Friday, July 9, 2010

One to go!

Hi gang!

I wanted to write this yesterday, but by the time I got home, called my Mother and a friend of mine I needed to ask for a ride in two weeks, I was beginning to feel not so hot. They told me I would be fine the first couple of days, but everybody's different (so I'm beginning to find out!).

The chemo session itself wasn't bad. I was able to joke around with the nurse, DH and DS were able to accompany me while I sat there and before we left I felt like the nurse was a long lost friend. They had a little trouble finding a vein, but that's typical of me. I was able to stitch (yeeehaaa!!), and the time went by very quickly. I didn't feel badly at all when I left, just a little tired from sitting so long. Not bad at all. Then I got home. UGH!! Well I won't bore you with the gory details, lets just say it took three calls to the on call doctor, three different types of nausea medicine before they found the one that stopped the icky feeling. I'm not normally a wimp, but when it comes to an upset tummy, that's my weakness!! After a good night's rest though, I feel pretty good. Let the good times roll!! I go back today for a shot to help with white blood cell production and we'll see how that goes! I'm resting for the next three days. I feel better when I'm quiet. A friend called last night in the middle of all the yucky feelings I was having and she said she was praying for me, I told her "Pray harder!" LOL She is so sweet, she started crying then and I feel awful. It was meant to be a joke, but I guess it came across in my voice that I wasn't feeling too well. I made her laugh before I got off the phone though. I'm blessed with such good friends!!

Wednesday night was our support group meeting. DH and my friend went with me. I love the ladies in this group!! But there was a new person there last night. We'll call her Miss D. She and I have similar backgrounds and a similar sense of humor I think. We usually start the night by going around the room and introducing ourselves and tell what step we are in our "progress". Miss D introduced herself "Hi I'm D and I'm an alcholic!" We all laughed because that's pretty much how the group meetings start. LOL!! Miss D was to have her surgery yesterday. She has 5 yr old twins and was looking really nervous about everything. I wanted to talk with her, but the meeting went on and I wasn't able to speak to her much. And when it was over I was ready to go home, I had had a busy day (I'd also had my first "fill up" for the expanders and things were beginning to ache). While at the hospital yesterday having lunch before the infusion, I ran into Miss D's mother. So I went over to say hello. Miss D was in surgery at that moment. So I gave her mother my phone number and told her to feel free to call. Her mother and Miss D had discussed me on their way home, and said they wished they could have asked me a few more questions. Now they can! Tell me THAT wasn't providential?! God certainly works in mysterious ways!! After my chemo session I went back up to the waiting room to ask for Miss D's phone number (I forgot to get it at lunch) and she said she has just gone into recovery and everything went well. They also got to see that I was doing well after my first session of chemo, so it was a warm fuzzy all around. I hope they do call me if they need anything. I found out they live about 5 miles from me!!

So that's the news. You may not hear from me for a while now, don't's just me hibernating for a bit. Oh, and Gillie!! I DID mean to write heat advisory in my last post, but you know, after reading the post...head fit in there just as well! LOL I told you guys I was mental, did you not believe me? LOLOL!!! Good catch, Gillie! Maybe I should run my ramblings by you for editing before I post? I have to admit, with everything running through my head it's hard to keep things straight...appointments, times to take medicines, people's names, directions to different clinics, phone calls I'm supposed to make etc. With all the meds floating around in there too, it's a wonder I spell anything right! But you guys keep me honest ok? Don't want to lose ALL my marbles over this! LOL Thanks for reading, praying, sending good thoughts etc. You guys keep me going!!



Carolyn NC said...

Praying that the chemo will not make you so sick. You'd be amazed how we're all able to inspire others. So glad you met Miss D and can talk with her. Hugs.

Babs said...

Dear DJ, I so wish you didn't have to go through this. Herman has a port so not so rough on the veins for him, gets blood work and everything through it. As soon as I saw your comment on my blog I rushed over to see if you had posted. God bless, dear stitching, blogging friend. I know you are a blessing to others, including me. God does work things out like that all the time, doesn't he? So thankful for your prayers.
hugs and prayers, babs

nutmegg said...

Hi DJ,all my thoughts and prayers are with you,and a special prayer that the chemo wont make you sick.....take care dear friend hugs and kisses from Australia....xixi

Mylene said...

Hello DJ, sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Take care.