Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And then there were five!

Hi there!

I can't believe it's day five already! Seems like time is flying by, but then we've been busy, haven't we? Here we are a third of the way through our starts!! We all deserve a big round of applause (or at least a pat on the back *grin*)!!

This will be a short post tonight as I'm tired and it's late. So without further ado, here is my start for day five. "Under the tree" by Little House Needleworks. This is stitched on 30 ct Straw over two threads. I would be a bit farther along if I hadn't had a visit from the frogs *rip it rip it*. I'm blaming it on the eye (although it is feeling better today!!) because I never make mistakes *ducking for fear I'll be struck by lightening*. I can hear you all coughing and sputtering from here! LOL Ok, so that was a lie, but I wish those frogs would visit someone else!!!

The second and third step came out today for the Mystery January SAL, but I didn't even get to finish step is my progress, and hopefully tomorrow I'll finish step two and step three. There really isn't much left to do but I can't keep my eyes open any more. If you want to know more about this SAL, look back a few posts and the link is there. This is being stitched on 28 Ct "dirty linen" over one.

So there you have it. I had a hard time deciding what to stitch today, so tomorrow is going to be an even bigger challenge. I fear I don't have enough floss for one of my projects, I've been trying to find a floss calculator but failed this morning. I tried to use the one on Hand Dyed Fibers, but it would only calculate it for Hand Dyed Fibers, and I'm using Gloriana. I hate to start it unless I know I have enough if any of you know of a better floss calculator, I would be grateful if you could leave the URL in a comment or e-mail me. Thanks!!

Ok, off for a snooze, see you tomorrow! *Hugs*


And This Little Pig said...

Hey DJ, looking good especially the LNH Under the Tree. See you are a bottom starter. So tell me is it a blessing or a curse that I am a day ahead :D LiBBiE in Oz

Tricia said...

You are doing an amazing job on your starts, DJ! They will all be half done when you get back to them. Just think of all those finishes you'll have! :-)

Astrid said...

OMGoodness, I don't know how you do it! I'm having trouble even deciding what comes next and you're on a roll, good for you!

Carol's Stitching said...

Looks great but please don't send the frog this way. He visited over Christmas and I had to send him packing as soon as I could!