Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chit Chat Hangover...

Good morning!  It's a beautiful day here today, the sky is such a pretty blue.  I wonder if it will stay that way?

How was your Valentine's Day?  I spent part of mine with my two guys.  It's hard to express how much I love those guys...and my Valentine gave me these lovely flowers.  I sure am spoiled!!

I'm not sure if I'm coming down with something or if my late night sampling of the Baltimore night life is affecting me, but I feel like I've been trampled by a horse this morning.  First of all, I DON'T drink...although some of my posts from my phone might make you think I have.  LOL  Just ask Mouse, she got an e-mail from my phone marked from Tickled Punk once.  I think I've fixed the problem now, though.  Darned big fingers and a tiny keyboard make for interesting texts sometimes.  What I did do, is spend several hours visiting my college roommate last night and we did spend a little time walking in the frigid air along with some lively conversation at  Bubba Gumps.  Her son is in town for a fencing match, which with any luck at all I might get to see Monday.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better by then!!!

On the stitching front, I feel like I haven't been accomplishing much.  I was trying to decide what to stitch on one day and remembered one that I haven't worked on in well over a year.  So...I found what I HAD stitched right away, but somehow I had misplaced part of the pattern and horror of horrors, the thread!!!  Considering I am using a single color, finding the thread was important, so I turned my room upside down searching.  Finally, two hours later and out of sheer frustration, I started stitching on a different piece and it suddenly came to me where the thread might be. is my progress on this piece.  I can't remember the name of it, but I do remember it was a SAL a few years ago from this site.


I've been slowly getting a bit done on Friendship Blooms from Blue Ribbon Designs, a SAL I'm doing with Babs and Mouse.  All that happened this week is that my tree bore fruit.  LOL  Maybe next week I'll acquire some leaves.  

I worked a little bit on One Nation, a SAL I have going with Astrid.  She hasn't had much time to work on hers lately, she's a pretty busy lady these days.   She has an amazing post for Valentine's day about her Mom's hands.  If you have a chance please stop by to check it out.  It had me in tears, it's such a beautiful tribute to her Mother.

I did have a finish this week, God's Gifts Sampler.  I saw this posted on Facebook and the person who posted their finish sent me the pattern AND the floss!!  I would love to return the favor, if only she would tell me which pattern she would like to stitch!  I love the saying!!  It was stitched on 45 count over two, and I probably won't do that again as it was harder to get the needle through such dense cloth.  But I do like the way it looked when it was done.  

Last but not least is my progress on Winter's Majesty.  There are so many color changes and so much to count on this one.  My progress isn't nearly as dramatic as others I've been working on.  I love this though, and can't wait to see it finished!!

It's been a crazy busy week...I wish all the doctor's visits would end, nearly three years of this stuff and it is getting OLD!  I do have good news to report though, my hand is finally beginning to respond to physical therapy.  My scar is barely visible, and I can open my hand just a tiny bit more.  I will miss the wonderful hand massages and hot wax treatment I have received.  I think I still have a couple more weeks before she kicks me out though!  LOL

I've seen two movies in the past week...Safe Haven (Loved it, except for a few parts that were uncomfortable to watch, and seemingly unnecessary...) which I saw with my husband.  He looked around the theater and said, I'm one of four guys OWE me!! many baseball games and hockey games do I have to sit through before I pay you back???  It did tickle me that we sat in a row of teenage girls who giggled and sighed at some of the antics on the screen.  LOL  Yeah, I guess I do owe the man something for his discomfort...LOL

The other movie was Identity Theft.  Another movie I felt uncomfortable watching and definitely wouldn't recommend.  The funny thing about that movie is that we got there during the previews, watched a couple, then the screen went black and the lights came up...odd for that to happen.  We sat a little longer when an employee walked in and said they were aware of the problem and were trying to fix it.  Another 20 minutes went by and they came back to say they  had technical problems and would have to refund our money and the money for our snacks or we could stay another 20 minutes and watch the next showing.  When we went to the customer service area, not only did they give us tickets to the next showing, but free tickets to see another show.  Thank heavens!!  At least we only lost a couple hours of our money really wasted seeing that movie!!  The sad part was that people were complaining about not getting enough compensation for  being inconvenienced.  Sometimes our society tires me out.  Living in an affluential area drives me crazy.  I am not rich by any means, and quite frankly grew up in a poor area of the country, but it does seem that people with money expect more for less and want others to scrape and bow to them.  Money doesn't impress me, manners do, and how you treat others.  My husband is really good at making everyone around him feel important.  I admire that in people, not how much money they have to spend.  Oh...look at that...I went on a rant..sorry folks, but some things really get my blood boiling!  LOL Must be the chit chat hangover from last night.

Ok, off to rest and get some stitching done.  For those of you watching Downton Abbey, how do you like the season so far?  I just found out my college pal watches the show, oh how much fun is it to coffee klatch about such stuff?  Have a great week!!




Emma/Itzy said...

Some great progress on all your stitching!

You are so right about how some people are never happy, it annoys me too!

Maggee said...

Ooh I love God's Gift Sampler! Excellent saying! You are moving along well on One Nation and the BRD SAL, plus your Winter's Majesty! I remember the French SAL and I do not remember seeing any finishes posted... hmmmm... So glad you previewed the movies. Knew I wouldn't like Identity Theft--I wasn't sure about Safe Haven. Such a shame they junk up good movies. I am enjoying DA this season. So many interesting twists and turns. Yay! Bates is free! I was thinking we needed to start a 'Free Bates' group... glad they fixed that! Have a good Sunday!

Linda said...

Congrats on the finish. Great progress on the other pieces. Who is the designer on Winters Majesty.


Astrids dragon said...

Glad you had fun with your school friend, aren't they the best?!

Your God's Gifts is great, no wonder you liked it.

I would have just been happy to receive additional tickets, I guess the others would rather have the whole theater!

Do we have another date yet?

Nicola said...

What a lovely finish God's Gift is DJ. Beautiful roses from your Valentine.

Carolyn NC said...

I love all of these - great stitching!