Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paying it forward

Hi Folks!

A while ago I won a contest on Mouse's blog  with directions that she would stitch something for me, but I would have to have the same contest on my blog and stitch something for someone else.  I picked Astrid's name out of the hat and today I presented her with her stitched object.  Here is a picture of her holding her gift!

I've been posting things I'm thankful for on facebook each morning.  Today I found this quote posted by a friend of mine, so I took a picture I had taken a few days ago and superimposed the words using powerpoint.   I think the effect came out really nice.  

I am grateful for my son who had to help me type this because I am old and forgetful and need help expanding my colloquial language, he is my human thesaurus.

Just for clarification....all that is typed in red  is written by my son, and I just wanted to say, there is no conceit in my family because my son has it all!

This is what happens when you have a laptop and he has a wireless keyboard...he can type while I'm typing as well, sometimes there is no justice in this world, as I should have remote brake and accelerator pedals and a remote steering wheel, don't you think?

Just for clarification I had to help my mother use pedals instead of "petals".

To which I replied, That's why I send you to school, I was just checking to make sure they are teaching you correctly!

I need to go now, I'm beginning to feel schizo... I'm sorry I can't spell today. I have to ask my son who was not trained in nursing to help me spell schizophrenic.  I guess he is my human dictionary as well. I sincerely hope you are having a better day than I am!  *Hugs*


Tricia said...

Bwahahahahaha!!!! Too funny!!! : ) Your stitching was gorgeous, by the way!

RuthB said...

:) Sorry you are feeling so... errr... divided.

Congrats on a beautiful TW piece!

Denise said...

Love the dragon! Beautifully done and framed as well!

Mouse said...

hahahahah Thanks for that DS you have made me really giggle ... and way to go on the tempest Astrid .. have got that one twice in my to do pile, may be next year
well if its any consolation when doing a reading test many many years ago I pronounced pneumonia as newmonia hehehe love mouse xxxx

Cindy said...

rofl.....tooo cute.....tell your son good practice for all the upcoming years he will need to pay you back for raising him :D!!! thats what i tell my girls :D, hehehe

Veronica said...

LOL! Your son cracks me up. Lovely picture and caption. The trees in the mist gave it a dreamy look. I saw this earlier over on Astrid's blog and commented on it. Gotta tell you here too. Your Teacup Dragon is gorgeous and the framing phenomenal! Congrats on such a beautiful finish :)


MaryT said...

Love your stitching DJ and your son is so cute with his comment:) Just wait he'll be there one day!! LOL
Mary Louise in IN