Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday!

I don't know why that tune is galloping through my brain...or maybe I do. The news team in Baltimore usually has a group that meets with one of the anchors on Monday Morning to sing that song. It's a different group each week, and at the end of the year they choose the best one. I guess when I hear Monday, I hear that song...but today it seemed to fit! My Mother always said...."So goes Monday, so goes the week..." I think I'm in for one heck of a week!

It's not that it was so "bad", it was just very disjointed. I woke up in a weird state to begin with from a dream that left me shaking my head in bewilderment. I don't recall all the details, I just know I was confused when I woke up. I did a little stitching on "Heart of America" before I did too much just so I could keep up with Babs! And here is my progress...

Then I rushed around putting on my eyebrows so I could head off to the dentist...who LOVED what I've done with my hair...*giggle* I had to tell her it was a wig. She may have just been saying that to make me feel good...and it did! I rushed home to watch "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" but DS said he wasn't interested, so I went to my room and watched it by myself *sniffle, sniffle*. You know your teenager has reached that age when he doesn't want to "hang" with his Mom anymore. *sigh* Dinner was inhaled as soon as DH arrived because he and DS were off to see a hockey game in DC (a gift to hubby for his birthday). And here I am...all alone again! Oh well, I have my stitching! Better them than me heading off into the frigid night!! It was 11 degrees out there when I got up this morning, so I didn't dilly dally around when I was running errands today. Thank heavens for hot flashes, they kept me nice and toasty today (thanks to the Tamoxifen...*rolling eyes*) LOL But I must say, I'm thankful for those 11 degrees after talking to my Mom today, it was a VERY CHILLY -37 degrees there...that's right 37 degrees BELOW zero! Maybe I should share my hot flashes with her? LOL

I was able to finish something yesterday, one of the 15 from the challenge!! All is Calm from Little House Needleworks. And here it is!!

I decided I liked the feeling of having something finished, so pulled out "Under the Tree" also from Little House Needleworks and did a bit of stitching on that. I don't know if I'll finish it tonight, as I'm headed back upstairs to do a bit more before I turn in. We'll see how that's what I've done so far...

I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I'm going to meet an internet pal from one of my yahoo groups at my LNS tomorrow. We've been trying to plan this since last year...and I think it's finally going to happen! DS has tomorrow off from school, DH has taken the day off, so I don't know what the afternoon will hold, but it promises to be another manic day. I hope the stitching fairies are good to me tomorrow, I really WANT to put some stitching in SOMETHING tomorrow! LOL

I'm going to leave you with this little picture of Thomas. He had to go for his rabies shot a few days ago. I think he's the only cat in history that actually LIKES his carrier. When he hears us bring it upstairs he runs from wherever he hides in the house and jumps in. Now mind you, he meows ALL the way to wherever he's going, spits and hisses at the vet, and whimpers and whines ALL the way home, but usually we have to DRAG him out of his carrier. We felt so sorry for him because we could tell he really didn't feel well after his shot this time, so we put his little bed in the carrier and he's been sleeping in there day and night since, only crawling out for food, litter box and a daily brushing (is he pampered or what?). It must be warm in there....but I thought you'd like a little shot of his new sleeping quarters.

Hm...that's making me sleepy....I think I'll head upstairs and get comfy myself...see you later! *Hugs*


Tricia said...

Isn't it fun to finish one of our starts?? It's wonderful! I'm getting ready to sit down with my Pumpkin Cottage in a few minutes here. :-)

Kathy said...

Oh my what lovely stitching. All of it! (And my favorite designer too!) I especially love all is calm. Beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and are feeling great too. I love the photo of your kitty. Loving his crate. :) My Rosie hated hers. Some do and some don't.

Thank you DJ for your comment on my blog. Tell your Mom she can keep her cold. I lived in the Adirondaks years ago and remember the winters there with minus 40 degree days. I'm shivering just thinking about it. :)

Stay warm.

Gillie said...

Glory be, that is a little chilly - see, I'm right back to British understatement, lol! It's gray, gloomy and tipping it down here in the north-west of England but am gearing myself up for colder temperatures as I fly out to Kzoo tomorrow!

Babs in Alabama said...

Keep up with Babs you say...check my blog...later. You are going to town on it and I just drag along giving you a chance to catch up. Now I must get busy!
Love your finish and your almost finish and hope today is a good good day with your yahoo friend.

Val said...

Lovely stitching DJ well done .... x

Edy said...

Busy, busy, busy! Your stitching looks great!