Sunday, June 2, 2013

Round tuit

Finally, a wee bit of a breather.  Only a wee one though!  We are taking the morning off to regroup.  Last night I was able to sit and stitch on Sally's Round Robin.  I had a few stitches in before I realized I hadn't taken a picture as I promised Gillie I would.  So I covered my stitches with a piece of paper...hope that was ok.  Too much in my old noggin to keep my promises straight!  LOL

So here is Sally's RR before...

And after I had put a few stitches in.

I was trying to explain to my mother how important stitching was to me.  I'm sure those of you who love to stitch as much as I do can relate.  I lose my focus, my center, my sanity if I don't stitch for several days.  My husband will tell you it's like a tranquilizer...LOL!!  Anyway it had been over a week, and I just needed some time to find some peace.  We've been incredibly busy here!  So I sneaked down to the dining room table while everyone was occupied elsewhere and stitched and stitched until I finished my portion of the RR.  As the heading says, I finally got a round tuit.  LOL  I'll be sending this off on Monday afternoon along with Gillie's RR, hoping the next person will be home to receive it by the time it makes it's way to England.

In other news, our son finally made it across the stage to receive his diploma.  We were thrilled to learn he received a certificate of merit along with his diploma which is given to students who consistantly kept a 3.0 average or higher during their entire high school years, completed 12 or more hours of advanced courses and completed at least a level III in a foreign language.  He accomplished all this while participating in an internship program, going to school half a day and working half a day during his last year of high school.  I am overjoyed for him!  And although he hasn't chosen to attend a college full time in the fall, he is planning on attending a local community college while working part time for the same agency he was working for while in school.  He hasn't decided on a career path for himself just yet so will get the core courses out of the way while he considers what he would like to do.  It will save money and time in the long run and I think is a wise choice for him right now.  It is bitter sweet for me, as I know that he will be making his own decisions now, and I won't be seeing him as often.  I'll miss our lunch rendezvous, but at least I know he'll be home for dinner most nights!  LOL  Growing up with your child is hard work!!

Here are three generations...Grandma, Graduate, and Me!

Ok, off to get ready for whatever they have planned for tonight.  I need to get crackin' on that Independence day exchange, too!!  Wish me luck!  *Hugs*


Astrids dragon said...

So glad you were able to sneak away and stitch, it does a person good! It would even be better if we could sneak one in together!

Good job, B! How does he like the "real" world after graduation?

Hugs and hope to see you real soon, miss you!

Maggee said...

Looks like an 'outside' graduation. We don't do that here in VAB. Too bad...Congrats Mom, on raising a thoughtful and wise son. And in regards to 'sanity'--understand completely! My family KNOWS I need my time! Hugs!