Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New gadgets...

Just a quick note here...I have had a lot of people ask me what colors I choose for certain projects, so I added a new gadget to my blog that tells you the name of the fabric, the count, whether I'm doing it over one or two linen threads and the fibers I'm using.  Sometimes I use what the designer suggested, so I'll just write that I use the suggested fibers.  I'm flattered when people ask, but I have to tell you my secret.  When I choose my fabrics and fibers, I usually run to my LNS and ask my buddy, Sonya.  She's a whiz with colors and fabrics.  I've gotten bolder with my choices, but she's my go to person for colors.  I encourage you to ask at your LNS, they are flattered when you ask them too!  A floss toss will usually help you make up your mind.  Thanks for asking!  

And Anonymous...the color of the thread I used for Cirque des Carreaux was what the designer suggested..."Epiphany" from Carrie's Creations silk thread (which I found online).  Have fun stitching this amazing pattern!

I've also added a gadget that will give you the link to the SAL's that are available online.   I don't always have time to post the link in the body of that particular post, so just check on the left side of my blog.

And last, but not least, and mostly for my own convenience, are some links to some freebies I like to check periodically.  I'm always amazed at the talented ladies who offer their designs for free online.  One of these days I would love to "give back" by designing a few patterns of my own.  When I get a spare minute (HA...what's that?) I'll give it a watch this space!  LOL


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