Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unexpected blessings...

Good morning friends!

This has been an interesting week, so much has gone on I can't believe only a week has gone by!!  Tis the season I guess.  I always feel like I've been shot out of a cannon during the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas (traveling at the speed of light without the ability to slow down or alter my course), and this year the economy is crying in pain and the businesses have decided to start the Christmas rush even sooner...the day after Halloween.   People are starting to shop, and I guess that's a good thing, but it's not the "strolling through the aisle, contemplating the perfect gift" kind of shopping, it's the "gotta have gotta get the biggest the best at the best price at midnight Black Friday" kind of shopping where you need protective clothing just to step into the concourse at the local mall.  I actually saw a young lady standing in a parking spot close to the doors of the mall arguing with an elderly lady in a car trying to park in that spot.  I quickly walked away because they looked at me with daggers in their eyes.  Where have our manners gone?  What happened to "Good will toward men"?  I usually try to have my shopping done by this time of year (unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet).  Mainly because I don't have time because we become very busy at the store and I have no free time, but also because I don't have the body armor needed to jump into the fray at the mall.  This year I'm going to try focusing on the reason for the season and try to keep my "good will toward men" flowing through the holiday.  

Well I had some good news this morning, and it always amazes me when this happens.  I HAVE been shopping, and had SOME unexpected expenses, and yesterday my bank statement came in the mail.  I DREAD balancing my checkbook, and as I dragged it out of my purse I realized it had been TWO months since I last balanced it.  I started to fret, sweat and issue myself a threat...where had last month's statement gone and why don't I keep the balance tabulated?  After a frantic search, a few kicks to my behind, nearly an hour of checking off withdrawls, checks and deposits, I finally had it balanced...and I have more money than I thought I did!  *wiping sweat from brow*  It even balanced to the penny on the first inspection!! WHEW!!  Christmas shopping can now resume, with a little less pressure, though I will be more careful of how much is in there!

Because of all the busy-ness I haven't had much chance to stitch, and I have to tell you, I never realized how much of a stress-reliever my hobby has become!  I think I'll try to schedule some time to stitch in my calendar so I can lower the anxiety I sometimes feel this time of year.  Sorry, boss, but I learned to appreciate life while I was convalescing!  LOL  I care about your business, but I care more deeply about my family!  But I digress...would you like to see pictures of what I've been up to?  Well...I can't show you everything, some of the things I've been stitching are gifts, so I'll post them in a couple of weeks.  It's tough having friends Birthdays so close to Christmas, but onwards and upwards, I always say!

I finally finished the SAL that was offered on The Threadbasket site.  I thought this was so cute, and if I get a chance, I may try to get it framed for the winter season after Christmas.


I was also able to finish off part 5 of The Great Escape being offered on The Stitch Specialists yahoo group, designer Abi Gurden.  This has been an enjoyable stitch!


One thing I would like to mention, Astrid, Denise and I are planning a SAL of a pattern called "Our Nation" from Bygone Stitches.  This is laid out in the shape of an American flag and lists the 50 states in the order they became members of the union.  We will be starting in the new year.  We found the pattern at the Needleart show and I found a sale at Bush Mountain to get some of the materials I couldn't find at my LNS.  I had a little trouble with the website, so I called her on the phone and had a very pleasant experience with her.  I've ordered from her before and she is very prompt with her shipments, even with things that are out of stock! this space for our progress after the New Year.

So...there you have it!  I will post more stitching in a few weeks, after I find out the gifts I'll be sending out soon have been received.  If I don't have a chance to post before Thanksgiving, please have an enjoyable one, filled with good food, good memories, a heart full of thankfulness and an attitude of gratitude.  As my Bible Study leader says...Peace Out... (anyone know what that means?  LOL) 


Tricia said...

I know just what you mean about Black Friday shopping. Last year I took my MIL out early to Target and dropped her at the door. By the time I found a parking space and got inside I decided that the Target Starbucks looked like more fun than shopping, so I got some coffee instead. : ) Much more fun than early morning shopping!!! : ) This year I'm staying in bed!!!

I love your C Mon Monde SAL. It turned out just beautifully! And your new SAL will be such a pretty piece, too! I can't wait to watch your progress!!

Nancy said...

Love your completed SAL and the new one is cute too! I know what you mean about the need for excess that grips people at this time of year. The true meaning of Christmas seems to have been forgotten for so many.

Maggee said...

Yes, people can be quite scary when Christmas shopping, especially at a sale! I just went to Michael's today for unscented votives (which I did not find!) and it was a madhouse!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your finished SAL! Will the designer be offering the pattern for sale anytime soon?? Whose is it? Take care, and relax when you can... Hugs!

Mouse said...

coooo love that finish :) and I hate it when its busy trying to shop .. I go at unsociable hours to get away from the crowds.. been know to food shop at midnight !!!!
way to go on the bank balance ... wish mine did that my dad always says there is tooo much month left at the end of the money
love your new SAL too :) love mouse xxxx

And This Little Pig said...

Congrats on balancing the cheque book, its a great feeling :@ My work computer every morning tells me (well nearly every morning) 'Congratulations and many happy returns you have balanced!' Program obviously written by a bookkeeper.

Love your SAL finish I've seen it on a couple of blogs, they have all been so lovely. The owl is divine and your SAL for next year looks wonderful, busy times ahead.

LiBBiE in Oz

Denise said...

Your SAL is very pretty.
Last year I stopped giving some adult relatives Christmas gifts (who really didn't need them) and gave to charities in their names instead and asked them to do the same for us. Some charities sent them cards to let them know and those that didn't I printed out so they knew who benefited. That made Christmas a lot less stressful for me and I felt better about what I did with the money. If I go out shopping on black Friday, it will be to a cross stitch malls for me. I dislike how crazy people act. I buy a little at a time till I am done, not all one day. Can't wait till the new year and the new SAL!

Veronica said...

I don't like crowds either and I generally try to avoid them even if it means missing out on a sale.

Lovely stitching. Congrats on the cute SAL finish. TGE is coming along beautifully too.

Oh, I love Our Nation design too even though I'm not American. My boyfriend is and I might stitch it for him one of these days. After all, he did taught me all the 50 states ^.^ I look forward to your progress.