Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two of Crazy Jauary Challenge

Here I am again!

I woke up in a quandry today. I was searching through what I wanted to work on for my Day Two project, then realized that one of the SALs I signed up for should be finished by the end of January. The first graph was already released, and the second comes out on Wednesday. So, I decided I would start that one today, along with a second one and will add another to the list. Stop shaking your head Sonya! I can do I have to decide which one I'll add to the list. LOL And I guess you were right Pat...I will be adding more to the list to finish this year. (My friends know me too well!!) I also decided (as I'm looking around my stitching chair) that I have WAY too many UFO's circling there. They are hovering, thinking about multiplying, and crying out to be finished. So, since Mouse decided she's going to start swinging her wet noodle on Thursdays, that I had better start working on some UFO's along with my new starts.'s what I accomplished today...

I started with Lucy Pryor's Pocketwatch Sampler from The Samplar Works. The kit included 40 Ct Examplar from Lakeside Linens and Soie D' Alger silk thread. Most of it is done over two linen threads, but there are some portions done over one. Told you I was crazy! LOL Actually this was a birthday gift from Sonya and I'm proud to say I've finally started it!! Here's a picture of the kit and what I've done so far. I would have gotten farther, but DH came to ask me some questions this morning right in the middle of counting. I discovered after a while that my count was off by one, so had to remove a bird and restitch it *sigh*. How COULD those frogs visit so early in the year??? *sigh* Not only that, but I don't have a small enough frame to stitch it on, so I'm doing it in hand...which takes me a bit longer. But I have to say, it's coming along nicely, don't you think?

Once my eyes were sufficiently crossed, I decided I needed to take a break. It was time to start project #2. This is a SAL being offered on this site

Since the design size is not too large, I found a small piece of linen (called dirty linen!!) and am working the design over that. I believe it's 28 Ct and I'm working it over one linen thread. According to the SAL I am caught up and ready for the next two colors when the graph is released on Wednesday!

Since they were both finished, I decided to work on another Little House Needleworks design that I started last year. Here is my progress on "Joy to the World".

Now before you say...."She must have spent the whole day stitching!!" ...let me explain. I guess I'm still having some "after effects" of chemo as the past two days my feet and ankles have swollen beyond anything I've experienced before. So, I've been trying to keep my feet up...therefore I've been in a sitting position, perfect for stitching. Once things go back to normal I'm sure I won't be getting this much stitching done! LOL As far as the swelling, it's gone down quite a bit today, hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow!

On another note, I started my "hormone therapy" today. As part of the breast cancer treatment I will be taking an estrogen blocking agent called Tamoxifen. I'm not sure how this will affect me so we'll see how things go. I have to admit, I read the "warning sheet" they gave me at the pharmacy and it scared me a bit. Ah well, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place so we'll take it and see what happens. Wish me luck!

Ok, off to raise my feet and rest myself for tomorrow's endeavors! For those who are challenging themselves, I wish you luck as we go onward and upward! *Hugs*


Tricia said...

Wow! Your progress is amazing and look at all that over one stitching! Good for you! What a wonderful way to recover from your chemo. :-) I'll be following your progress during the challenge!

Maggee said...

Hi DJ! Hopefully the Tamoxifen won't set you back! I take Femara, and (knock wood) have had no side effects. Will be 4 years in March, and maybe just one year more! Dr. is not sure, as it is still pretty new. Keep on stitching, you are doing great!

Kathy said...

Wow what a lot of fabulous stitching! And all that over one. I am awed by those who do that. I have done a small amount and it tends to give me headaches. :)

I hope you are feeling better soon and the swelling goes down. But then with all the stitching you are getting done maybe the swelling shouldn't go down too soon? :)

Virpi said...

Great starts both two. It is really interesting to look what everyone in this challenge starts. I should be stitching but I'm too curious to stay out of computer =)

And This Little Pig said...

DJ, you have been far more productive than me, I only had two WIP's and one UFO, before I started with the Crazies, and over one, that is crazy. Your stitching is beautiful.
LiBBiE in Oz

Babs in Alabama said...

Great position to be in...sitting with feet up and needle in hand. You've earned the right to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself. I do hope the medicine is kind and none of the side affects you read apply to you :)I won't talk about over one anymore...but how do you do so much of it??!!

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

Great starts!
You don't have to justify yourself, no one have to tell you what to do! (sorry for my bad englis).
I hope you will go well soon.
Take care and keep stitching.

Carol's Stitching said...

Great start on project #2! I love your LHN Joy to the World; such a cute stitch.

tjdesignsncrafts said...

hi DJ you're doing a lot better than me, as i said elsewhere i'm down with the flu and can't see to stitch, so besides the dozen or so stitches i managed to put in my first piece on 1st i'm now at least two projects behind, hope to be able to catch up a bit tomorrow.

take care