Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Snowing, uh no It's Sleeting, um, er, Raining? Nope, difinintely Snowing!!

Hi there stitching fans wherever you may be! Hope you are having better weather than us, but it seems this storm hit just about everybody, so you understand what that heading was all about!! Hope you are warm, safe, and with power tonight!!

I was all set to sit down and update my blog last night, and just as I was about to gather my stuff, the lights blinked...then blinked again...then blinked again...then went out for a minute, came back on...then we saw a bright FLASH and a muffled BOOM and the lights went out for the night. What a night we had! First it was sleeting, then raining, then sleeting then snowing then sleeting...well you get the picture. The poor trees outside were coated with ice, then a thick layer of wet, heavy snow. The trees began to bend, and a few even broke, and then the transformer in our neighborhood had had enough and went out in a blaze of glory!

We all went to bed early because there was nothing else to do...and considered sleeping in a pig pile because it was beginning to get a bit chilly in here. It was interesting to watch the storm last night. We had thunder and lightning along with the snow/sleet/rain. Just as I was about to drift off, I would hear thunder rolling and lightning flashing...what a show!!

I really got the creeps when I saw this tree this morning, it's absolutely gorgeous in the summer, it just looks like it fainted right over the fence...but it also looks like a giant tarantula crawling into our yard....*shiver*...but this is the devastation you see all around that that storm did to the trees. Poor baby....

Here's a picture of what I was working on yesterday before the lights went out. This is painstakingly slow, as it is stitched on 40 ct gauze over one, but I'm loving the way it is turning out!! It will eventually say "Stitching mends my soul" and isn't that so true?

So today was NO Thursday. There was NO electricity until 1 PM, there was NO school today, there was NO going out to run errands, there was NO going in the fridge for food (trying to save the stuff we had in there, thank heavens we had non-refrigerated food on the shelf!!). DH was told not to come in to work until 12:00 so there was NO hot water for a shower....brrrrr...LOL But thankfully, our power was restored today. We heard reports that some people will be without power until late Saturday!! I pity them, it's so cold...and I'm praying that they and their houses will survive!!

Thankfully for the birds, we had filled the feeders a day or two ago, so we had lots of feathered visitors today...I was able to get pictures of a few different kinds. What fun to watch them, and they are territorial, they take their turns at the feed, but Lord help the ones who were there at the "wrong" times....those cardinals can be quite testy! Sorry for the darkness of the pictures, the sun refused to cooperate with me today.

The sun did shine for a little while today, so I pulled out some fabric and started a new SAL from Oakhaven Designs. I love owls, so when I saw this SAL I just HAD to join...isn't he CUTE!! And we've seen a preview of next months that appears to be just as adorable! He's stitched on Smoke linen from Crossed Winged Collection 28 ct over two. He's not too big, and I tried stitching over one, but it was just too small, so we'll see how it goes over two.

Today was UFO day, so when the lights finally made their appearance I finally got my Rose Quaker out and put a few stitches in. I jumped all over the place trying to finish page 4 and move on to page 5. I hope you can see what I've done. Here are before

And after pictures.

On a more serious note, I got an e-mail from my sister saying that my mother has caught some kind of bug. She's pretty sick, I hear, and they aren't sure if it's the flu or food poisoning but everyone in the hospital she is currently in has fallen victim...the patients and the staff. Anyone who enters the hospital has to wear a mask. I sincerely hope this doesn't set her back in her recovery (she was supposed to go home Friday). I've been told it's best not to call her until she's feeling better, and that is hard for me not to check in with her. So if you wouldn't mind, please offer a prayer for her. I'll admit, I'm worried.

Off to bed, because even though we went to bed early, DS was up half the night sick and kept the rest of us running through the night. He's feeling better tonight, and hopefully he'll be well enough to go to school (if it's open) tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a day when I don't have to entertain my child who is so BORED without power....I've played so many games of Sorry today that I'll be saying "sorry" in my sleep. And on that note, I'll bid you a peaceful night! *Hugs*


Astrid's dragon said...

I thought the thunder & lightning was pretty cool during the storm! So sorry you lost power, we flickered but it held.
I love your birdfeeders! I really need to get mine fixed, I miss my little friends.
Glad you got some stitching done today, better than me!

Mouse said...

Oh blimey what a day/ night ... hope things are better for you now ..... good piccies of the birdies ... mine are moaning at me but not got dressed yet to go out and fed them good work on the stitching front :) and hope you mum feels better soon too :)you could ring the hospital and they will let you mum know you've rung :) *HUGS* love mouse xxxx

Tricia said...

I'm so glad you have power again! It looks like you made good use of your time, though. Stitching and Sorry... what fun! Have a better day!

Babs in Alabama said...

From Terrific Tuesday to NO Thursday, what a difference a day or two can make. Beautiful pics of the birds in snow! The little owl just fits right in, doesn't he? Quaker Rose looking so good and I pray your mom is doing better today. I've never been in a situaion where everyone has to wear a mask in the hospital.
hugs and prayers,

RuthB said...

Here's to better weather for you so we can see more of your beauitful work. Dang that little owl is so cute!

Love the bird pics!!!

Barb said...

Great stitching pictures. You look like you have as much snow as we do! Ready for spring to come any day now!

blueladie said...

DJ, How is your mom doing? Better I hope (and pray). Your stitching and pics are so pretty. Thanks so much for taking the time to post and write for our enjoyment. You succeeded with me. :D Cathryn