Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday the Thirteenth

Hello fellow stitchers and friends out there in blogland...

There is a weary DJ sitting at the computer tonight!! LOL Yesterday, I was minding my own business, planning my Crazy January Challenge strategy when I got a phone call from a "Sista Warrior". (Yes, I mean "Sista". We have to say it that way because the lady who coined the term is from Brooklyn, and we have to tease her about her accent! She's ok with it part of a fund raiser for a local center, she bought a tree and had a plaque placed under it that said it was for her "Sista Warriors". LOL) Anyway, I digress, back to the story...She told me she had an appointment for a massage at the Wellness House in Annapolis and then told me I should go get one. I told her one of these days I would make an appointment. We finished our conversation, and I went back to stitching. A few minutes later she called back to say there was a cancellation near the time of her appointment and would I like to take it. I hesitated, and she said, "I'll make the call for you!" She hung up then called right back to say I had an appointment the following morning, and I should meet her at 10:00 AM. Sometimes you have to hit me over the head with a brick...LOL I met her at 10:00 this morning and never left Annapolis until 4:00 this evening. We not only got our massages (which were like heaven on earth!! and really helped the lymph edema in my arm...why haven't I done this before??) but we shopped for cars, clothes and that order! I snagged a Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappichino and blueberry scone for lunch and met a few of her friends. It was a long day for me!! But I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately it didn't give me much time to stitch. I did make a start, and also put ONE THREAD in my UFO. I would have loved to get more stitching in, but I have to thank my Sista Warrior, as she really did me a huge favor by getting me out of the house. I'll admit, I am struggling with depression...just a wee bit...(wow, that was really hard to say "out loud"!!) I'll admit, I haven't been posting in my yahoo groups, nor talking to folks much on facebook, nor going out with friends, nor calling people on the phone. You almost need a crowbar to get me out of here....LOL I'm not sure why I feel this way, you would think with chemo over and most of the side effects dwindling, that I would begin to feel hopeful and happy. Maybe it's the let down after the holiday, or just the yucky time of year, or the fact that my Mom recently went through knee surgery and I can't be there for her right now...whatever it is, today was a good day and hopefully the first day of many with a little more hope in it! Did I mention the massage is free? And I can sign up for 2 free massages a month? I am so psyched!! I can't express how much that helped me today, my arm feels the best it's felt in MONTHS!!

Ok, on to stitching... here is my start for today. All is Calm from Little House Needleworks.
I was hoping to get more done on it while I waited for my friend to have her massage, but me and my motor mouth was yacking with people that were waiting for an appointment for one reason or another. It's funny how sometimes you meet someone and instantly connect. I met another lady who had the same type of cancer I do and we were exchanging information about things we had learned along the way. There is a bond we "Sista Warriors" have, I can't explain it, but it's there. Sorry, I digress again!

Here is a picture of my progress on Rose Quaker. My progress is just amazing isn't it? *said tongue in cheek and rolling eyes heavenward* I took a closeup so you wouldn't miss it. The little pink half flower to the right of the Z is all I was able to do today. I hope it's enough to stop the noodle from flying across the pond to my little corner of the world! Take pity, Mouse, I needed this day more than anyone will ever know!
I'm also showing what it looked like before I worked on it today.

Ok, that's all from my little corner of the world! Thank you for leaving comments, they mean the world to me! *hugs*


Tricia said...

I'm so glad that you had a good day, DJ. What a good friend you have to help you get out of the house!

And your stitching is wonderful! One less stitch for later. :-)

Astrid's dragon said...

You were a busy girl, no wonder you're tired! So glad you got out and had a good time - hopefully you'll have another good day out next week! ; )

Gillie said...

A massage sounds wonderful, hooray for your persevering friend! But (shaking head sadly) doing all this on a Thursday of all days! What were you thinking of, DJ? ;)!!

tjdesignsncrafts said...


Keep in there girl, you're doing great, know where you're coming from with the depression, mine definitely gets worse this time of year, but it'll gradually get better and i hope your's stays better.

You keep on inspiring me. And you did better than me on day 13, i didn't even get a stitch in on my 15 challenge start, but i did get a few in on the UFO, so no noodle here either.

Keep it going girl.

Take care


And This Little Pig said...

Any progress is amazing, particularly on a UFO. Massages ARE heaven on earth. Love the start, LHN are just beautiful, and a dream to stitch, can't wait to see our Christmas trees this year. How is you sanity holding up? Oh I forgot we are both doing the 'crazy' so we are fine :-]}] That's the crazy person's grin.
LiBBiE in Oz

Connie said...

It's a really GOOD friend who sees what you need and does something about it! Glad you got out of the house and that the massage was helpful. And shopping, too? Hope you found some bargains.