Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stitching to my Heart's Content!

Don't you just love that phrase?  Stitching to my Heart's Content...that's exactly what I'm doing.  

Last fall I found this pattern, I have been dying to dig out of my stash and stitch.  Since I'm a bit less mobile and sore I thought stitching something "in hand" would be a relief at the moment, so I did indeed dig this out of my stash.  It's been slow going as I am not proficient at stitching in hand yet, and this one happens to be on fabric that is 40 count...and I'm stitching over one.  Please don't shake your head (I saw that Gillie!!) or call me crazy (you won't be the first as someone told me today that I am).  I love the way things look stitched over one.  This is actually a kit from The Heart's Content and came with exquisite silk, such a joy to stitch with, and 40 count fabric...just enough to stitch it over one.  It was meant to be stitched this way.  So don't blame me if I go "round the bend" blame the designer!!  LOL  Can't wait to finish and get it hanging on my wall...this one just speaks to me.

Just to put it in perspective I photographed it with a dime...

And here is what it should look like finished.

I'm so excited, I finished stitching someone's gift, but as I haven't completely finished it off, I can't show it to you yet.  I did learn a stitch though, and wanted to show you a close up of it.  I thought it looked really cool!  You'll have to be patient while I find a way to finish it off and send it on it's way.  Once the recipient gets this, I'll show a picture of it.  Here is the fly stitch.

I've been working on small things, and finished off a few Christmas Ornaments.  I just need to pick up another sled and put them together.  I thought these were really cute!  These were stitched on perforated paper so was easier to stitch on while recuperating.

I worked again on Friendship Blooms and here is my progress for this week.  This is a SAL I'm working on with Mouse and Babs.  I know they won't be happy that I've progressed this far, but I'm loving stitching on this, it's hard to put down.

So...finally I'm back in the stitching groove...and happily staying home, though the walls are beginning to close in on me.  I did make a run to my LNS today to pick up fabric and floss for another project I'm hoping to start in the very near future.  A dear friend sent it to me in the mail this week...she knew I wanted this pattern, and I can't believe how generous she's been.  Thanks again, Ms. A.  Can't wait to get started!!

On the health front, the pathology report came back from my surgery...they found several cysts in different places but all are benign  YAY!!  They also found endometriosis and the "cure" for that is the surgery that I had done.  One surgical site had to have a little repair last Thursday as it wasn't healing quite right (and is still a little painful).  I'm still experiencing vertigo and it hits at the oddest times so I could use prayer for that as that is what is keeping me locked up at home.  Thank you for those who have been praying and sending well wishes.  *Hugs*  Onwards and upwards!


Gillie said...

I am saying nothing, nothing st all..... Well maybe, surely you were pretty much round that bend already? Oh glory, did I just say that, picking up my skirts and high tailing it to Michigan, nope, better make it Idaho, lol! Love ya!

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful stitching. I've stitched some things on 40 count over one and loved the results, although didn't particularly love the actual stitching part of it.

Maggee said...

Great stitching! One over one on 40 count--amazing! As for the vertigo, did they add a new medicine to the mix? Sometimes contraindications cause that... my daughter went through it. It was meds. Take care, get healed and hugs to you!

Jo said...

Beautiful stitching DJ. Fantastic news on the cysts..yay! I have endometriosis as well so know where you're coming from on that one :-(

Astrids dragon said...

I can't wait to see it all in person today! I'm sorry you're still not up to par, but at least you have something to show for it! I'm hoping to get your stitching cooties today.