Friday, February 5, 2010


Guess what!?!?!?! Well, no pictures, but I do have a few things to goes!

First of all...It's snowing AGAIN!!! Yes, we made the national NBC evening news tonight. Since we live just northeast of Washington DC, I naturally assume they are talking about us when they talk about the weather in DC. They have a name for the storm that is hitting us as I type...Snowmageddon! It is supposed to be record breaking! We are expected to get up to 24 inches in a 30 hour period, with blizzard conditions. The wind is supposed to pick up and we may even get 3 inches an hour at some point in this storm. They are estimating that 100,000 people will lose power in this storm...I sure hope that doesn't happen or I really will go stir crazy! Hopefully I'll survive this storm with my sanity (not to mention my roof) intact!

Secondly...guess who is also stuck in this storm? *chuckle* GILLIE!! I'm sorry to laugh, Gillie, and I know this might delay your trip back home, but I have to share what she wrote in an e-mail just the other day. "More snow? Where do they think this is? Michigan?" LOL We met up yesterday. Gillie graciously took time out from her visit in DC to meet with me for an afternoon. She is everything I expected her to be and more! I knew when we started teasing each other in the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group that we would get along famously and we did! I hope you are back this way visiting again soon, Gillie, and we'll take that road trip we talked about. Sending *Hugs* your way!

I have to share a website I found. For those of you who have caught the biscornu fever, I found this website the other day. There are over 50 biscornu freebies on this site. So toddle on over and take a look! (Click on the address and it should take you right there)

And now I'm off to work on my Camelot Sampler. I started the castle today and it's working up nicely. Since I'll be snowed in for a few days I'll probably get a lot of work done, so check back in a day or two and if the power stays on I'll have some pictures. Till then, stay warm and safe. *hugs*


Carelia said...
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Gillie said...

Ha Ha, Miss! I had to go and buy some boots this afternoon.....!

The Pegster said...

Well, the Snowmageddon made it all the way to Sky News in the UK - saw it this morning! Keep warm!...I still haven't had the courage to try a biscornu.

Mylene said...

Sounds like you had a great time with Gillie.
Keep safe and warm, here's snow over but still very very cold and slippery, there was so many accidents yesterday.

Amy said...

Thanks for the Biscornu link.

Stay warm and indoors. I am watching all this on TV from south Texas. I am thankful for the first time for our move from Ohio. ;) Been in this kind of a mess before. I feel for you. I won't tell you that it is going to be 60 today. I'll try to send some to you.

Have a wonderful day.