Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stitching by the lake

Well, the stitching weekend has come to a close.  I think by now everyone is home and recovering from the weekend.  It was what this tired old framer needed right about now, so thank you ladies who participated, I had a blast!!  I sure hope we can do this again soon!  Thank you Astrid, and your MIL for the use of your lake house!!  Here's the view from the house.

The weekend was full of stitching, laughing, eating, shopping, more stitching, more laughing and lots of fun!  Oh...and we had a Twilight movie marathon with lots of oooohing and aaaaahing and drooling over Jacob's abs.  A few times I had to pull out my portable hand fan and cool things off a bit.  I got shushed a few times...I think I need to find a quieter fan...sorry guys!  LOL

Sonya picked up Denise, and drove to my house.  We transferred bags and bodies to my van and we drove to Astrid's.  We transferred bags and bodies to Astrid's SUV  then stuffed Denise in the "jump seat" in the back, plugged in a DVD for Astrid's son, then drove to Hagerstown to meet with JoAnn.  Denise transferred to JoAnn's car.  There was an accident on the main highway and after a few phone calls to Astrid's Dad we made a bypass through the mountains along some scary cliffs but finally made it to Astrid's parent's house to drop off her son, then on to the lake.  We lost Denise and JoAnn a couple of times, thank heavens we had our cell phones!!   It involved more plans than a D-Day invasion, but we finally made it to Deep Creek Lake.  We had cool weather (hoping to be snowed in...but were "sunned in" instead), otherwise we had beautiful weather.  Astrid's friend (sorry I don't know how to spell her name) arrived the next day.  We ate, drank, made merry, stitched and watched movies and laughed til the wee hours.  The only downfall was that we picked the only weekend in the year when you lose an hour...LOL  We need to plan the weekend when we extend it an hour to make up, Astrid!!  LOL  And here we are at Astrid's parent's house.

I was able to get some stitching done, much to my relief.  I caught up on a couple of SAL's.  One is Lavender Blue from Angie Designer.  Now I need to get moving on Sweet Flowers!!

I got some stitching on another SAL that I was three parts behind pictures of that one...sorry.

I also got some stitching done on Winter!  Hopefully I'll get a little more stitching done before I head to bed.

We went shopping while we were there at an antique store...what a fun find I made!  I have seen people find scissor frogs and have admired when I found a flower frog, and a candy dish that it fit perfectly in, I couldn't resist buying it.  Thank you Astrid and Sonya for helping me scour the shop til we found the perfect dish!!  It works perfectly!!

Here we are, stitching away watching the Twilight movies... 

My buddy Sonya on the deck with the lake behind her...what a view eh?  And the lake was pretty too!

Wave to your fans, Astrid! 

On the way home we stuffed Sonya in the "jump seat".  I'm surprised she and Denise had room to breath!  I thought about nicknaming Astrid's SUV "Cram-a-lot Inn".  LOL  On the way to the lake on all the twisty windy roads we thought poor Sonya was going to toss cookies...I was a little worried as I was in the "tossing zone".  Thanks for keeping your cookies, Sonya!  LOL

The picture Astrid's Dad took of us was posted on facebook that day.  One of Denise's friends called us the Stitch Mafia and so we have our new name.  I'm hoping we can get together again very soon!  Thanks again, Ladies, for a great weekend!  I just love spending time with all of you!  *Hugs*


Mouse said...

ooooo sounds like you had a fab time :) wish I could have joined you .... lovely stitching and mmm think you need to get a quieter fan next time love mouse xxxxx

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a great time DJ. Sure wish I could do that someday. Great job on the stitching.


And This Little Pig said...

What a wonderful weekend, lovely scenery, and beautiful friends. Great rename of the SUV :@ Green with envy.
LiBBiE in Oz

Astrid's dragon said...

It was a fantastic weekend! Repeat, repeat!!!

Too bad our howling at the moon didn't invite any visitors during the night! ; )

I'll be posting tomorrow, I'm waiting on my Dad to send the pics he took of us on the way home.

Lizzy Pizzy said...

What a brilliant weekend. I don't know how you managed to get so much stitching in with so many distractions (eating, drinking, shopping, chatting AND Jacobs abs) hahaha
Well done you...

Bet your boys were happy to have you back safely after such a long and windy road trip, too.

Bless you DJ

Liz of Oz x

Pam in IL said...

Sounds like you had a terrific weekend! Could you please tell me who designed Winter?

Great progress on projects!

Veronica said...

What a lovely view from the lakehouse. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Beautiful scissors frog!

Sweet flowers is looking great. I absolutely love Winter. Can't wait to see more.


mdgtjulie said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had, DJ. Glad you had a good time. And grats on the progress.

Carrie said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Jeanne said...

I love retreats but haven't been on a purely stitching one yet. Isn't it crazy how much stuff you end up bringing? Your projects look lovely!