Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Broken record!

For fear of sounding like a broken record...We had another record breaking storm today!!!

This storm lasted 29 hours, with blizzard force winds that produced some whiteout conditions. If I can get outside tomorrow I'll take some pictures, but since it lasted 29 hours, I didn't have the heart to go out after dark and try to see what the damage was like. I have to admit, I'm getting sick of snow. And there is ANOTHER storm predicted for early next week.

The totals for this area today were 19 1/2 inches of snow bringing the seasonal totals to 79.9 inches. Since this season started we've had almost 80 inches of snow. That broke the record of 62.5 inches. I would love to give Al Gore and his global warming theory a piece of my mind!!! LOL

I know there are other areas of the country that have been having their share of winter weather and are calling us here in the Mid-Atlantic states wimps...but let me just say this...we are not used to having this type of weather. We are not equipped to handle this amount of snow. The fleet of plows they have here in Maryland doesn't compare to the fleets in other areas that get a lot of snow, not to mention that many of them have been vandalized recently. On top of that, we are getting storm after storm after storm within days of one another and there is no place to put the snow. They have begun dumping it into the Chesapeake Bay and especially in Baltimore, they are dumping it into the Inner Harbor. I grew up in Northern NY and have lived through a few blizzards. I remember winters when the snow was higher than the eaves of our houses. But the roads were always taken care of, they were able to "dig out" almost as soon as the snow ended. They cannot do that here and it is a nightmare. There have been a few deaths attributed to these storms. One person died in her home due to a fire that firemen couldn't reach her home in time.

On a more "personal" note...I'm a little worried about the store I work in. I went to work yesterday for 7 hours, it took me 45 minutes to drive 4 miles. When I got there I learned that the Safeway grocery store 3 doors down was closed due to a partially collapsed roof. Keep in mind that their roof and the frame shops' roof are connected!!! I could hear them shoveling off the roof as I was working away and also hear odd noises, it was nerve wracking...and all I could think of all day was that I had to drive home!! This most recent storm started an hour before I left work (5:00PM) and lasted until 8:00 PM tonight. Schools have been canceled for the rest of the week, and even DH has been home all week and will be home again tomorrow. I'm the only one that got out for a days' work! LOL

One good thing that has been happening though...we've gotten to know our neighbors! Seems that whenever we go out to shovel (keeping cars, decks and heating vents clear) our neighbors head out too. We've been gathering in the shoveled areas, talking about the storm and reminiscing about green grass and sunshine LOL. The kids have been sliding in the snowbanks, and having snowball fights, it's like a giant block party! One of our neighbors' husband is in England so we've been trying to keep her shoveled out while he's gone. He "accidentally" put their shovel in storage before he left the country! LOL They are originally from Texas and have no idea how to handle this amount of snow so we've been helping them out. Last night they graciously brought us brownies! (I'll be working those brownies off as I shovel off more cars and sidewalks tomorrow! LOL)

And my last comment for today...I think they should have moved the Winter Olympics to Baltimore Maryland! Either that or we should ship some of this snow to Vancouver, Canada! Something is wrong with the weather patterns...I can't believe it's warmer in Canada than it is here!?!?! Eh?


The Pegster said...

Yep, I've heard about Vancover having to ship in snow for the Olympics - unbelievable!

Robin said...

ugh.....I couldn't handle that much snow either. We live in Birmingham and they are predicting up to 1" and we'll shut down the city :-)
We're wimps in the south!!!
Hope ya'll warm up soon. But keep on stitching!

Amy said...

Don't miss the Ohio weather!!! I am starting to like south Texas. But when it is 105 with a 100% humidity, I am sure that it will change my mind.

Have a wonderful day anyways.

RuthB said...

Warmer in Canada! Oh dear, it is the end of the world. :) Good luck with the snow-- you are certainly allowed to whimper about it. But hey, enjoy those neighbors!

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Oh I hope you can stay inside and warm! The amount of snow is amazing!