Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting ready...

Well I probably sound like a broken record, but it's been another busy week.  First I received a package in the mail with all sorts of goodies in it.  I had won second place in the Wet Noodle award from Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group.  What fun!!  I hope you can see all the goodies that were packed in that package!  Thanks so much ladies, I am itching to use each and every item!!

In the same package was a gift from Miss Mouse.  She stitched this piece for this box and finished the inside as well.  I'm such a boxoholic, she really knew what I would like and it's just beautiful.  Thanks so much, Miss Mouse, this means a lot to me!!

I received a postcard in the mail a week ago yesterday about a NeedleArt exhibit at Montpelier Mansion in November, and the entries have to be checked in tomorrow or Monday.  So....I thought it might showcase my place of employment (Frames Galore) if I submitted some entries...and I texted my boss to ask him if it was doable.  He agreed and so we ordered the supplies and I was out until 10 PM last night getting the final touches on the projects.  Whew!!  Now I just have to fill out  the paperwork and I'll be ready for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

Here are some pictures (not too spectacular but at least you can sort of see what we've done) of what will be my entries.

Rose Quaker by Wiehenburg


Alla Turca by Pelin Tezer acquired on Stitcher's Heaven yahoo group


Christmas Quaker by Wiehenburg


Little Lace Hardanger designed by Abi Gurden and acquired through The Stitch Specialists yahoo group


Tree of Stitches, designed by Abi Gurden and was acquired through The Stitch Specialist yahoo group.


Hidden Spirits Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch Kit


The exhibit runs from November 4th to November 27th if you are interested and they do charge a modest fee to enter, but it's worth it to see Montpelier Mansion, it's a lovely place!  

It's snowing here today, and I'm really feeling the chill.  DS got tickets to see a TV show being taped this morning called "It's Academic" where high schools in the area compete on a quiz show.  His school was one of the groups this morning, and though they gave a valiant effort, they came in second out of three.  It was a close game the whole way through, and all the students that participated should be commended.  It was a fun morning.  We found our way to "TV hill" which is one of the highest points in Baltimore, and it had begun sleeting there this morning, and as we walked through the parking lot, we heard a loud "thump".  A few feet in front of us was a huge clump of snow and ice that had fallen off the very high towers that are situated up there for the TV station.  I think if it would have hit one of us it would have been a bit painful!!  Honestly, it missed us by |----| that much!!  LOL

Off to take a much needed nap.  Wish me luck at the exhibit, it's exciting to say the least!  *Hugs*


Denise said...

Love all the Quaker pieces and the box is really pretty!

Mindi said...

Beautiful stitching, and the framing really works well with the pieces. Good luck on the exhibit!

Looks like your box had some wonderful surprises in it.

VegasJilly said...

Great finishes! Excited to see them in person at the exhibit! There is a retreat the 11th-14th in laurel, the group will be going to montpelier!!

Maggie said...

You certainly had a good mail day :-)
Best of luck for the exhibition! You have chosen some lovely pieces to show

Nancy said...

Beautiful framing!

Patty C. said...

Mouse did a beautiful job with her gift box - So pretty ;)

Astrid's dragon said...

Oh DJ, they all look fantastic! They are beautifully framed, great job! I really like the Christmas Quaker, I might even have to stitch that one. I'm thinking I need to see these in person, maybe on Saturday or the week of the 7th if I can get Nathan can get a play date!

Mouse - love the box, especially the colour!

stitchesnscraps said...

Wow! You lucky girl! What a wonderful mail week! And your framing is beautiful! And the stitching's not bad either! LOL! It is so lovely! Thanks for sharing!


Jo said...

Good Grief DJ do you ever sleep??? ToS looks fabulous all framed as does your Little Lace. I love the Wiehenburg pieces and your Alla Turca they're beautiful.

Mouse said...

awww glad you like your prezzies :) and have just had a wee drool over your lovely framed pieces stitched by you .. fingers n toes crossed that you get a prize as I dooooo think you deserve one :) love mouse xxxxxx

Veronica said...

Best of luck, DJ. Those are absolutely gorgeous pieces. How are the judges gonna decide? I think this is the first time I've seen the Little Lace Hardanger finished. It's lovely. So is Mouse's box. Love the red/pink thread she used.


Chris McGuire said...

Oh my gosh... those are all beautiful! Great stitching and framing.


Maureen said...

what a selection of pieces - fabulous!