Monday, July 22, 2013

Hermitting weekend!!

Hello fellow bloggers and stitchers!  

I hope your weekend was as productive as mine!  I'm sure my guys don't think I had a productive weekend, but it was in my book!  The biggest news is....*drum roll*...I finished The Heart's Content Soie Surfine Silken Birds Splendor XXIV kit.  Whew...what a name huh?  This was stitched on 40 count (lambswool?) linen using Soie Surfine Premium silk fiber imported from France.  It is much finer than anything I've ever worked with, but I rarely had trouble with knotting or twisting, it was truly a joy to work with!  Since it was Hermitting Weekend with the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group I have a before and after picture so you can see my progress.  

I also did some crocheting.  My church will be having some baptisms next weekend and I usually make cross bookmarks for each of the people getting baptized.  Here are the ones I made this time.  I guess there is quite a group this time!

And last, I had a bit more time so started working again on One Nation.  This was a SAL I was doing with Astrid.  It was one I had started during the January challenge last year.  I would really love to finish this one this year so I guess I'll put it on the front burner for now anyway.  I get bogged down working the stars because they are so repetitive and there are so many of them!!  I think once I get past the star field things may pick up a bit.  Anyway, here are before and after pictures of my progress this weekend.

I had a wonderful day last week when both Marie and Astrid came over to visit.  Marie brought some was so yummy!!  And Astrid brought over some frozen yogurt that is also very yummy!!   Thank you both so much!!  What a lovely time we had chatting and just hanging out together.  It's been a while since I've had friends over, it was a nice break.  Thanks ladies!  But I was also able to show Astrid the birthday gift I had made for her.  It wasn't framed yet, but hopefully that will happen soon.  It's been an entire month since her birthday so I thought I should give it to her so she hasn't thought I had forgotten her. I can show it to you!  The close up picture from last post is the tail of the mermaid.  I found this pattern on the CITA pattern from a few years ago.  It was the SAL that Papillon Creations did.  Happy Belated Birthday, Astrid!

Not much else is happening lately which has been a blessing as I really haven't felt like doing much.  There are a few movies out now that I would love to see, hopefully before they leave the big screen.  Wish me luck!  I'm feeling better every day so hopefully soon I'll be able to get out and about.  

Till next time, Happy Stitching!  


Mii Stitch said...

Lovely post! The little crochet crosses are a really nice touch and I love the little mermaid present for Astrid!!

Emma/Itzy said...

A busy weekend! Well done! x

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