Saturday, March 2, 2013

What SHE said...

Hi everybody!

I'll bet you are wondering what the title of the post means.  Well...I was invited to Astrid's house yesterday to stitch, and it just happened to be the first of March, St. David's Day.  Since Astrid is originally Welsh, she celebrates the British holidays.  She had a post from yesterday on her blog, so I'll let her explain.  The title of her blog is a traditional greeting for St. David's SHE said...LOL  She made some wonderful Welsh cookies...Mmmmm...I should have gotten the recipe.

I had a busy week!!  So unfortunately I didn't get much stitching done.  I took Matter's Choice with me yesterday so got a little bit done while watching the crew Astrid hired to remove trees from her property.  We had a good giggle over the fact that they were young and fit and how brave they were to climb trees to the top to cut branches off.  Did I say giggle?  Maybe I should have said goggle...LOL

Well, I did get some stitching done in the peace and quiet while DH is off judging a science fair at one of the local schools.  Here is my progress on a piece that he is quite interested in, it is the HAED design, The Little Drummer Boy Stocking.

I only put in a few stitches in on Winter's Majesty.  If you check back to last weeks progress you'll see I didn't accomplish much.  As I said, very little time this week.

I didn't get far with Friendship Blooms this week.  Just a few words, but as they are stitched over one, I feel good about how many I did get done.  It just doesn't show like a lot of progress.

I almost have the lady stitched in this piece.  All that is missing is her elbow.  You can see the gentleman's legs beginning to appear to the right of her.  It's fun to finally see something recognizable in the picture.  Every little bit I do now makes the picture come alive, it's hard to put this one down.  I'm anxious to finish it!!

I received quite a surprise in the mail this week.  Maggee sent me a RAK!  It was totally unexpected and I was delighted that she thought of me!  I never realized how close she lives to me, perhaps we will meet face to face one day!  Thank you Maggee!  I don't know what made you do it, but it arrived on a day when your surprise was needed and much appreciated!  *Hugs*

Last I have a picture of the terror we call Thomas.  After running like a freight train around the house for a few minutes, he wound up here, jumping a good 4 feet to reach the top of my curio cabinet.  The life of my figurines flashed before my eyes as I saw him racing to reach that height.  Fortunately he didn't rock the cabinet and nothing moved inside.  *Shaking head*  I wonder how many times he's done that when I wasn't looking?  As you can see he tried to slink away before we could grab him, he knew he was being naughty!!

So...there you have it.  Not a lot done this week, and the way things are going I may not have as much time to stitch as I have had recently.  It seems there are a lot of things going on in my life.  With my son's graduation right around the corner I'm beginning to have a lot of things to do to prepare for family to visit.  Every weekend for quite some time is spoken for with weddings, concerts, and the like.  I'm hoping I can keep up with my New Year's Resolution to blog once a week.  But...if I disappear for a short time, don't worry!  I'm like a bad penny, I'll be back!  Till next time, stay well!!  *Hugs*


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Well, for not having a lot of stitching time, you certainly made progress on a lot of stitching! Good for you! I love the picture of your cat. Aren't they amazing creatures!!!

And This Little Pig said...

Well DJ I wish I had a fifth of your stitching progress :@ sounds like you had a lovely day. I think you will find that your curio cabinet is Thomas' fav place in the house :@

It is good to be back in a way, and thank you for your comments and hugs they are much needed.

Libbie in Oz

Parsley said...

Lots of good stitching show. Glad you had fun and a cookie.

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a fun visit. And it sure looks like good progress to me! Your cat is too funny..great picture! And Astrid's cookies look wonderful!

Nicola said...

Welsh cakes are delicious and so easy to make.

"Iechyd Da" as we say in Wales

Jeanne said...

You have some great projects going on! I've never seen that blue piece with the lady and emerging man before - very old-world and lovely!