Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Four

Good Evening!

Well, even though I woke up and had to soak my eye to get it open, I was still able to make a start on my Day Four project. I was supposed to meet up with my buddy Sonya to stitch. Unfortunately I just didn't feel up to it. I haven't seen much of her because of the holidays and such, and I miss my pal! But hopefully we'll be able to meet up on Friday and catch up. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns isn't it?

I didn't get much done on my project today, but here is a picture of "Mending" from Erica Michaels. What it will eventually say is "Stitching mends my soul". Isn't that true? Well it is of me anyway. There's something about stitching that is soothing to me, I become reflective, I think about people I have in mind when I'm stitching a gift, and somehow everything seems right with the world. Hm...I think I need more sleep...LOL I'm getting maudlin here LOL Anyway, if you've never stitched on 40 ct gauze, this is a great first piece. There are wonderful directions inside on how to stitch, with diagrams on the stitches to use. There's even a piece of gauze to get you started! I've been using the continental stitch and the tent stitch (usually these are needlepoint stitches I believe) but I'm fascinated with how they are working out. I tried to take a close up shot, but it's pretty late and the lighting just didn't do it justice. Next time I work on it, I'll try to get a shot in natural sunlight so you can see the colors. This picture is a little dark. Thank you Wendy for this gift!! I may be getting hooked on 40 ct gauze!

I got a surprise call from Gillie this evening! I was shocked to hear her voice. She was waiting at the airport to catch her flight home (God speed, Gillie!!) and decided to call. I'm going to miss your surprise calls, my friend!! You'll never know how much you lifted my spirits today!

Ok, off to dreamland (hopefully!). I wonder what I'll stitch tomorrow? Decisions, decisions! Guess what, crazies? Tomorrow we'll be a third of the way through our starts! Wooooo Hooooo!


And This Little Pig said...

Ah DJ 40 ct gauze, please tell me you are stitching over two :D
LiBBiE in Oz

DJ said...

Sorry Libbie, I'm stitching over one! LOL

Tricia said...

Beautiful start, DJ! That piece will be a treasure!

Edy said...

Your eyes are OK...that's for sure -- 40 count over 1. Gracious!

Mouse said...

Hi DJ love the sentiment on the gauze :) you are doing a brill job with it even with one eye not working properly .... don't make a mistake heheheh
can't wait to see your other projects and isn't the time flying by while we are having fun ;) xxxx love mouse xxxxx