Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a beautiful morning for another giveaway...

You wouldn't believe the sunrise I saw this morning!  This picture just doesn't do it justice...I was sitting at the dining room table having breakfast when suddenly the room was bathed in a rich rose colored hue.  I glanced out the window to see the whole sky lit up in that rose color, but by the time I grabbed my camera, this was all I saw.  What is it they say?  Red sky at night, Sailors delight, Red sky in morning, Sailors take warning?  Hm...I wonder what kind of day I'm going to have!?!?!?!

I was out shopping yesterday...dangerous I know... and happened to run across another item for a giveaway.  This says it is a purse charm, but I bought two, took the keyring off one and attached it to my scissors as a scissors fob.  It works great!  Another reminder to get those mammograms!  So, if you would like this purse charm/scissors fob, post a comment on this post, and I will have DS draw a name from the hat on October 18th.
I've been getting very little stitching done.  I realized this week that marriage is a team sport, and half my team is missing!!  Which means that I'm out there playing the game and carrying the ball all on my own (can you tell it's football season?) which means I have very little time to stitch.  Who knew my two guys keep each other occupied so well when they are together?  It's made for a very interesting week, and I have four more sleeps before the other half of my team returns.  I have a great appreciation for single mothers everywhere!  I don't know how you ladies do it!!

So...since you haven't seen stitching photos in quite a while, it may seem that I'm getting loads done, but really, it's in little tidbits here and there.

First off is my UFO.  The Mystery Spot Sampler from Wiehenburg.   I have been stitching on it faithfully once a week.  It's tedious work, as it is stitched on 36 ct over one using Thread Gatherers silk n colors Egyptian Nights.  I have had many brain cramps this past week and have had to frog a few things UGH!!! but it's coming along and I hope to finish it before the year is watch this space.  When I finish there will be great rejoicing in the land!!!
Next is Cirque des Carreaux from Ink Circles.  I've been using Carries Creations overdyed silk Epiphany.  I LOVE working with this thread!  It rarely tangles and just seems to glide through the fabric.  I love the way it feels in my hand too.  I need to buy more from her!  This is one of my crazies, and it fits as it is driving me insane.  SOOOO much counting, but I love the way it is turning out.  I know it's hard to see in this picture, but the variations in the thread is really pretty.
Next are the September and October owls from the Oakhaven SAL.  I was behind a month but was able to catch up.  These designs can be stitched in about an hour, and I find them adorable!
I probably shouldn't do this, but I'm going to do it anyway...LOL  The ladies from Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group are gathering ornaments for a tree on a ward in the hospital where one of their beloved members passed away.  I stitched one for her last year and two more this year (though I've told someone they can chose one for herself if she would like) and hopefully will get them in the mail tomorrow.  These were fun to do and easy to finish.
And last is a thank you gift for Mouse's daughter.  She really likes Halloween, so I hope she'll find a place for this in her decorations.

And that, as they say, is that!  Off to get my act together for another busy day.  Remember good to yourself and your families, and get those mammograms!  *Hugs*


And This Little Pig said...

DJ if that is getting very little stitching done, I can't wait to see a lot of stitching :@ Love your giveaway, I personally am always loosing my scissors. Love Mouse's DD Halloween ornament, let me guess, stitched over 1 and then over 2? Now if only I live round the corner, or in the next state, or the other side of the country, but unfortunately, I live over a very large volume of water, or I would come and keep you company for the next four days!
LiBBiE in Oz

Teresa said...

The Egyptian nights is a beautiful color and is making the mystery sampler just POP

Deborah said...

Your mystery sampler is so beautiful. Love the little ornie for Mouse's DD. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Kimberly R. said...

I love your Mystery Spot Sampler by Wiehenburg - they are one of my favorite designers!!
Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway of the purse charm/scissors fob :)
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Patty C. said...

Great progress on your ufo ;)

Mouse said...

ooooo the stitching is coming along beautifully :) DD will love the ornament :) and throw my name in the mix for a chance :) off to go and get my ornaments for the breast cancer auction sewn up ... t.t.f.n :) love mouse xxxxx

Veronica said...

That's some really cute ornaments you've made there. I think I'm in love with Egyptian Nights. It's beautiful. Your Oakhaven Owls are too adorable. Hope the frogs never visit you again. Happy Stitching!