor about them and realized her mistake. So...not only did I find my piece of mind yesterday, I got to keep it! Whoever is watching out for me from above deserves a HUGE thank you! (And thank YOU too if you were the one praying for that help from above!)

While I was there (and DS was with me) I asked if we could go ahead and get his meningitis shot. If looks could kill, I'd be a dead DJ today LOL. I told him to relax his arm, the nurse said she would give it to him on the count of 3...she said one and gave him the shot. I wish I had had a camera. The look on his face was priceless. I'm still chuckling as I write this. A complete look of surprise and shock came over his face when he realized he'd been "tricked". But he had to admit afterward that he didn't really feel much and was surprised how little it hurt. LOL!!!

I'm having an issue with ADT. We have had an alarm system on our house for years since the house next door to ours was broken into a few years ago. I lived in an apartment many years ago and got up one morning to find the doorknob broken and hanging by one screw. Thankfully the deadbolt was still in place. DH had gotten up one morning at the crack of dawn (Army training you know?) and had left. Thieves had tried to break in thinking no one was home. I still check and double check locks to this day. If the deadbolt hadn't been in place who knows what would have happened!?!?! Anyway, for some reason the alarm on our system keeps going off at weird hours telling us that our battery is low. We had someone in a week or so ago who was supposed to have fixed the problem. At 2:30 this morning the alarm when off and I think I'm the only one who hears these things. I had to make like a bread truck and haul buns out of bed to shut the stupid thing off. *sigh* Since then it's gone off twice more. ADT is sending someone AGAIN tomorrow to see what the issue is. I hope they fix it this time. That system gives me piece of mind at night!! And believe me, right now I need all the pieces I can get! LOL

Well, if you made it this far, you are a trooper! Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a very happy and safe 4th of July! *Hugs*


Joke said...

Yeah, I'm a trooper LOL! DJ, congrats on driving the car again, it's a great feeling to be that independent again. Take care, hugs,

Raven/Missy said...

Congratulations on driving the car! Woo Hoo, that's great!

I hope they fix your alarm system this time, waking up at 2AM to an alarm sounds very annoying.

I am glad to hear that the pathology report came back negative for the lymph nodes!


Terry said...

Hope you get the alarm squared away soon. I can't imagine getting my kids back to sleep if ours went off in the middle of the night. lol

Great news on the negative report!! Things are slowly falling into place for you. Keep your happy thoughts as it makes dealing with life's "little" setbacks. ;)