Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's Snow Place Like Home

Where do I begin?

The storm is finally over and according to the National Weather Service, we received 26.8 inches. It wasn't a record for this area, but it was only off by 2 inches! We have broken a record in the amount of annual snowfall for this area and there are two more storms on the way. So far this year we've received over 60 inches of snow!! They've given this storm two names so far...Snowmageddon and Snowpocolypse. I have a name too, but it's not fit to print! LOL No matter what happens...there's snow place like home!

We woke up to snow piled up against our doors and windows. I couldn't believe the scene outside the windows! I'm sure we got more snow than the 26.8 they officially recorded, don't you?

The men in my life have been a constant source of entertainment today. Between the two of them and the snow, I think they'll have to admit me to the nearest loony bin if the situation continues. I'm not sure when we'll be able to leave our subdivision as it's a wild mess out there and we don't have chains or all weather tires...Who would think you would need them in this area? Certainly not I! I used to think that DS was a chip off the old block, but today they proved their individuality. DS dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers and no socks to wander out and make a snow angel. DH dressed in layers, with thermal underwear, two pair of socks, plastic bags on his feet with snow boots, ski pants, a denim jacket and a ski hood/mask that covered most of his face too. Talk about Yin and Yang! LOL

Even Thomas (our cat) attempted to stick his nose outside, but thought better when he was hit in the face with falling snow. Me? I had the good sense to stay inside and keep warm! LOL

Let's see....the first thing that began my journey into insanity was my little darling DS trying to prove he is an angel. I hate to break it to you sonny, but this is NOT the way to heaven...unless you are planning an early departure due to hypothermia and your heart is in the right place!

With all the snow, we were afraid of the weight on our deck in the back yard. So...DH bravely went where no man has gone before (and left the footprints to prove it) to shovel off the deck. You can see the the snow was well above his knees. It took two hours to shovel a good portion off and there is still a lot of snow left.

Half way through his chore, he took a little break. Doesn't he look like a poor homeless waif. We should have propped a sign up that said..."Will work for food"!

Here are a few pictures of our neighborhood, you can see that the street, though SLIGHTLY plowed, only has one lane carved out. I'm sure it will be a few days before we are able to leave the subdivision! The snow was up to the swings at the playground, almost covered the fire hydrant (the little yellow cap you see is the tippy-top of the hydrant), completely covered people's decks and the only indication that there are cars parked on the street is the windshield wipers that people prop up when it's supposed to snow so they don't freeze to the windshields! LOL A newscaster today said the trees looked like they were dressed in their bridal gowns, and isn't it true?

Just to give you a little indication of the snow we received, take a look at this.

In the midst of the storm I decided to call my Mom in Northern NY to let her know we are still alive and kicking. All I heard her say was the sun was shining but it was a bitter cold. Hm...I guess I'll have to let her slide since the temperatures are much colder there. If she had told me it was a balmy 40 degrees I would have had to find a way to travel there and give her a piece of what little mind I have left! LOL

The only good thing to come from this storm, is that I'm accomplishing a lot on my Camelot Sampler (in between Wii games and cleaning up snow after the guys tramp in and out). I'll be posting pictures when there's sunlight out there so I can get a better picture. Hopefully I'll have a good portion of it done before I am able to venture out of our little nest here in the frozen tundra.

Hope you are all safe and warm wherever you are. *hugs*


Carol said...

That is quite a sight :)

Jo said...

Lovely photos, so glad we don't get anywhere near that amount!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wow - that's quite the snowstorm! Does look like good stitching time, though. So, whose dressing kept them out longer?

Tracey said...

I wish we would've gotten just a little bit- it's beautiful! I know you're ready to be out and about though!

The Pegster said...

This is crazy DJ - loved the pictures, especially the one with the snow piled on the window is amazing.

Mylene said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing them.

Babs said...

So much snow! so much family fun! so much shoveling and stitching! Does it get any better than that? Thanks for sharing, I smiled and grimaced more than once.
babs in wet alabama