Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy week...

Where do I begin?  I've been like Ricochet Rabbit this week, bouncing all over the place, but all the madness, I've been accomplishing a lot!

Now doesn't the picture above make you think that those two are just fabulous friends?  I think that as much as they dislike each other, they miss each other when they are apart.  Thomas just seems to relaxed there, doesn't he?  It wasn't long after this picture was taken that he reached up and bit DH, then stalked off, tail flicking.

First off, after the past two weeks with DH on a business trip, I was completely worn out.  I knew I had a ton of things going on this week, so asked for the week off from work.  I'm so glad I did, as I am finally beginning to feel rested and a little more like normal.  I was really dragging!!

I just want to thank all of you for all the warm Birthday wishes.  I seriously celebrated for three days!  I had lunch and a stitch date with my buddy Sonya and the lovely Ms. M who is finally home from all her travels.  They gave me a gift certificate to my LNS!  Oh boy, *rubbing hands together*, I am making a list of the things I want!  Thanks ladies, for the gift, but more importantly for your friendship.  These two ladies supported me during my cancer treatment, Sonya driving me to support group meetings and Ms. M took me to chemo.  I truly love you guys!!  Your humor and kindess kept me going.  Thank you!

I even got a lovely surprise when my phone rang, and Gillie was on the other end of the line.  I was so shocked I didn't  think to ask her where she was calling from, but she took time from her day to call me from England.  That meant so much, thank you Gillie!

The next day Astrid took me to lunch and a trip to my LNS and gave me some lovely bracelets.  She didn't know that five petal violets are my favorite flower when she made this, but just look at these!  Don't they just fit me to a T?  Thanks Astrid!  She and I met online during my battle, and has been a cheerleader in her own right!  Can't wait for our next stitching date!
During my stitching dates, and while waiting on Ben here and there I got some stitching done!  The final part of the Star Sampler came out (found here) and though it took three days I finally finished up this piece!  I've had a lot of compliments on the colors, I love them too. should I finish this off?
I was finally able to catch up on The Great Escape, being offered on The Stitch Specialists yahoo group and designed by Abi Gurden.  This is really a challenging piece!!  I've had to stitch, frog, stitch, frog until I got the stitches the way that I like them.  Whew!!  But I'm learning alot!!

I was able to work on my UFO last night, I am nearing the end!!  Can't wait to finish this, it's the Spot Sampler from Wienhenburg.
I also got a nice surprise in the mail.  The ribbons and check came from my win at the county fair!  Just had to show them to you, how much fun is that?  I got a card in the mail yesterday that they are having a Needleart show in a neighboring town and I think I just might enter something over there.  I'll have to chose something from some of my finishes this year.  I'll let you know how that turns out!
Now it's true confessions time...I started attending a new Bible study three weeks ago called "Made to Crave".  I just happened to stumble into this class...and maybe it was a God thing, but it's about dieting essentially.  I really do need to lose some weight, and the Tamoxifen I'm taking is not helping!!!  Anyway, this week I've had TWO birthday cakes made for me and my sister sent TWO dozen donuts.  *Sigh*  I have an issue with will power.  Thank you kindly for the chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting (NO, Sonya, not peanut butter crust...LOL), the chocolate cake with yummy frosting from my Bible study group, and for the donuts (you have NEVER tasted donuts like my sisters...she made 47 dozen last weekend for orders she had taken, they are THAT popular!!)  Everyone was so kind to think of me.  I'm dreading my doctors appointment next week though, I don't think he's going to be happy.  *Hanging head in shame*  LOL  But BOY do my tastebuds thank you!

Ok, off to take care of my baby who had 4 wisdom teeth pulled today.  Me thinks it's going to be a long day, unless I can get him to fall asleep!  Thanks again to all of you who made my birthday so special, and sent warm wishes.  You really made my day!



Mouse said...

aww lovely braclets :) great stitching as always ... and someone mention cake ???? lol hope DS is recovering well :) love mouse xxxx

Tricia said...

What beautiful stitching! And I think it's funny that your Bible study group about dieting gave you a cake!! LOL!! I hope you enjoyed it!

Nancy said...

Lovely stitching! Love the bracelets! So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Tell that doctor not to bother you about any weight gain this week, a girl's gotta enjoy her tasty birthday goodies, it's only once a year you know! Hope DS heals quickly from his wisdom teeth extraction!

Denise said...

I love the colors in your spot sampler! Your Star Sampler is beautiful too. I recently stumbled upon that website and downloaded the pattern, its definitely on my to do soon list. Where in MD are you? So funny about the seafood dislike! :-)

Tracey said...

What lovely bracelets, and your stitching is beautiful! I got my giveaway prize today, thank you so much! That was quick! :) I almost started stitching it right away but I think I need to finish another project first. So glad you had a great b-day- did I mention mine is this month too? So your package was like an early birthday present. :)