Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally, Fifteen!

Here I am again! It's finally Day Fifteen!!

I have had a lot of fun picking out fabrics, threads and patterns and trying to figure out a rotation or way of finishing (still working on that one!!), but I must admit, it will be nice to have the pressure off somewhat. I think tomorrow, since it is Sunday, I will let my needles rest (not to mention my eyes!!). Monday is a holiday here too, so another day of rest as we are making plans.

I had a list of things I was going to do back in December, but I did have to tweak it a little bit. I was in a quandry this morning, and puttered around a bit before I finally decided what I would do. I had a piece of 40 ct flax linen calling my name and after a bit of scrounging, decided I would start this piece.

This pattern, "Bienvenue" , is found in a book called "Un petit fil rouge m'a dit..." by Isabelle Vautier. I purchased it this fall from Violarium. I have been to Isabelle's blog and just love her stuff! She's been featured in a few French magazines and has a number of pattern books published. There are several patterns in this book I would love to do, so again, I had to decide which one was calling me. I don't know why I like this one so much, I think it's the flowers. But...hopefully I have enough thread, as I've decided to stitch it in Manor Red from Crescent Colors. I have three skeins, and hopefully that will get me by. I'm stitching it on 40 ct over two threads. Did I hear a sigh of relief, Libbie? LOL I hope it turns out ok, I'm a bit worried as sometimes the hand dyed threads tend to leave "lines" where the colors change...*sigh*

I also worked on the January Mystery SAL as the next installment had come out today. I'm shocked and slightly dismayed...LOL I have this thing about eyes...when I have eyes in a project that I'm stitching, I leave them for last, as they tend to stare at me and it creeps me out. Well, if I keep on the way the colors are being released, I'll have these eyes staring at me from now on. At least they look like eyes....don't they? *shiver* The other thing I discovered after the last color was released, is that the first yellowish color I stitched in was the wrong DMC number. Meaning, I picked up the wrong skein and started stitching. So when the next yellowish color came out I finally realized my I just exchanged the colors. Hopefully it won't make that big a difference. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? I would HATE to frog all that yellow when it's on 28 ct over one...*starting to shiver and shake thinking about it!!*

Today was a day for phone calls!! I am considering yanking the phone from the wall. I love my family and friends, really I do, but I reached my limit today, so if you are having problems, please wait till tomorrow to call. I'm taking my counselors shingle down for the day! LOL

Ok, I'm off to get some shut eye, hopefully I'll have time to hang ten tomorrow and see how my fellow challengers did. Catch ya' on the flip side! *Hugs*


Tricia said...

Your new start will be just beautiful when it's done. I'll be interested to see how you do your finishing rotation. Oh - and I'm afraid I'd have trouble with the eyes, too. :-)

Enjoy your rest tomorrow! And thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. You make me smile!

Mouse said...

Hi DJ:) ooooooo love the newest start and isn't that site adorable ..... I have woke up this am breathing a sigh of relief too but I've finished my LHN needlebook stitching last night HURRAY so today if hands will let me I shall assemble :) enjoy your rest and you can hide here any time you know ;) xxxxx love mouse xxx

And This Little Pig said...

Another beautiful start DJ, and yes we did it... whoo hoo!!!!! Sanity basically intact [fingers crossed] Night and morning.
LiBBiE in Oz

blueladie said...

I LOVE your day 15 choice. It is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this. Eyes on charts would 'creep me out' too! Even these. Hope the yellow fits in. Looks good so far,though. :) Cathryn

Maureen said...

Well done on making it to Day 15! I am impressed.. love your choice for your final piece as well, can't wait to see it's progress