Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Monday

Yep, it's another Manic Monday...Why is it that lately my Mondays are so crazy? I think they should be abolished from the week...LOL

I woke to the news that we are expecting another storm during the night tonight and into tomorrow morning. Some say snow, some say ice, some say rain. I say PHOOEY! I have plans for tomorrow...plans for therapeutic art, and lunch with Gail, and shopping at Home Goods, and dinner with some Sista had better NOT snow!! Oh well, there's always stitching if it does!! LOL

I mentioned on facebook that I was going to make a "run" to the grocery store for the essentials in case it does storm and keeps me home tomorrow. In Maryland, the night before a storm, people make a mad dash to the grocery store to buy the "essentials", milk, bread and toilet paper. I'm serious, you'll see people in huge lines with these three items (sometimes accompanied by other things) and the shelves are bare where these are usually found. When my family goes to the store the night before a storm, it's for comfort food... That's because we weren't brought up in Maryland, we are originally from New York....Northern New York, where it REALLY snows...LOL...and we know what the "essentials" REALLY are! Chocolate!! *grin*

Today was Heart of America day...also known as stitch along with Babs! I did stitch a bit on Heart of America from Little House Needleworks, but not for long. I have to prop this up in a certain way because it is on a large stitching frame. It makes my shoulder ache to stitch too I did a little bit...sorry Babs, I'll try to do more next week. Here's what it looks like after stitching for a little while...

Then I switched to Winter Band Sampler. also from Little House Needleworks. I made it just past the halfway I'm feeling pretty good about this one! It will still take me a few more days to finish, but it's coming along nicely, I think...and yes, Libbie, it's another of those over one crazies. I like how this is coming out, but it is going to be quite small...I'm wondering how I should finish it...oh well, we'll see when we get there. So here's a picture of what it looks like tonight.

I spent a lot of time on the phone again today. I'm glad my friends feel they can confide in me and I'm happy to listen. I just wish they would not all call on the same day! LOL It's like they called each other and said..."Listen, I'll take the hours between 10 and 12, you call between 12 and 2, you call between 2 and 4, and let's give her a break for dinner, then...between 6 and 8 it's your turn...LOL That's about how they fell, I swear it was a coordinated effort. Luckily I could stitch while I was listening, and that's how I got so much stitching done today! But now my brain is reeling and so I think I'll have to go to bed and rest it, because tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are and that you have time for your favorite past time, whatever that might be.



Babs in Alabama said...

Stitch along with Babs has a good ring to it. I put a few stitches in mine..will try to post later today. Would you believe my shoulder was making it hard for me to stitch too? I still have a problem from when I fell a couple weeks ago, but I'm not complaining :) Yours is looking good and I hope your weather doesn't get too bad. We're up for lots of rain then freezing.
hugs, babs

Mouse said...

HI DJ:) chocolate is definitely the way forward glad you managed to get some stitching done in between things ;) and hopefully the weather has not hit you too hard .... done some stitching and up dating blog soon love mouse xxxx