Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thought for the Day

Good Evening! Just had to add a few thoughts's been a frustrating day. I hope you can read my little sign. I think if you click on it, it will become big enough for you to read.

Where to begin? I had "But First" disease today. I was going to start a biscornu, But First I wanted to check my e-mail. There were quite a few messages I wanted to answer so that took some time. Then I was going to check to see if any of my SAL's had posted the next installment, But First the phone rang and it was my friend who is going out of town so we HAD to talk for a little while and catch up on the news before she left. I then went back to check my SAL's But First I wanted to download something I saw I HAD to have. When I started the download, the printer acted up so I HAD to fix that. I shut down the printer and restarted it. The printer was still acting up so I had to restart the computer. In the midst of all this, Thomas (remember him?) decided my lap was the only place in the entire house that was fit to sit on. I had to reach around him to press keyboard commands, load paper in the printer, kick the computer and so on. I finally pried myself away from the computer and began to look for a biscornu pattern But First I had some patterns I needed to file away and there were patterns stored on the computer I remembered I wanted to print out today...back to the computer. But First I needed to change an ink cartridge. Finally I was done printing, I could finally file all my patterns I had piled up, I located my biscornu pattern. But First the phone rang again and it was DH reminding me of the things I needed to do before DS got home from school IN ONE HOUR!!! I can't believe I wasted the whole day and didn't even get the biscornu started or even one stitch stitched! I spent the remainder of the time before DH got home scolding DS every five minutes to START YOUR HOMEWORK but it was kind of hard to scold him too much, he was having But First disease himself. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. the meal has been eaten, the dishes are done, DH has taken DS to basketball practice and I can finally start that biscornu... But First... where did I put that pattern? Oh Dear! Maybe tomorrow I'll get that biscornu started. *sigh*

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nutmegg said...

I think we all have that disease at one stage or another...I have my stitching ready to start today....but first I need to have a cuppa.