Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good Morning Everybody and Top 'O The Morning to the Irish!
Well It's St. Patrick's day here in my household. That mean's everybody's wearing green, the corned beef and cabbage is simmering in the crockpot, the Irish Chocolate Mint Dessert (recipe found here is out of this world http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/stpatricks/irish-chocolate-mint-dessert.htm ) is resting in the fridge and we are ready to celebrate the day! I always loved St. Patty's day! I attended a college in upstate NY where there were a lot of Irish descendents. I remember the celebrations there with such gusto! Takes me back to the good old days...
A few years ago my DH and I studied our ancestry and learned that there is Irish in both of us! I've always known that a wee bit, but it was nice to have it confirmed! It's funny, when you study your "roots" you find a lot of "skeletons" in the closet LOL We won't go there, but I guess the point of that was, it's fun to trace your "roots" but take care to realize that there aren't always "saints" in your history!
Yesterday I discovered buds on my hybiscus plant, I'm so excited. I got this plant in the spring of last year. It bloomed all summer long, there were almost always blossoms on it. Then the shorter days came along and it went dormant. It didn't lose it's leaves, but it didn't bloom either. The winter seemed to last forever without any blossoms on this plant, and then yesterday while I was watering it, I spied what looked to be a blossom. I looked closer, and there are more than just one! I'm so excited I almost did an Irish jig a day early! LOL
Now that the indoor plants are starting to show some life, I'll be watching the outdoor plants. Usually the Azalea bloom first and that's by my front door, so I'll be checking on that daily, poor thing! I love spring in Maryland. The woods come alive with pinks, purples, white and yellow as the Cherry blossoms, Apple blossoms, Dogwood and Forsythia begin to bloom. The designers of our subdivision planted cherry trees all along the streets here and another kind of tree I haven't identified yet. In the spring the pink blossoms abound and in the fall the leaves turn a vibrant shade of ? It's not red, it's not orange, but a combination of the two. It's our little oasis in the midst of the jungle living between two big cities. I do love where we live!
I'm progressing (finally) on my spot sampler. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to finally finish that one "spot". I spent two days going over and over the same place, stitching, then reverse stitching. Finally yesterday I got past that area and finished two other spots without incident. Whew! I just hate the futility of frogging!!
Well, just wanted to wish you all a happy day and though it takes a few hours, do try the Chocolate Mint Dessert, you won't regret it! *Dancing an Irish jig*
Erin go bragh!

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