Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'll be working today, but I hope you enjoy your day with your special someone!

I feel especially spoiled because I received something very special at work yesterday. My Valentine sent me 18 roses!! I couldn't believe my eyes as I haven't received flowers on Valentine's day in a very long time. This year was especially sweet though, as my DH sent MY mother flowers as well. She called in tears when she received them, and was especially grateful as this was her first Valentine's Day without my Dad. How can you NOT love a man who is so thoughtful and caring as that. Just typing this I have tears in my eyes for his sweet compassion.

I've been busy at work (it was a 10 hour day yesterday) and I've been trying to play "catch up" after all those days off because of the snow. We had a lot of "last minute" Valentine's Day surprises to frame and thankfully for our boss, he had a financially productive day as well. There are days I wonder how he stays in business with the economy the way that it is, but thankfully there are still people out there who can still afford framing.

Even with all that going on, I had time to watch the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics (GO USA!) (I had to DVR it LOL) and stitch the next square in the ASAW. Here's a little picture of my Hedge Hog.

Ok, time to get ready for work. Hope your special someone spoils you rotten today.


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Babs said...

Hedgie is so cute, and I guess you just need to give your hubby a big hug from all of us for his extra special thoughtfulness to you and your Mom. He really is a keeper.
Sorry you have to work. Happy Valentine's day!